Chapter 4 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Chapter 4 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit
The director was very happy that his actors were just enjoying the shoot. He was actually worrying if he would be able to produce a good product out of this. When he first learned who were selected he had different qualms and doubts. But now, he knows something wonderful will come out after this.
Direk: Okay everyone, since we were able to finish ahead of time, I am treating everyone out for dinner. Walang mawawala ha?
A thunderous clap and yeses were heard.
“Partner, pupunta ka?” She asked.
“Uhmm, I think I have no choice. Nakakahiya din kay direk.”
“Tama. So, see you there?”
-at the venue-
Everyone were having a great time except for him.
Jodi heard some hushed conversations from some staff.
Girl1: Gwapo sana noh, kaso ang sungit.
Girl2: Oo nga, parang ang hirap timplahin.
Girl3: Buti nakakatagal sa kanya ung assistant nya.
Jodi to herself: “May assistant sya? Parang wala akong nakikita.”
Girl2: Meron siyang assistant?
Girl1: Oo, ano ka ba. Pero sabagay baka di mo nga mapansin. Saglitan lang din kasi napunta un. Parang may dadalhin lang then pag nagstart na ung shooting naalis na.
Girl2: Ah.
Girl3: Anyways, mukhang wala rin tayong mapapala. Ang sungit kasi.
Girl1: Bakit? Nasungitan ka na ba?
Girl3: Hindi naman. Pero ganun ang vibe ko sa kanya. Basta, kain na lang tayo.
Girl2: Tama!
Girl1: Let’s go.
Jodi to herself, “So marami rin pala nakakapansin sa kanya. Hmmm, nasaan na nga ba siya?”
She roamed her eyes to locate him and found him sitting alone. She walked towards his direction.
“Hi! Bakit di ka nakiki-mingle?”
“Am good here. Don’t worry about me.”
“Grabe ka naman. Para sa ating lahat to, dapat makihalubilo ka rin. Napapagkamalan ka tuloy masungit at suplado.”
“It’s really not my thing.”
“Naku, nagsusungit ka na. Okay, sorry naistorbo kita.” She was about to leave when he hold her wrist.
“Wait, I’m really sorry. Nahihiya lang talaga ako.”
“Eh kaya nga kita nilapitan diba?”
“Okay, I’m sorry. <sighs>”
She sat down.
“May phobia ka ba sa crowd?”
He laughed, a genuine one.
“Wala naman. Siguro nalipasan lang ng panahon.”
“Grabe ka naman. Hindi ka naman ganun katanda. Mas may edad nga ata sa’yo si direk.”
He chuckled.
“Thank you.”
“Thank you? What for?” She asked.
“For putting up with them. I know I’m a bit hard-person..”
She interrupted him “You are not a hard person. Bato ka pag ganun.” She joked and he laughed as she continue “Ang kailangan lang mahuli ung kiliti mo. By not pushing you. Applicable sa’yo ung ‘test the water first’.”
“I like you.” He said, she was surprised. “You are a good person. You don’t push anything to your advantage. And I’m thankful as well kasi iniintindi mo ako.”
She swallowed an imaginary lump. This has seem the longest words he uttered and it was all praises to her.
On herself “Why is my heart beating fast?”
“Jodi?” He called her.
“Uh, yeah?”
“You seem to have spaced out.”
“Ah, sorry, may bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko. May nasabi ka bang hindi ko narinig?”
“Yeah, ung tanong ko if I could have this dance?” His face was serious.
“Huh? Wala namang tugtog?”
Then he laughed out loud. Some of the staff were looking their way but they seem to have not noticed.
“I’m sorry, I was just teasing you.”
“Nakakainis ka. Nakakahiya tuloy.” She said as she slapped him lightly on the arm.
She pouted.
“Don’t do that.”
“Huh? Ang alin? Ito?”
And she pouted once more.
“If you don’t stop, I might kiss you.”
He stated seriously. She stopped, looked at him and find him being serious. She gulped, questioned herself..
“Is he serious? Why is my heart beating so fast?”
Then he touched her arm, he pulled at once and she was startled too. They looked at each other and gave out a nervous laugh.
“Is that what you call spark?” Richard thought to himself.
They were looking at each other, their eyes communicating. Their faces almost touching then..
He gave a silent groan, she sighed and looked down.
“Huy bes! Andito ka lang pala.” Then notices who she was with. “Oh my pink wall. I’m sorry, istorbo pala ako. Sige ,babay!”
“Emman!” But her bestfriend/PA has already left in haste with a teasing smile on his face.
They looked at each other and just gave each other a smile.
[a/n: next year na po ang kasunod 😅]

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If Only – Playtime

If Only – Playtime
Maya arrived home early to the beautiful laughter of her babies.
“Hi Mrs. Chief.” Sabel greeted.
“Hello Sabel. Kanina pa sila gising?”
“Medyo po at kanina pa po tawanan ng tawanan. Nandun po si Doris.”
“Sige puntahan ko sila, magbihis lang ako ng mabilis.”
After changing her clothes, she proceeded to the babies’ room, opening the door slightly and watched the kids.
Sean was imitating every actions Sky was doing making the twins laugh. Sky laid down on his tummy and acted like he was swimming. Sean looked at him and did his best to copy his brother in his cute way, making the twins laugh. When Sky sat and stomp his heel, Sean copied that had him falling his back and making the twins roll down with laughing. Laughter that were music to her ears.
“Ay, Mrs. Chief, nandyan na po pala kayo.” Doris noticed her by the door. Sky, Sunshine and Sean looked at her direction.
 “Mommy!!!” The twins scrambled up to run towards her. She hugged them both and kiss them. Then she noticed Sean crawling fast towards her.
“Come on Sean, come to mommy.” She encourages him as he was all smiles crawling. When he got near, Maya pulled him up in her arms and peppered his face with kisses and squeezed him lightly making him giggle and his siblings laugh. Sky of course wouldn’t want to be left behind and joins the hugging, Sunshine too.
“hahaha, ang sweet naman. Ganito ba sila lagi Doris?”
“Hindi po Mrs. Chief. Pero di naman po nag-aaway. Kanya-kanyang laro po sila. Eh ngayon, napansin ni Sky na ginagaya nga siya ni Sean, kaya ayun inulit-ulit na.” Doris narrated as she laughs after.
“Hay, buti na lang nakuhaan ko ng video. Sigurado matutuwa si Ricky lalo na ang kuya at mga ate.”
[a/n: of course mommy is always ready, you’d think she’ll miss capturing it? :D]
Before dinner, they watched it all together. Their laughter heard in every corner of the house. Luke transferred the file on the laptop and they were watching on the big screen.  The couple sitting together with Sean on Ricky’s lap and Sunshine on his side, sitting close to her ate Abby. Sky on Maya’s side, sitting close with his ate Nikki while Luke settled on a bean bag. Doris, Sabel and Joma also on their comfortable places.
“Sana I’d be able to witness this too. They are really so cute!” Nikki exclaimed.
“Oo nga ate, nakakatuwa si Sean sa paggaya kay Sky. Tsaka nakakahawa ung tawa nila.” Abby seconded.
“Tama. Sana matyempuhan natin sa weekend.” Luke commented.
“Pwede naman kayong di pumasok at bantayan ung mga kapatid nyo.” Ricky stated. The three had an incredulous look.
“Niloloko lang kayo ng daddy nyo. Ikaw talaga sweetheart.” She playfully slapped his arm. Then Ricky laughed, Sean imitated him making everyone laughed.
“O, hindi nyo na kailangan mag-antay ng weekend. Ginawa na ni Sean.” Ricky said in between laughs, then he peppered Sean’s face with kisses and blew raspberry on his neck making him giggle.
“Why you do that dahdi?” Sky was already standing in front of him and frowning. Maya was looking and covering a smile on her face. She knows kuya Sky is getting a bit jealous of the attention Sean is getting. Now, she would like to see how her husband would deal with it. The three older kids with Sunshine were already helping set the table for their dinner.
Ricky looked at his wife who just raised an eyebrow at him. He gave Sean one last big kiss before passing him to Maya. He carried Sky onto his lap.
“When you were a baby, I did that to you too Sky. With your kuya Luke, ate Nikki, ate Abby and Sunshine.”
“Really dahdi?”
“But why you do it?”
“Because… I … want to… hear… all… your… beautiful… laughter.” He said in between blowing raspberry on Sky’s tummy eliciting shriek from him. Maya laughed as well as she watched.
“Mom, dad, let’s eat na po.” Nikki called on them.
“Sige ate Nikki, sunod na kami.” She responded and she turned on her husband, “Sweetheart, tama na yan, kakain na tayo.”
Ricky blew one last raspberry before standing up and carrying Sky with him and assisting his wife as well with Sean.
They headed to the dining area where they shared a sumptuous dinner, stories and laughter. A one fun-filled dinner shared by the lovable family.
[a/n: Happy Weekend guys!]

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Chapter 3 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Chapter 3 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit
“First time mo ba to?” She asked as she settled on the chair he provided for her.
“Not really. Pero this will be a first for me with a partner. Hindi ko rin alam bakit ako ang napili for this.”
“Ayaw mo?”
“No, it’s not that.” He smiled and added, “Kaya lang, hindi ka ba naaalangan?”
“Naaalangan? Saan?”
“Sa atin. Sa age gap natin?”
“Huh? Bakit? Ilang taon ka na ba?”
“I’m 45.”
She looked at him, not believing him but because she knows he is someone who doesn’t joke around..
“Seryoso ka? But you don’t look that old.”
“Well, uhmm, thanks.”
“Mahiyain ka noh?”
“Yeah, you can say that. Kaya akala ng marami suplado ako.”
“Pero okay lang sa’yo na dinadaldal kita?”
“Yes. At least nawawala ung kaba ko.”
“Kinakabahan ka? Eh di ba sabi mo hindi mo naman first time to?”
“Yes, pero sabi ko nga rin, hindi ako sanay na may kapartner. And I am feeling awkward because of my age.”
And the she laughed. And tap him on the arm. He was surprised but he smiled.
“Ang funny mo. Huwag mo ng isipin ung edad. Kailangan at ease lang tayo sa isa’t isa. Tingin ko hindi tayo mahihirapan pag ganun. Deal?”
And they sealed the deal with a…
[a/n: Maaga pa po sa kiss J]

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Chapter 2 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Chapter 2 – Si Sungit at Si Kulit
-second day-
She was surprised to see him already in the set.
“Wow! Ang aga niya.”
“Bes, kinakausap mo na naman sarili mo. Kausapin mo na lang kasi.”
“Nakakainis ka na Emman ha! Lagi ka na lang nakabuntot sa akin.”
“Ay, sorry po mahal na reyna. Sa pagkakaalam ko po kasi ako ang handler mo kaya nakasunod ako sa’yo.”
“Hay naku Emman.”
“Naku ha, anong inaarte mo?”
“Type mo noh?”
Her eyes rounded big.
“Ang high pitch mo teh. Huwag pahalata.”
“Anong pinagsasabi mo Emman? May nakarinig sa’yo.”
“Wala. Natutuwa lang ako sa’yo at parang aligaga ka kasi. Masyado kang nagwo-worry sa mga bagay-bagay. Mas dapat mong isipin pano magiging maganda ang kalalabasan nito.”
She sighed, her friend’s words of wisdom had a direct hit.
“Tama ka Emman. Sige, lalapitan ko siya at kakausapin para hindi kami magkaroon ng ilangan.”
“That’s the spirit girl! Go!”
She shook her head and smiled at her best friend’s support.
She looked back where she saw him earlier and found him still there. Sitting and on his own.
“Jodi, kaya mo to!”
“Aja bes!” Emman whispered to her before she saunter towards her partner.
He was startled.
“Ay sorry. Naku pasensya na.”
“No, it’s okay. Uh, hello.”
She smiled, he did too.

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Si Sungit at Si Kulit

Si Sungit at Si Kulit
 Chapter 1
Two well-known actors who have never been together in any shows will be used to endorse a product of a brand in the country.
-first day-
Direk: Okay everyone, let’s settle down. Now can we have the talents here in front?
The talents went in front as instructed.
Direk: Okay, now introduce yourselves to each other.
The man was stoic, the woman was very bubbly so she introduced herself first.
“Hi! I’m Jodi Sarmiento. I’m 30 years old, single mom. I love to read and surf the net.” She offered her hand. He took it.
“Hello.” She was shocked to hear his very manly voice.
“I’m Richard Yee. Father of two.”
“Ang tipid naman magsalita nito. Magkakasundo kaya kami nito? Is he married? Mukhang strikto.” She was saying on her mind.
Direk: Now that we’re done with the introduction. We will now be doing some workshop para maiwasan ang ilangan nyo.
She was enjoying the workshop but you can’t tell if he is. He doesn’t even smile.
Direk: Okay, that’s it for today. We will reconvene tomorrow morning so we could start the shooting. Are we good?
There was a chorus of ‘Yes direk’ from everyone.
He hastily left and she was contemplating if they would have a good rapport.
“Ano ba yan, first endorsement namin together tapos ganun. Sana naman magkasundo kami.”
“Kinakausap mo na naman sarili mo bes.”
“Ay Emman! Ano ka ba Emman, bakit mo ko ginulat?” Emman, her handler and best friend.
“Eh pano po tayo na lang andito. Let’s go.”
“Ay sorry.”
The two friends went out to head home.

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If Only – Visit in the Office

If Only – Visit in the Office
“Sky, Sunshine, you want to visit daddy in the office?” Maya asked the twins. She is off work and they’ve just arrived from the twins’ school.
“Yesh mommy!” “Yes mommy!” Sky and Sunshine enthusiastically answered.
Maya smiled at the twins.
“Doris, pakipalitan na muna ng damit ung kambal. Ako na mag-aayos kay Sean.”
“Ay, sige po Mrs. Chief.”
“Ihanda ko na po Mrs. Chief yung dadalhin nyong pananghalian.”
“Naku salamat Sabel.”
“Wala po yun Mrs. Chief.”
The twins were so excited when they arrived.
“Excited to see daddy, Sky and Sunshine?” The twins were grinning and nods their head.
Maya chuckled. Doris and Joma carried their things.
“Hello po Ma’am Maya.” Minerva welcomed them. “Naku, ang lalaki na po ng kambal at ng bunso nyo.”
“Oo nga eh. Parang ang bilis nilang magsipaglaki.” Maya answered.
“Sige na po Ma’am Maya, pasok na po kayo. Wala naman pong ka-meeting si Sir.”
“Thank you Minerva. Sky, Sunshine go knock on daddy’s door.” She instructed the twins who willingly obliged.
They were giggling as they knock and call on their dad.
“Wow! Hahaha, what a nice surprise. Do I have meeting with you guys?” He leveled with the twins and opened his arms to accommodate the twins who scrambled towards him.
“Daddy!” “Dahdi!” The twins peppered his face with kisses making Ricky laugh. He gave them a final kiss before he stood up to kiss his wife and Sean.
“Hi sweetheart.” He greeted Maya.
“Hello.” Maya was all smiles and feeling so kilig.
“Kinikilig ka na naman sweetheart. Ang gwapo kasi ng mister mo.”
“Hahaha. Hay naku Mr. Lim, gutom lang yan, tara na.” He laughed out loud as he took baby Sean from his wife.
Doris was already inside preparing the foods.
“Bakit nga pala kayo napadaan sweetheart?”
“Wala lang. Pag-uwi kasi namin wala pa ung mga ate at kuya kaya naisip ko puntahan ka na lang namin.”
“Miss na miss mo naman ako masyado sweetheart.” Ricky continues to tease his wife.
Maya then placed a spoonful of rice to his mouth making him control his laugh. The twins then laughed. After he swallowed,
“And what’s funny?” He addressed the twins.
“Mommy feeding you dahdi.” Sky answered and laughed once more.
“Are you a baby daddy?” Sunshine asked as she laughs too.
“hahaha, mapang-asar na rin daddy ung kambal, mana sa’yo.” He could only shake his head with amusement but nevertheless loving this very moment.
“How about you baby Sean? Are you gonna laugh at daddy?”
Baby Sean just blabber his response and Ricky blow raspberries on his tummy making Sean laugh, the twins and Maya.
They enjoyed a wonderful meal with their babies, then Ricky requested a coffee from his wife to which she gladly obliged. The twins are munching on their doughnuts as their desert. Ricky was enjoying holding on Sean whom he was feeding some doughnuts too much to his wife’s horror.
He was startled.
“Bakit mo pinapakain nyan si Sean?”
“Ah…” He was lost for words.
“Hay naku sweetheart, pasaway ka talaga. Hindi na iinumin ni Sean ung gatas nya.”
“Sorry sweetheart. Naawa lang ako kasi nakatingin sa mga kapatid niya.”
“Sweetheart, magpapalusot ka pa. Eh hindi naman alam ni Sean kung ano yang doughnut.” She was wiping now baby Sean’s face that is now full of sugar. She was biting her lips to stop herself from laughing as she is seeing the contrite look of her husband. When she was unable to control it, she suddenly burst out laughing surprising her husband.
“Sweetheart, huminga ka na dyan. Hay naku, ikaw talaga napaka-spoiler mo.”
Ricky made a forced smile.
“Okay na sweetheart, napakain mo na eh, yun lang dapat mapa-ubos mo ung gatas sa kanya.”
“Sorry.” He said once more. She smiled and kissed him on the lips.
“Okay na. Wala na tayo magagawa, spoiler ka talaga.” She chuckled before kissing him once more. And he knows he’s absolved.
“Nakakarami ka na sweetheart ha. Kunwari galit ka gusto mo lang makanakaw ng halik.” He grinned at her as she was giving him a glare.
“Mommy.” Sky called Maya, interrupting them.
“Yes kuya Sky?” When she looked at him, “Hala, ang anong nangyari sayo? Hahaha. Napakaamos mo kuya Sky. Parang si baby Sean.” And Sky just grinned as answer. “Hay naku, nagmana pa sa daddy niya. You’re like daddy Sky?”
“Yesh, handsome.” And Ricky gave out a hearty laugh. Maya was surprised at first but laughed afterwards. It was her turn to shake her head with amusement.
Just another wonderful day from this family passing by.
[a/n: sorry, quite stuck ang utak ko and wala pa akong maisip na pupuntahan to bring Abby, if you have suggestions feel free to give them, would help a lot. Thankie! :D]

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Write It Up: The Achy Breaky Hearts POV

Write It Up: The Achy Breaky Hearts POV

The first scene of Chinggay murdering the picture of Frank, her ex, has a strong connotation that she, hasn’t gotten over him. The plague of pressure to get married crowded much her line of thinking that when a man comes in, she was too elated to balance her heart and mind. And when she came across Frank, after seven years, it added more confusion. Why? Because there is still love but pride and heartache is stopping her in recognizing this.

The big common denominator here is, Frank and Chinggay are each other’s past.
And as what Frank had declared on, he is the past and will be the Future.
For many, third’s time a charm; but for Frank and Chinggay, it’s their destiny.
Frank is Chinggay’s first man, so literally, he ARRIVED First. At the start and of course at the end.

This is Frank and Chinggay’s story, crystal clear. The people surrounding them are the supporting factors completing the movie.
And that’s the ENDGAME.


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