If Only – Everyday

If Only – Everyday

There was a knock on the door. Nikki already knows who’s knocking. She stood up to open the door and let the knocker get in. She went to their bed, hers and Abby’s, and continued on her writing. After a few seconds, Sky went in, bottle on his mouth, went straight to the bed and lied down. Nikki had gotten used to this routine of her brother. The first few times she thought she was getting pranked. She would open the door and won’t see anyone by the door. Then she would hear silent snickers. If she close the door, there would be another knock and Sky would be at the door, bottle on his mouth and would go straight to the bed and lie down. Only after the many incidents that she decided to leave the door open once she hears the knock and see no one. She doesn’t know why Sky would love to stay in their room when finishing his milk bottle but she is loving this though. And because she loves so much to have good bonding with her siblings, she would give Sky something to do once he’s done with his milk. If she is not too busy, she would teach him learning stuff. She of course works on making it enjoyable as Sky has a very short temper. The very opposite of his twin Sunshine. Sunshine loves going to play school, Sky doesn’t.

“Sky, you want ate to teach you how to write?”
Sky shook his head no.
“How about we color books?”
It was an unclear no because he still got his bottle on his mouth. Nikki sighed. Then he said..
Nikki smiled upon hearing it.
“Okay Sky, what do you want me to read?”
“Chi bearr.” He exclaimed with his hands raised up.
“Ah, Goldilocks and the three Bears.”
Sky nods his head and was smiling. Nikki arranged her brother to sit on her lap.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, she came upon a . She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in.

Sky shrieked as his ate was reading with action and all making it so exciting for the little boy. Then there was a knock.

“Come in.”

“Wow! Ang sweet  talaga ni ate.” It was their mom who came in with Sunshine in her tow.

“Eeeeee.” Sunshine shrieked and jump onto the bed.

“Hay grabe talaga tong kambal na to, ayaw sa room nila.”

“hahaha..oo nga mom. Lalo na tong si Sky, dito talaga nya inuubos milk nya.”
And the mother and daughter shared a hearty laugh, the twins copying.

“Thank you ate for sparing time for your siblings.”

“Awww mom, no need to thank me for something I dearly love to do.”
Sky then stood up and was asking for his mom to carry him. Maya went near him by the bed and kissed him.

“Sorry Sky, mommy can’t carry you. You’re heavy now, hug na lang.”
Maya opened her arms and Sky giddily hugged her back.

“Ay grabe, miss na miss ang mommy.” Maya hugged him tight making him squirm and giggle at the same time. Sunshine went near.

“Come here Sunshine, hug ka rin ni mommy.”
Sunshine readily hugged her mom and giggles.

“Me too!” Nikki piped and went to her mom’s back and hug her.

“Awww, so daya! Sama rin ako.”
Abby barged in the room and joined the group hug.

“Ang lagay, kayo-kayo lang?”

“Kuya Yuke!” Sky shouted. Sunshine now shrieking and daddy came in as well.

“I’d like to join as well.”

“hahaha..ang baby damulag kong napakaseloso.”
Luke, Nikki and Abby laughed with the twins mimicking them.

“What’s with this group hug?” Ricky asked.
“Gusto lang namin. Ikaw bakit nakisali ka?”
Ricky shrugged his shoulders making Maya laugh.

“Okay, tama na. Nasisikipan na po ako.”
The ates and kuya with their dad quickly disengaged themselves. Nikki took Sunshine while Luke carried Sky. Ricky went to his wife.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

“Okay lang ako sweetheart, nainitan lang.” Ricky looked at her closely and when he was satisfied, he nods his head.

“mahmi, I’m hunggy.”

“Lagi ka namang gutom Sky.” Luke quipped making the rest laugh.

“Tara na po at may gutom na baka magwala pa.”

Another laughter shared by the family as they walked out of the room and head to the dining area.

What more to ask for? [a/n: more visibility nina padir at madir together :P]


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If Only – One Rainy Friday

If Only – One Rainy Friday

The twins were looking outside the window, both hands on their chin. Sky pouting, Sunshine sighing. While their mom was silently laughing. Her husband was suddenly at her back and whispered.

“What’s with those two?”

“They were looking forward to playing in the park and then it rained. Kaya nakapangalumbaba yang mga anak mo. Hay naku, kala mo matatanda na.” And she laughed, he chuckled and shook his head.

“They really took after you.”

She faced him and gave him a glare. He was unfazed and gave her a kiss on the lips. She couldn’t help, she smiled. Then they were both surprised when Sky spoke, he was already beside them.

“Dahdi, I wan play awshide.” He was looking up at him and he has that ‘awa’ face. Ricky leveled at Sky.

“Sky, it’s still raining so you can’t play outside. Promise, tomorrow if the weather is good, we will bring you to the park.”
His baby princess is now there as well.

“Promise dahdi?”

“Yes sweetie, promise.” But it will not be that easy on Mr.Grumpy.

“I wan now. I wan slide.”

He was being indignant. His parents though understands that he is just frustrated that he cannot play in the park but needs him to understand that he cannot get whatever he wants.

“Sky, if daddy says he will bring you tomorrow, he will. Now, if you go outside and play you will get sick. When you get sick, you will not be able to play for a longer time because you have to rest. Do you want that?”

Sky was already on the verge of tears but knows full well if his daddy is being stern, he has to follow.

“Now give daddy a kiss.” Sky did so and Sunshine followed suit. He kissed them both and carried Sky.

“Are you angry with daddy?”

Their baby boy shook his head.

“I love you buddy <kissed him>. We will go to the park tomorrow if it doesn’t rain or we will go the mall where you and Sunshine can play. Is that okay with you.”

This sounded better on him that his dimples showed off as a smile formed on his face while he nods his assent.

“Ang galing talaga ni daddy.” Maya teased her husband while she holds Sunshine’s hand.

“Mahirap ng maging spoiled, may isa pang baby.”

And they shared a hearty laugh. The twins copying their parents.
All’s well that ends well. 😊


[a/n: dahil sa gloomy weather, I was able to create this after ng end ng Missing You. Be safe everyone. 😊]


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Protected: Missing You ( Nakaw na Sandali)

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Protected: Missing You (Nakaw na Sandali)

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Let’s do it this way.

You mostly know how much I’m fond of Mr.Sky.

Then you certainly would know what the password is. :)

It’s a 9-character password.

Password:  Mr. is included; the next word describes Sky

Happy guessing. :D

P.S. Pag marami naka-guess, I’ll do the next chapter of this one. :)


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Protected: Missing You

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If Only – Ate, Kuya


That loud cry startled Maya from her deep slumber.


Maya run towards the twin’s room. Worry etched on her face. When she opened the door, Nikki was there pacifying her brother.

“Nikki? Anong nangyari?”

“Sorry mom, we woke you. Napasigaw po kasi ako kasi nagulat ako nung nakita kong kinukulayan nya ung book ko.”

“ma-mi..<hiccups>” Sky raised his hands towards his mom asking to be carried. Forgetting her condition, she carried Sky and pats his back.

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean to. Nagulat lang po talaga ako. Ipapasa ko na po kasi yan bukas.”

Nikki explained as tears started to fall from her eyes. Maya knows she didn’t mean it. She closed their gap and kissed her on the temple.

“Alam ko naman yun ate, pero dapat di pa rin tayo pabigla-bigla. Wala pang muwang ang mga kapatid nyo para maintindihan na mali ung ginagawa nila kaya kailangan natin ng mahabang pasensya at pagunawa.”

Sky hiccups in the background.

“Sky, why did you do that to ate’s book?”

Sky looked at his mom.

“I want <hiccups> coyoy mami. I sorry.”

Tears were still streaming from Sky that his ate was feeling more remorseful.

“I’m sorry baby Sky. Ate didn’t mean it.” Nikki was hiccuping now as well.

“Hay, ang mga babies ko. Sky, don’t do that again, okay? You ask permission first. Ate, habaan pa ang pasensya, may dadating pang isang baby.”

“Yes mom, I’m really sorry mom, sorry Sky.”

“Soyi ate. Labyu.”

“Ahhh, pinapaiyak ako lalo ni Sky. Do you want ate to bake cupcakes?”

Sky’s face showed too much delight.

“YESH!” And he clapped his hands.

“Ayan, okay na sya kaya lang may sipon.”

Nikki get some wipes for her brother then the door opened.

“Did I miss anything?”


“Wow! Someone’s happy to see me.” Then he noticed his wife carrying Sky. He frowned and immediately went to them and took Sky from Maya.

“Sweetheart, I told you not to carry the twins.”

“Sorry sweetheart, nagkadrama lang mga anak mo.”

Ricky raised his eyebrow and looked at their eldest.

“Okay na sweetheart, magbebake na si ate Nikki for baby Sky.”

“Yesh dahdi, ahte bake me cupcakes.”

“Wow! Di bulol pag food.”


Then somebody barged in.


“Hello princess.”

Ricky lowered himself with Sky still in his hands and kissed Sunshine. Sky thought his dad will bring him down, hold tighter on his dad’s neck. Ricky chuckled.

“Ang seloso talaga ng baby mo mommy. Pano pa pag lumabas ang tunay na bunso.”

“Sweetheart, wag mo ng sirain ang timpla. So far so good na sya kay baby kaya please lang po wag asarin.”

“Okay po mommy, sorry.” Maya shook her head with her husband’s playfulness.

“Wow! Anong meron at parang may meeting?” Luke teasingly asked his family.

“Kuya Yuke!”

“Hello Sky, ang laki-laki mo na pakarga pa kay daddy. Kuya ka na eh.”

Maya’s eyes rounded while Ricky chuckled.

“Kuya! You’re so g-r-r-r talaga. Katatapos lang pagalitan ni mom si dad, ikaw naman.”

“hahaha..sorry naman..natutuwa lang ako sa brother natin. Pababy pa rin. :D”

They just laughed then Abby burst in.

“Mom, Dad, ate, kuya, Sky, Sunshine..ready na po ang table, dinner na po tayo.”

“Thank you ate Abby.”

Sunshine went to Abby and Abby hold her hand as they headed to the dining area. Sky still latched on their dad. Luke trying to pester him and Maya had to make a stop. She gave a look at their eldest and Luke immediately stopped. Ricky and Nikki were shooking with silent laughter. Maya passed by Luke and a smile formed on her lips. Then Luke reached her and placed his arm around his mom.

“Sorry my, natutuwa lang po talaga ako kay Sky.”

“Hay, ewan ko sa inyo ng daddy mo, lagi nyo nakakatuwaan si Sky.”

“Ang cute nya kasi my. Hahaha”

Maya looped her arms around Luke and kissed him on the cheek which unfortunately did not sit well on Mr. Grumpy.


“And here we go.” The family laughed irritating Sky even more.

“I wan mommee. Mommee!” Maya went to her husband where Sky’s arms outstretched towards his mom.

“Hay daddy, pati pagkaseloso mo namana.”

“Me? Am not a jealous guy.”

Maya raised her eyebrow challenging her husband to contradict her.

“Sabi ko nga, nagmana sa akin si Sky.”

The kids laughed at their parents. Maya kissed Sky since Ricky would surely not allow her to carry him.

“Sige na kain na tayo maaga pa tayo bukas.”

“Where are we going mom?”

“We’ll head to Tagaytay after mass or baka may iba kayong gustong puntahan?”

“I’m good sa Tagaytay mom.”

“Me too mom.”

“I’m good too mom.”

“So it’s settled. Paready ko kay Joma ung van.”

“After dinner, pahinga then get ready to sleep guys okay?”

“Yes mom!” The three older kids simultaneously answered.

The family had another wonderful dinner. Laughters filled the dining area.

Indeed a happy and wonderful family.

[a/n: dahil hopia sa lip swak, napabuo ako ng kwento.. #azarlang :)]


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