If Only – Mother’s Day

If Only – Mother’s Day

Maya was having the best dream when it was suddenly interrupted.

Sky: Mommy! Mommy!

Sky has reached their bed and trying to get up. Richard got woken up as well, helped him up and kissed him before giving him to his mom.

Mommy: Ang taas naman ng energy ng baby namin.

Sky peppered Maya with kisses making her laugh.

Sky: Yabyu mommy! Appy other’s day!

Richard looked on his wife as he was sure that she was crying. Maya’s eyes were surely misty. Maya hugged Sky and peppered him back with kisses then the door sprang open, revealing the rest of their kids.

Luke was carrying a tray of food, Nikki was holding a small cake, and Abby was carrying a glass of juice while Sunshine was holding a long stemmed rose.

Ricky go near his wife, put his arm around as her tears had fallen like falls. Sky was sitting in her lap and in awe looking at her.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

Sunshine was motioning for her dad to carry her up, which he promptly did. Sunshine went to her mom and gave the flower.

Sunshine: Happy other’s day mommy! Labyu!

She gave the sweetest kiss and giggle.

Mommy: Hay! Grabe <sniff> ang swerte ko talaga. Halinga kayo.

The three oldest placed the things they were carrying on the bed before going to their mom and give her a hug. The twins were sandwiched making the grumpy Sky shout.

Sky: Ouch!

The family just laughed, loving much to tease him and hugged more.

Sky: I don’t yike, don’t yike!

Maya kissed her youngest.

Mommy: It’s okay Sky, they’re just teasing you.

Daddy: Get ready now guys so we could attend the mass.

Luke: Okay dad. Let’s go guys.

Luke kissed his mom one last time before taking Sunshine, Nikki followed and took Sky, who unwillingly joined her then Abby.

Abby: Mom, for you po.

Abby gave a handmade card making Maya’s heart swelled with love even more.

Mommy: Thank you baby Abby! I love you!

Abby: I love you too mommy! Sige po, magready na po ako.

Ricky stood up to close their door.

Ricky: Ako naman.

Maya: Ikaw naman?

Maya was wondering what her husband was talking about as she arranges the food their children has prepared. Then she was surprised when a big bouquet of flowers was presented in front of her. Of course it was a beautiful arrangement of Sunflowers.

Maya looked at her husband who was widely smiling at her.

Ricky: Akala mo ung mga bata lang may surprise, syempre I prepared something din for my lovely wife and the Best Mother in town.

Ricky gave the bouquet to his wife and sealed it with a tender loving kiss on the lips. Maya couldn’t help but let a tear or two fall from her bambi eyes. She was just feeling so overwhelmed with the appreciation she’s getting from her family.

Maya: I love you sweetheart, so much!

Ricky: And I love you more!

He punctuated with another kiss.

Ricky:  Let’s eat this breakfast and get ready as well. Baka mainip mga babies mo.

Maya: Oo nga pala. Lalo na ung nagmana sa daddy nya.

Ricky laughed out loud knowing well she was pertaining to grumpy but very cute Sky. His epitome.

Maya took her bath first and when she got out, Ricky was by the door giving her a mysterious smile.

Maya: Yes? May problema ba?

Ricky: None sweetheart. Sige na, magbihis ka na.

Ricky went inside the bathroom leaving her dumbfounded. But when her eyes settled on their bed, then and only then did she understand what her husband’s mysterious smile was for. For there in the middle of their bed lay a beautiful dress, with a new pair of shoes to match it and a jewelry box plus a letter.

Dear wife,

I know how much you hated getting splurged on but please indulge me on this one. This is not enough for all the things you have done and sacrificed for our family. For all the hardships we’ve been through, you have stood tall to help and guide me. I won’t be where I am now without you. So please, smile and accept these little gifts from me, your beautiful daughters helped on picking those up. And Luke have chipped in as well. As for the twins, well, they have managed to charm the saleslady that we will all be wearing the same piece of jewelry. You’ll find out soon what. Be patient. J

I love you and Happy Mother’s day sweetheart!


Your husband

When she looked at the bathroom, her husband was looking on her with love shining on his chinito eyes. She walked fast towards him and engulfed him in a hug before giving him a proper kiss.

Maya: I love you sweetheart! So so much!

Ricky: I love you too! More than you’ll ever know.

He kissed her again.

Maya: Sweetheart, ano ung piece of jewelry na pare-parehas tayo?

Ricky kissed her before responding.

Ricky: Later.

Maya rolled her eyes but acquiesced and get ready. Ricky assisted her in wearing the set of jewelry he gave her. Once done, she looked at her husband. Ricky was hiding a smile.

Maya: Sweetheart, wala ka namang suot na alahas, meron ba talaga o niloloko mo lang ako.

Ricky: I won’t do that sweetheart pero you really have to be patient. Let’s go now, baka naiinip na ang mga bata.

They went out of their room and true enough their kids were waiting for them in the living room.

Sky: Mommy!

Sky ran towards her.

Mommy: Wow! Ten years tayong di nagkita baby ah.

But nonetheless, she carried him up and kissed him. Sky hold her face and as he put his forehead on her forehead, then a sparkle caught her eye. She looked at her husband who was beaming at her. Her husband was showing off as well his own bracelet. Maya could only shake her head with disbelief but feeling ecstatic as well. The rest of the kids reached them.

Nikki: Family pic guys and let’s show off our matchy-matchy bracelet.

Sunshine was shaking her hand to show off her bracelet.

Mommy: Beautiful sweetie?

Sunshine: Yesh!

Ricky carried her up as they pose for a picture as Nikki requested. The family showed off their matching bracelets in formal and wacky poses. Then they all headed to attend the mass and after which go to the mall and do some shopping as needed.

Later that night, in the confines of their room.

Maya: Sweetheart, salamat ng marami for this day. You don’t know how much I appreciate lahat ng effort nyo ng mga bata to make this extra special. I love you.

Ricky: I love you more sweetheart! And don’t thank me, you definitely deserve this. It’s the least we could do to thank you.

Maya: Basta thank you. Lalo na yung bracelet. Bat mo naman naisip yun?

Ricky: Wala lang. Nung napili kasi ako ng earrings mo, napansin ko ung bracelet na yun. Then I asked the saleslady if they have for men as well when suddenly your youngest boy bumped me then our baby princess. They apparently were running away from Luke. Then the saleslady looked at them tapos sa binata at mga dalaga natin and she smiled. Then she said, will this be a family match bracelet? Of course you know how Nikki gushes over this kind of thing but this time I am agreeing with her. I just look at Luke to see if he would agree, syempre binata na un. And he was actually smiling and nodding his head. So I decided to have a customized bracelet for us all and have it given on this day. Cute isn’t it?

Ricky said while wiggling his eyebrows making Maya laughed.

Maya: I didn’t know you had it in you sweetheart but thank you really. I so love it. And nakakatuwa tignan sa kambal. Si Sunshine tuwang-tuwa sa trinket. She is definitely the little Nikki version. Ang kikay na. After Nikki, si Abby then si Sunshine.

Maya then notice her husband became quiet.

Maya: Sweetheart? May problema ba?

Ricky: Uhmmm..wala naman.

Maya laughed.

Maya: Daddy, niloloko lang kita. Ano ka ba, syempre matagal pa yan. Babies pa sila except for Ate Nikki.

Ricky sighed.

Ricky: I agree.

He kissed her on the temple.

Ricky: We cannot stop them from growing but we shouldn’t stop growing with them.

Maya: Of course. We will always be with them, every step of the way.

They looked at one another, an understanding settled with them. No words needed as they understand each other from the heart.

Maya: Good night sweetheart! I love you! Thanks again for this day!

Ricky: Good night too sweetheart and I love you more! Happy Mother’s day once again.

Ricky kissed her on the lips which prompted for something more.

And lights off. :D

[A/N: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all Mothers out there.]


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If Only – The Twins

If Only – The Twins

Because it’s summer time, the couple has decided to enroll Sky and Sunshine for swimming lesson.

Nikki: Mom, when po ang start ng swimming lesson nina Sky and Sunshine?

Mommy: Tomorrow na Nikki.

Nikki: Wow! I’m so excited.

Abby: Ako rin ate. Parang nung tinuruan din ako ni mommy.

Nikki: Oh yeah, si mom nga pala nagturo sayo. Kaso busy si mom ngaun tapos dalawa pa sila Sky and Sunshine.

Mommy: Oo nga Nikki, tsaka mas mahirap na talaga pag dalawa.

Nikki: Don’t worry mom, we’ll help sa pagsama kina Sky and Sunshine.

Abby: Opo mommy, we will help.

Mommy: Thanks mga ate. Hug ko nga kayong dalawa.

The two girls went to their mom and envelop their mom in a tight hug then the twins came barreling in, Doris in tow.

The twins run straight to their mom and sisters.

Mommy: O, kayo talagang dalawa, pinapahirapan nyo na naman si ate Doris nyo.

Sky: Noh mommy.

Sky said cheekily with his shade shaking in negative as Sunshine giggles.

Maya lowered to their height and embraced them making the two giggle. Sky being a Mommy’s boy, gave his mom a lingering kiss on the cheek and hug her tight.

Nikki: Naku, grabe naman ang Sky, kala mo aagawin sa kanya si mommy.

Sky looked at her sister and pouted his lips as a response.

Nikki: Naku!!! If you would only not cry, I’d pinch your cute chubby cheeks!

Mommy: hahaha.. kiss mo na lang ate Nikki

Nikki did so. Then the door opened revealing father and son.

Abby: Hi dad! Hi kuya Luke.

Sunshine ran towards their dad and Ricky immediately placed down his laptop bag to carry his youngest princess. Sunshine peppered her dad with kissed while Sky was looking with a frown marred on his face.

Mommy: Sky? What’s the matter?

Sky: shine-shine.

Having difficulty saying Sunshine then pointing on his sister.

Mommy: Oh-kay.. what’s with Sunshine?

Sky: I want daddy!

He said with stomping his foot. Maya getting that Sky had wanted to be the first one to go to his dad but his twin beat him to it.

Mommy: Sky, you can go daddy now.

Sky: No!

Shaking his indignantly. Maya looked onto her husband with an eyebrow raised, silently communicating, ‘he is so you’, making Ricky laughed. To try to appease their youngest boy, Ricky kissed Sunshine on the cheek before passing her to Luke who obligingly took his baby sister.

Daddy: Bago to ah. Kala ko sa’yo lang makasarili tong bunso natin.

Mommy: Pagbigyan mo na, minsan lang yan.

Everyone laughed except for the moping kid.

Daddy: Come on Sky, give daddy a hug.

Seeing his sister was already with their brother, he ran fast towards his dad.

Daddy: Woah, careful kiddo.

And he jumped up towards his dad’s outstretched hands.

Sky was giggling when his dad stood up.

Daddy: Now, this is really something.

Mommy: Ayaw mo nun dad?

Daddy: Naninibago lang ako sweetheart.

Sunshine then asked her brother to put her down then she ran towards her mom. Maya carried her and give her a loving kiss.

Mommy: I think I would agree with you sweetheart.

The couple looked at each other lovingly, feeling so happy.

Luke: Group hug naman!

Nikki: I so agree!

Abby: Me too!

The family meet at the center and did a group hug. The twins clapped their hands. Sky reached towards his mom with his lips pouting indicating for a kiss. Maya laughed and offered her cheek. After which, Sunshine did the same on the other cheek.

Daddy: How about daddy?

The twins kissed him as well and both laughed after.

Nikki: I so love our family.

Mommy: We love you too Ate.

Sky: Yabyuuuuu!

Sky just can’t stop being so cute, making his family laughed once again altogether.

A big happy family indeed.

[A/N: part 2 on the works..enjoy]


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If Only- Abby

If Only- Abby 

In the middle of the night, Abby woke up and went straight to the bathroom. Nikki was awakened with the movement. She waited for Abby to come out. When Abby came out, Nikki saw that she was quite distressed.

Nikki: Abby, what’s wrong?

Abby was startled since she thought her sister was sleeping. But since she knows she won’t stop until she tells what’s wrong..

Abby: Ate, I think I have now.

Nikki’s eyes rounded and was about to shriek when Abby put her hand on her mouth.

Abby: Ate, don’t! Tulog na ang lahat baka magising mo sila.

Nikki: Oh-em-gee! I’m sorry Abby. Nagulat lang ako. Wow! Dalaga ka na. so, nakapaglagay ka na ba ng?

Abby: Eh un nga ate, kaya ako lumabas, maghahanap sana ako sa gamit mo.

Nikki: Oh yes, I still have stocks. We need to tell mom para mabilhan ka na rin nya. And she would be oh so happy too.

Abby: You think so Ate?

Nikki: Of course baby..ay I mean, Ate Abby. Come on, I’ll teach you the how’s.

The Morning.

Maya was busy feeding the twins who are unusually behaved in their seats.

Nikki: Hi mom! Hi Sky and Sunshine! Good morning!

Givers her mom and her twin siblings a kiss. Cutie Sky pouted his lips to give her sister a kiss back. Sunshine copied his twin brother making Nikki laughed.

Nikki: Ay, kala ko behave tong dalawa. Ang aga naman akong nakatuwaan.

Mommy: Medyo di pa sundo kasi tulog. Dahil nakita ka, narejuvenate. J

Nikki: Mom, may sasabihin sayo si Abby.

Mommy: Ano un?

Nikki: Siya na lang po magsabi mom.

Mommy: Okay.

Then Abby came to the dining area.

Mommy: Good morning baby!

Abby wen to her and kissed her on the cheek then whispered.

Abby: Dalaga na po ako Mommy.

Maya was shocked on the news and instantly got teary-eyed then Ricky chose that moment to come in the dining area as well and saw her.

Daddy: Mommy, what’s wrong?

Mommy: Ha? Ah, wala wala. Nagulat lang ako sa news ni Ate Abby.

Then wipes her eyes, Nikki has already taken charge of feeding her twin siblings. Abby hugged their mom.

Daddy: Could somebody tell me what’s going on.

Mommy: Daddy, may dalaga ka na uli.

Which made him more confused?

Daddy: Ha? Nag-ampon tayo?

He asked with a frown making his three ladies laughed.

Nikki: Daddy! Si Abby po. Mommy is talking about Abby.

Daddy: Okay. And what about her?

Mommy: Hay daddy. Abby is now a lady.

Emphasizing every word, though it took some more minutes before it fully sank in to Ricky.

Daddy: Oh. Wow! Really?

Maya felt how this news seem to be too big for her husband. Their first baby is now growing up. She hugged him and whispered.

Mommy: Ok lang yan sweetheart, baby mo pa rin naman siya.

Knowing full well the fear of her husband. Abby went to his dad and embraced him. Ricky embraced her back and kissed her on her head.

Daddy: Don’t grow too fast on me. You’re still my baby.

Abby: Yes dad! I love you!

Daddy: I love you too.

Sunshine: Lab you!

Sky: Yab you!

With his signature pouted lips making everyone laughed. And making Nikki forgot not to pinch him.

Nikki: You’re really are so cutie patootie Sky.

Then he cried.

Nikki: Oh sorry Sky. Ate will kiss you na lang.

Nikki kissed him until his cry subsided.

Mommy: Ate Nikki talaga, lagi na lang pinanggigilan si Sky. Ako lang di ba baby.

Sky: No!!!

Everyone laughed because Sky hated the pinching so much.

Sky: Ouchy.

Mommy: Of course baby. Mommy is just teasing you.

Then Ricky urged Maya to come near him and whisper something.

Daddy: Sweetheart, we need to work double hard.

Mommy: Ha? What? Work for what?

Daddy: Sssshhhh.. it’s just for us.

Maya’s eyes rounded when she get what he was referring to and gave him a pinch on the side. Ricky just laugh.

Daddy: I love you sweetheart!

Then give her a kiss on the lips.

Mommy: I love you too sweetheart.

Nikki: Awww, so sweet. Family hug.

Luke: oopppss, ooppps, Sali ako  dyan.

And the family engaged in a big warm hug.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: I love you all.

Mommy/Daddy: We love you all.

Sunshine: I lab u

Sky: E yabyu.

Earning another heartily laugh from everyone.

A happy morning indeed.

[A/N: pagpasensyahan na po ang nakayanan :) ]


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If Only…(series)

If Only

Ricky arrived home. Sky was almost at the door when he got in.

Sky: Daddy!

The little boy greeted his dad with his arms raised, indicating that he wants to be carried.

Ricky kissed the boy on his cheek, feeling happy with the welcome.

Daddy: Hmmm, this is new. What did you do?

“Paawa effect”

Sky: Mommy, spanked me.

With lips wobbling.. then Maya was approaching.

Mommy: Naku, nagpapaawa ang bata.

Sky then cowered to his dad’s neck. Now Ricky is sensing, the little boy has done something that made his mom mad. When Maya has come near them he kissed her on the lips.

Daddy: What did this cute little boy do?

Mommy: Hay naku Daddy, yang anak mo sobrang kulit. Lahat na ginulo. Nagaayos mga kapatid nya, sinagasan. Tapos ung kuya nya binato ng bola, ayun pinalo ko na. Naghahanap yan ngaun ng kakampi.

Daddy: Naku, mukhang maaga to sa principal’s office ah.

Mommy: Sige daddy, ikaw na bahala dyan. Tignan ko lang kung okay ng kumain.

Ricky brought Sky in the principal’s office. He sat on his chair with the kid on his lap and made him face him.

Daddy: What did you do Sky?

Sky: I’m bad daddy?

Tears forming now on his eyes. Ricky was having a hard time looking angry with how the little boy looking so contrite and cute.

Ricky rubbed the back of the boy.

Daddy: You’re not bad baby but you need to understand that it would make Mommy and your siblings happy if you help them instead of making their work harder.

Sky was looking intently to his dad as though understanding and absorbing what his dad was saying.

Daddy: You understand Sky?

Sky solemnly nodded his head.

Daddy: Very good. Now if you be a good boy tomorrow, I will give you a price but if you don’t, we will have another talk here. Do we have a deal?

Sky: Yes daddy.

Daddy: Good! Now give daddy a kiss and a hug.

Sky did so as asked, kissed his dad sloppily which made his dad laughed. Then another little feet was heard running.

Sunshine: Daddy!

Daddy: Hello Sunshine! Kiss daddy.

Sunshine kissed his dad as asked and then raised her arms asking to be carried.

Daddy: Now, how will I do that? You’re both heavy.

Sky tightened his grip on his dad and Sunshine is starting to make tantrums when Maya suddenly appeared.

Mommy: What’s happening here?

Daddy: Mommy, they both want to be carried.

Mommy: I’ll carry Sky.

Sky shook his head.

Maya approached them and spoke to Sky.

Mommy: Sky..mommy’s not angry.

Sky looked over to his mom as though gauging if she was telling the truth. When he felt satisfied, he raised his arms towards his mom. Maya got him off his dad so Ricky could bring up Sunshine who was quietly watching over.

Maya peppered Sky with kisses on his face making the boy laughed heartily.

Sky: love you Mommy.

Mommy: Hay! Pano ka ba magagalit ng matagal sa ganitong kasweet na bata? I love you too Sky! And I love you too Sunshine!

Kissing the little girl on her husband’s arm who was already standing up and watching them.

Daddy: Can’t agree more Sweetheart.

Then he in turn peppered Sunshine with kisses as well.

Nikki: Mom, Dad, time to eat.

Mommy: Thanks Ate Nikki.

Nikki: Mukhang bati na si Mom at Sky ah.

Daddy: Di naman matitiis ni Mommy yang baby nya.

Maya just rolled her eyes then when she looked at Sky, he was trying to imitate her.

Mommy: hahaha Sky! What are you doing?

Ricky and Nikki were laughing as well.

Sky: Mommy, my head hurts.

Nikki: Oh em gee Sky! You are really so cute!!!

Mommy: Sky! Stop doing that, it would really make your head ache.

And she kissed the boy’s head.

They headed to the dining area where Luke and Abby were already seated.

[A/N: sorry maikli lang.. enjoy! :) ]


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All the Love in the World

All the Love in the World

Maya was having her coffee time in a well-known establishment for some quiet time.

“Hi Miss, is this seat taken?”

Maya looked around the café before she looked up on the man who was asking.

“There are other empty seats.”

“I know but I was hoping to seat here with you.”

Maya was silent for some time before she answered.

“Well suit yourself. Just don’t expect me to speak with you. I’m busy right now.”

Indicating the book she was reading.

“Suits me.” Then he smiled lopsidedly.

The man leave her alone with her reading but since he was facing her, she feels his gaze on her.

“Do we have a problem?”

“Well I don’t have a problem. Do you?”

She rolled her eyes and continued with her reading. But since she really is feeling disturbed with how the man was looking at her, she started cleaning her things and placed them on her bag. She got up to leave.

“You’re leaving now?”

“What do you think?”

And she sauntered out of the café.

“Feisty! I like that.” And he smiled to himself. He left the café as well.

At home.

“Hi Mom! How’s your day?” Her oldest daughter asked then kissed her on the cheek.

“Hay naku, may papansin.”

The door where she got in opened and another person came in.

“Hi Dad!” She kissed him on the cheek as well.


“So you were saying mom?”

“Ayun nga, may papansin. Inistorbo ako sa café.”

The man walked to his wife and kissed her on the lips. And he gave the cheekiest grin he could muster.

“I wasn’t papansin,” he connoted, “..just making sure no one seats beside you.”

“Oh-em-gee dad! You’re so cheesy!”

“See! Your daughter even agrees.”

“Ewan ko sa inyong mag-ama.” But she was losing the battle as a smile was ghosting on her lips.

Then chaos erupted.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

The twins were shouting at the top of their lungs, competing for the attention of their parents while their elder siblings were holding and guiding them down the stairs.

“Oh careful kids.”

When the twins got down on the step, they run fast to their parents. And simultaneously uttered..


The couple carried one each.

“Mit you mommy.” The little girl said and embraced their mom.

“Awww, miss agad, saglit lang nawala si mommy.”

The little boy just hugged their dad and kissed him on the cheek.

“See mommy, di lang ako nakakamiss sayo.”

“Hay naku, may kasalanan ka pa rin sa kin. You were supposed to be here with them while I get my ‘me time’.” With raised eyebrow, she looked meaningfully to her husband who looked contrite.

“Sorry about that, kaya lang you know how much I hate it pag wala ka sa paningin ko.”

“At nagpacute pa ang magaling kong asawa. Naku! Kung di lang kita mahal.”

“Why mom, what did dad do?” Their eldest son asked.

“Hay naku, yang daddy nyo nagpacute sa café. May kadramahan pang ginawa. May nalalaman pang, ‘is this seat taken?’?”

“Hahaha.. iba ka talaga dad. Parang ligawan mode lang?”

“It’s so sweet nga kuya eh. Imagine that, 5 na tayong kids pero para pa ring nagliligawan sina mom at dad.”

“You call that, adding spice into your married life. Ligawan mode everyday.”

“Oo na daddy, panalo ka na.”

“Kinilig ka po mommy?” Their middle kid asked.

Maya looked at her husband before she answered.

“Of course ate Abby. Who wouldn’t? haba ng hair ko, gwapo ng daddy nyo eh.”

“Hahaha, si daddy namumula. Uy!”

“Syempre flattered ako kasi nagwagwapuhan pa rin mom nyo sa akin.”

“Me andsome yike daddy.”

Their little boy piped in.

“Of course Sky, you’re handsome like me and kuya Luke.”

The little boy laughed and clapped his hands.

“Me pretty mommy?”

“Of course sweetie. Just like Ate Nikki and ate Abby.”

“Yend Mommy!” The little girl added.

“Bolera tong si Sunshine.” He quipped.

Maya looked at him.

“May sinasabi ka Ricardo?”

He grinned before he answered.

“Wala naman sweetheart, natutuwa lang ako sa mga anak natin, super honest.”


And they all shared a hearty laugh.

“Halina kayo sa komedor at ng makapaghapunan na kayo.”

“Thank you Manang Fe.”

The family chorused.

“Ten tyu ang fe!” Sky said making everyone laugh before they head to the dining area to have their dinner and share how their day was.

Another wonderful day that ended.

[A/N: part of If Only series..sinadya kong di ilagay ang If Only sa title..hehe]


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If Only – Summer Trip

If Only – Summer Trip

[A/N: inspired with my recent trip in Anawangin Cove..hope you enjoy reading this.. J ]

Ate Nikki and Kuya Luke are bound to Anawangin Cove with their tropa for their summer getaway. Both already working. Luke still with Joni while Nikki and Niccolo are still unofficial but officially dating. As usual..

Mommy Maya: Mga anak, make sure nakaayos lahat ng gamit nyo. Ung mga toiletries. Dalhin nyo na ung 2 bottle ng off lotion and ung sunblock din. Ang mga towel, water..

Luke: Mommy, ok na po lahat. Don’t worry po, kaya namin to. Di ba Nikki? Hindi magiinarte dun? J

Nikki: Hay naku Kuya, whatever!

Mommy: Oh, baka magkapikunan pa kayo nyan. Luke, sino nga pala magdrive sa inyo?

Luke: My, Si Amiel po..van po nila gagamitin naming pero magpapalitan din po kaming mga boys para di naman din po sya mapagod.

Mommy: Ah ok. Ingat lang kayo ha, wag masyado maghaharutan. Ung mga girls, ingatan nyo.

Luke: Yes po Mommy.

Then Luke kissed his mom to somehow appease her. Then a shrilling voice is heard.

Sky: Kuya Yuke!!!

Luke: Ay patay nahuli ako. Hahaha

Mayaand Nikki laughed along knowing how possessive to their mom Sky is. He outgrew calling Luke, Yuke, though you can’t blame him, he’s just about to turn five alongside his twin sister Sunshine.

Mommy: Baby sky, why are you shouting?

Sky: Kuya Yuke is kissing you Mommy.

As if it would explain it all.

Mommy: Because he is promising me something and naglalambing lang si kuya.

Sky’s brows were still scrunched in frown when Daddy Ricky approached.

Daddy Ricky: And what pray tell is the matter with Mr. Grumpy Sky?

Since Ricky was unaware, he went to his wife and kissed her on the lips.

Sky: DADDY!!! (plus a stomped of his foot)

Maya together with Luke and Nikki laughed out loud.

Daddy: What did I do?

Mommy: Daddy, kaya nakakunot na noo ng anak mo kasi nakita nya kiniss ako ni kuya nya tapos dumagdag ka pa. hahaha

Daddy: Well, sorry buddy, you can’t stop me.

Mommy: Hay naku Ricky! Wag mo ng asarin. Come here na baby Sky carry ka na ni Mommy.

Sky run fast to his mom when a car honk was heard.

Luke: My, andito na po sila.

Mommy: Ok, sige hatid na namin kayo sa gate. Daddy, help mo si Abby kay Sunshine.

Sunshine: Daddy! Carry!

Daddy: Sure princess.

They send them off as they still need to pick up Joni and the rest.

Mommy: Ingat kayo ha and enjoy.

All: Yes po! Bye!

When the car is already out of sight.

Daddy: So, tayo naman. Are you guys ready?

Mommy: Super ready Daddy. Right kids?

Sky and Sunshine: Yes!!!

Abby: Yes po.

Mommy: So let’s go inside para maisakay na sa sasaksyan ang mga gamit.

After 30-minutes they are ready to go as well with the rest of the people in the house.

Abby: Summer, here we go!

Abby’s excitement passing on the twins making them giddy as well. Both clapped their hands while laughing as well plus a shriek from Sunshine.

Mommy: Naku, mas mukhang mageenjoy tong mga to.

Daddy: I think so too Mommy.

And off they go.


Amiel: Guys, Welcome to Anawangin Cove, our home for 3-days and 2-nights.

The rest of the boys were looking fine, the girls quite doubtful.

Nikki: I can do this!

Joni: Oo naman Nikki, sama-sama tayo.

Stace: Tama si Ate Joni. And besides, masaya tong pangrelax. Nature trip.

Inigo: Girls, ayusin nyo na lang ung mga foods, kaming mga boys na bahala sa pagayos ng mga tents.

Louie: Oo nga.

Amiel: Ok, let’s do this.

After 15-minutes, 3 tents was successfully finished up.

Joni: Guys, meryenda na muna tayo. Cupcake, ito water, inom ka muna.

Luke: Thanks, cupcake. J

Louie: Ayun lang. Talo tayo dun.

Niccolo: Inggitero mo talaga.

Inigo: Naku, nagsalita! Eh isa ka pa.

Amiel: Oy guys, kumain na lang tayo, gutom na ko.

Luke: Swimming tayo after ha.

All: Go!

The gang was having the time of their lives. Living a life away from gadgets, no phone signal and all. Life way back then. A simple one. Life with what’s available.

However, someone seem to be feeling melancholy.

Luke: Niks, are you ok?

Nikki: Yes kuya. I’m just missing Mom.

Luke: Hmmm, sabagay. Minsan naiisip ko rin sya.

Nikki had a surprised look on her face when realization dawn on her.

Nikki: Ah, yeah. I do too.

Luke: Oh, si Mommy. Hahaha. Bakit naman? You need girl talk? Andyan naman si Joni and Stace para may mapagsabihan ka.

Nikki: With Mommy kasi I don’t need to repeat the story and also when she sees me alam na nya ano ung nasa isip ko. Ayun.

Luke: Eh, tiis-tiis muna. Look in the sky na lang and count the stars, para malibang ka.

Nikki: hahaha thanks kuya, you’re the best kuya in town talaga.

Luke: hmmmp! Nambola ka pa.

Joni: Oh, anong drama nyong dalawa dyan?

Luke: Wala naman, namimiss lang nya ang bahay. Hehe

Joni: Kaya mo yan Nikki. Bukas akyatin natin ung burol. Tingin ko better view from there tong place and mas masaya kasi sama-sama tayong aakyat.

Nikki: Sige, game ako.

Luke: Guys, bukas akyatin natin ung burol ah?

Amiel: Good ako dyan.

Niccolo: Syempre dapat lahat tayo. Pangit naman pag may magpapaiwan.

Everyone agreed they will do the trek up the hill very early in the morning.

Amiel: Guys, ready na ba lahat? Lalakad din tayo ng malayo. Make sure that we all have water bottles and towels. Magsunblock na rin. If you have caps, better.

Luke: Good na kami. Let’s go now para di gano mainit.

They were having good laughs as they walk towards the hill. Excited for this another adventure. Climbing the hill was no easy. They really have to be careful with their steps. There was no clear trail but they were unmindful of it all. Upon reaching the top, it was all worth it.

Nikki: This is beyond beautiful.

Joni: I agree.

Stace: Super!

All boys were nodding their heads in agreement with awe.


Luke hold Joni’s hand, Niccolo did the same with Nikki. Feeling the tranquility of seeing the beautiful view from atop the hill. Louie hold Inigo’s hand who hold Amiel’s making Stace laugh.

After some more minutes they decided to go down. Taking much more care this time as it is harder to go down.

Nikki: Grabe kuya, I can’t believe may ganitong place pa here sa pinas.

Luke: Oo naman Niks. Sayang lang wala sila Abby here para maapreciate din tong place.

“Seems you’re having the time of your lives here.”

Nikki’s and Luke’s eyes rounded hearing the familiar voice.

Both: Dad!

They checked the nearest nipa hut and found their Mom and Dad sitting side-by-side holding hands while holding on their free hand a goblet of juice.

Nikki: Oh-my-gee Mom! Dad! You were just here all along? Mommy! I missed you.

Nikki run to her Mom’s side and embraced her hard.

Mommy: Oh anak, may problema ba?

Luke: Naku my, nung unang gabi pa naming nagsesenti yan.

Mommy: Naku naku, ano kaya ang meron sa dalaga namin?

Nikki: Nothing mom.

The rest of the group greeted Maya and Ricky. Then suddenly a shriek was heard.

Sunshine: Daddy! Fish!

Sunshine run towards her dad showing the little fish she caught on her pail. Then Sky came running too.

Sky: Mommy! Fwog!

Mommy tried looking on the pail as Nikki was almost sprawled on her. Sky saw Luke and shouted.

Sky: Kuya Yuke!

Luke: Hi Sky.

Then he scooped Sunshine and kissed her making the little girl giggle.

Sky then realized that his Ate Nikki is hugging their Mom making him frown. Then he cried.

Mommy: Oh, why are you crying Sky?

Sky pointed to his Ate.

Mommy: It’s Ate Nikki.

Sky shakes his head in negative indicating that he’s not happy about it. When Ricky saw it, he hugged Maya as well.

Daddy: Akin si Mommy..

Sky cried harder.

Mommy: Hay naku Daddy, pinaiyak pa lalo. Come here Sky.

Sky quickly acted and dropped his pail with the little frog. He fought for his place with his mom. Since Ricky was just teasing he moved a bit but not before he kissed Sky on his cheek. Sky pouted his lips making his dad laughed and the kid himself. Then he swiped his nose.

Nikki: Sky, kiss ate.

Nikki tenderly asked her baby brother. Sky did with his pouted lips.

Maya and Ricky laughed.

Nikki: Even if it’s ewwy, I won’t wipe it. I miss it.

Maya whispered.

Mommy: Anak, usap tayo later.

Nikki just nod her head.

Isabel served the afternoon snacks for the whole group. After which the couple excused themselves to take a dip in the water.

Maya and Ricky were holding hands while walking towards the sea when a running Sky shouted.

Sky: Mommy!

Mommy: Yes Sky?

Sky: Join?

Mommy: No.

Sky: Why?

He asked with a frown and a pout.

Mommy: Daddy and I will go to the deep part and you won’t be able to swim there. So, what you can do while you wait, create a beautiful sand castle here for Mommy, okay?

Sky: Otay!

He blurted fast, already acquiesced on the task.

Maya kissed Sky.

Mommy: Go to Ate Doris and ask for your pail and shovel. Have ate Abby and Sunshine help as well.

Sky run back to their place and asked Doris for his things.

Mommy: Doris, pasuyo na lang ha.

Doris: Opo naman Mrs Chief. Areglado yan, walang problema.

The couple resumed their walk. When they were almost at Maya’s chest level of water, she clung on her husband. Legs wrapped on his hips and arms on his neck. Ricky kissed Maya full on her lips before he spoke.

Ricky: Thank you so much sweetheart for coming into my life. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you so much.

Maya: Thank you more for loving me and giving me the happiness more than I could expect.

They shared another passionate kiss before they play in the water. They were indeed a picture perfect of a happy couple.

After some more minutes they head to the shore.

Ricky: Sweetheart, sige una ka na..swim lang ako saglit.

Maya headed alone to the shore. She was looking down as she was trying to locate Ricky’s slippers.

Guy: Hi Miss

Maya was a bit shocked.

Maya: Oh, hello.

Guy: Magtatanong lang sana.

Luke and Nikki has seen the interaction

Nikki: Kuya, lapitan mo na si Mom

Luke looked where their dad is.

Luke: Ok lang yan Niks. Panoorin natin pano i-handle ni dad yan.

Ricky saw how shocked Maya was.

Ricky: Do we have a problem here?

Maya heaved silently a sigh of relief. She is not used to this kind of interaction. She practically hid herself to Ricky. Ricky placed his arm around Maya.

Guy: Uhmmm..wala naman,magtatanong lang sana.

Ricky: You see that place (pointing the information area). Go there and ask them of whatever query you have. Let’s go sweetheart.

Maya didn’t remove herself from Ricky and just walked.

Ricky: What were you looking there?

Maya: Hinahanap ko kasi ung slippers mo.

Ricky: Tingin ko, sinuot ni Sky.

And true to his words, Sky came towards them in a slow motion, he was dragging his feet since he was wearing his dad’s slippers. The couple could only laugh.

Maya bent down and gave Sky a noisy kiss.

Mommy: hmmmm! (then pinch his cheeks) Ang cute-cute talaga.

Then she scooped him up while Ricky took his slippers. Sky just gave his dad a cheeky grin.

Nikki: Wow Mom! May admirer ka ah.

Luke: Dad iba ka!

Mommy: Wala un, nagtatanong lang.

Daddy: Mommy, nagpapacute sayo un.

Mommy: Eh, wala un.

Daddy: hahaha.. hayan nyo na. Mukhang natakot mom nyo, di na humarap sa kausap, niyakap na lang ako.

Nikki and Luke laughed.

Mommy: Ikaw na lang kausapin ko Sky. Hmmmmmm (another big kiss from Mommy to Sky)

Sunshine: me Mommy!

Mommy: Ay syempre po. Daddy pakihold si Sky.

Ricky held out his hands for Sky who kissed his dad after he was transferred. Maya then scoop Sunshine up after that and peppered her face with kisses making her giggle. Abby then came along and sidled up to her mom who embraced her. Luke and Nikki feeling left out made a gesture for a group hug. Joni offered to take a picture of the family. They were indeed a picturesque of a happy family.


Later that night.

Niccolo: Nik-nik, pwede ba tayong mag-usap?

Nikki knew she was being unfair with Niccolo, with her maudlin mood for almost their stay.

Nikki: Yeah, sure.

They went farther away from the group.

Niccolo and Nikki were both preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Niccolo: sasabihin na ba nyang ayaw na nya?

Nikki: You can do this Nikki. You have to.

Niccolo/Nikki: Nik-nik/Niccolo..

Niccolo: Sige, kaw na muna Nik-nik

Nikki: No, better na ikaw muna

Niccolo released a big sigh before he spoke.

Niccolo: May problem aba tayo Nik-nik?

Nikki looked at Niccolo and she was feeling sorry for the apprehension etched on his face.

Nikki: Niccolo, I’m sorry for making you worry that there is a problem. I just have something on my mind and medyo naguguluhan ako. I’m just thankful I was able to talked with mom.

Niccolo was still confused nonetheless he waited with bated breath.

Nikki: The thing is.. <releases breath for strength> the thing is, I have been thinking about us. And I have think things over well. I am now ready.

Niccolo: Ready? Ready for what?

Nikki: Ready for us.

Niccolo: You mean?

Nikki: Yes Niccolo, we are now officially boyfriend-girlfriend.

It took some more seconds before it fully sink in to Niccolo.

A resounding yes is heard after that.

Niccolo: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki: Niccolo!

Niccolo: Thank you Nikki! Thank you! I won’t promise anything but I will make sure to make you the happiest girl on earth. I love you.

He tenderly uttered making Nikki’s heart flutter.

Nikki: Mom was right, sometimes you need to listen to what your heart says.

I love you too.

They smiled at each other and hugged.

Maya and Ricky were watching from afar.

Ricky: You knew, didn’t you?

Maya just smiled.

Ricky: Is that the reason why she looks forlorn?

Maya: Let’s just say, she was weighing things too much. I just made it easier for her. J

Ricky: You’re making me fall in love with you more and more each day. I love you so much.

Then he give his wife a tender kiss.

Maya: I love you too, so so so much!

And they shared a tender smile, looked once more where Nikki and Niccolo are, and went back to their cottage. Feeling happier and contented seeing their children finding love with great people as well.

It’s bliss.

Up in the sky, a bright star glowed brighter than usual, it seem to be winking with delight. Feeling happy as it shone. Who wouldn’t be happy? They simply are a happy family to look upon. J

-Happy Summer!


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Will I Be Enough – Epilogue


–After 5 years–

Maya and Ricky were still both asleep when she felt something moved. Then she heard little voices. She chance upon to look on Ricky and saw that he was awake as well and waiting for what will happen next.

Their twins then came out of the blanket with the intention of surprising them. But since both are too noisy, their parents knew very well what they were up to.

“Waaaaahhhhh!!!” Both shouted making the couple laughed. Though they know they were doing their best to be inconspicuous, they were unsuccessful. But being the good parents they were, they both pretended to be surprised.

“Wow, you shocked us.” The twins were so happy with their achievement that they plopped down in between of their parents and laughed.

Maya couldn’t help herself and peppered both the twins with kisses on their faces while Ricky watched on his family.

“Mommy stop. Hahaha..stop” Sky uttered. Sunshine was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak.

“Why are you both up so early?” Ricky then asked giving the twins kiss as well.

“Mall.” Sunshine said. The twins are 3 ½ years and not too well versed.

“Is that so? You both want to go to the mall?” Sky was nodding his head while laying down on Maya. Sky is evidently a Mama’s boy while Sunshine who crawled up on their dad, is a certified Daddy’s girl.

“Mommy mall?” Sky said and looked on Maya.

“Daddy punta daw mall tong dalawa. Papayagan mo ba? Di ba masyado pang bata tong mga to?”

Ricky then laughed, the twins laughed as well though they certainly did not understand what their mom had said that made their Dad laughed.

“Only you Mrs. Lim, only you.” Ricky went near Maya and kissed her on the lips. The twins clapped their hands and both smiling.

“Daddy, parang di ko yata kaya pag nagpaalam na tong dalawa na may lakad.”

“Mommy, don’t think ahead. Let’s enjoy our time with them while they are still young. So, tumayo na tayo at mag-ayos para magsimba then pumunta sa mall as requested by these two. Okay ba yun?” Ricky has the same fear but knows that he cannot add up to Maya’s fears. Besides, it is indeed still a long way from coming and he would make sure that their kids would always want to go with them. A good quality time always with the family.

“Tsaka mommy, pwede naman tayong gumawa pa.” Ricky was waggling his eyebrows. Maya’s eyes rounded and hit him lightly.

“Ricky! Ano ka ba. Naririnig ka ng mga bata. Tara na nga.”

Maya got up from the bed with Sky on her while Ricky was slowly getting up since he was still busy laughing and with Sunshine on him.

“Mommy, later ha.”

“Ewan ko sayo Ricardo, ang aga-aga ha!” Ricky knows she is now getting pissed but he can’t help it, he was just really feeling wonderful and he can feel it. Maya may not realize it yet, but she is definitely pregnant. If ever she is not, he would make sure that there will be another baby to come or more. Is there anything more he could ask for? A happy and fulfilled life with his loved ones.

This is definitely more than what he had prayed for.



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