If Only – Stars

If Only – Stars
“Dahdddddiiiiii!!!” Sky shouted while running towards his dad.
Ricky readied himself as Sky throw himself to him. And he carried him up.
“What’s up buddy?”
“I dat stars dahdi!”
“Wow! Really?” But of course daddy knows it already because of super-excited-mommy.
“Yesh dahdi.”
“Let me see.” Sky showed his hands with four stars on each. Pressing his knuckles to his cheeks making him look cute.
“Okay wait Sky, daddy will take a picture.” And Sky gamely grinned. Then Sunshine came to him as well.
“Hello princess.” Ricky kissed her on the forehead.
“You got stars too?”
“Yes but it’s gone now because I take a bath.” The little Maya explained in detail.
“Yes daddy, kaya ung baby boy natin ayaw maligo. Aantayin ka raw para makita mo ung stars kasi baka mabura pag naligo sya.”
Ricky looked at Sky who was grinning at him that he wasn’t able to stop himself from pinching his cute chubby cheeks. Maya’s eyes rounded and Ricky was startled as well on his reaction. Both parents waiting on Sky’s reaction. But the cute little boy gave them a surprise. He rubbed his cheeks and spoke.
“Daddy that hurt.” Sky said indignantly. A reaction his parents wasn’t expecting.
“Sorry buddy. Daddy will just kiss it.” Sky seem to be in jovial mood and just went to his dad for the promise kiss.
“Naku mommy, mukhang big boy na to ah. Baka may crush na.”
“Tigilan mo Ricardo, hindi nakakatuwa.”
Ricky really love to tease his wife but not to the extent especially now that she is near-term.
“I love you sweetheart.” Ricky sweetly replied and smiled cheekily. Maya just shook her head and turned her attention to Sky.
“Sky, go to ate Doris now. Daddy already saw your stars.”
“Otay.” Sky immediately went to Doris who was patiently waiting for him.
Ricky stood up and went to his wife, giving her the sweetest kiss while holding Sunshine.
Sunshine then pulled his hand to catch his attention.
“Yes princess?” Sunshine puckered her lips as answer. Ricky chuckled along with Maya. Ricky leveled with Sunshine and gave her a kiss as well.
“Love you daddy.”
“Love you too princess.”
Maya was all smile while watching then was startled when Sunshine called her.
“Yes sweetie?”
“Of course baby.” Ricky carried her up so Maya won’t have a hard time and she gave the little girl the same sweet kiss.
“I love you mommy.”
“I love you too sweetie.”
“Mahmiiiiii!!!” They were all surprise with Sky’s shout.
“Yes Sky? You’re done with your bath?” Maya calmly ask their little boy who was now walking towards them with a purpose. He got a frown on his face and lips pouted.
“Oh oh.” Ricky muttered silently.
When Sky neared them, both parents looking at him, he looked up at them. And he’s got a look of a pissed-Ricky. A total little Ricky. Maya was laughing inside.
“Mohmmy, kish.” Sky said in a command manner that his parents were trying to avoid looking at each other as they are on the verge of laughing. Ricky put down Sunshine, who was good enough to move towards her mom. Maya then kissed the puckered lips of Mr. Grumpy.
“You dahdi.” Ricky was startled but obliged immediately. Maya was shaking with her silent laughter.
Just then Luke, Nikki and Abby came in.
“I heard the twins got stars. Is that correct?”
“Yeshhhh!!!” Sky answered with conviction as Sunshine timidly replied. “Yes.”
The older siblings laughed at Sky.
“Very good naman Sky and Sunshine. At dahil very good kayo sa school, may pasalubong si kuya.”
Luke brought out the cupcakes box he was hiding at his back.
Sky shrieked, knowing what’s on the box and Sunshine was clapping her hands and smiling.
“Naku kuya, baka masanay.”
“Mommy, minsan lang po. Nakakatuwa rin po kasi si Sky mukhang okay na sa school.”
“You can’t argue on that mommy.”
“Oo na po, talo na ko.” And they all laughed with Sky already busy munching on a cupcake.
What can you do, it was really the best cupcake in town. :D
Happy Monday! J

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If Only – Uh Oh

If Only – Uh Oh

Maya fetched the twins from their play school. Sky saw her and run fast towards.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

When he reached her, she hugged him as far as she can. Sunshine now beside them and Maya extended her arms towards her.

“How’s school?”

“Mommy ish fun!”

“Wow Sky, you seem to be enjoying school.”

“Yesh mommy!” And he grinned. But Maya was not prepared on Sunshine’s remarks.

“He’s happy mommy because Irish share her baon with him.” Sunshine innocently shared this information and Sky’s grin got wider if it’s even possible.

“What?” The twins were surprised on her reaction, good thing she recovered quickly.

“I mean wow baby. Uh, let’s go now.” And she ushered the twins towards the car. Kuya Joma sensed something is up with Mrs. Chief, so he chose to just drive home.

Maya was in between the twins who were giddily sharing their day in school, unfortunately mommy was in her own world. Since she seems too preoccupied, Sky had to squeeze her hand to capture her attention.

“Yes Sky?”

“Mommy, you’re not lishtening.” Kuya Joma bit his lip to stop himself from laughing.

“Sorry baby, mommy is just thinking. What is it you want to tell mommy?”

“Can I have flowers mommy?”

“Flowers?” Sky nods his head to confirm, Sunshine was giggling beside their mom.

“Why do you need flowers? Did teacher asked you to bring tomorrow?” Maya looked at Sunshine as well to confirm but Sunshine shook her head.

“Mommy I give to Irish.” Sky informed his mom like it was a normal thing. Maya was unable to react immediately and Sky being Sky is getting impatient.


“We’ll tell daddy first.” Since Maya’s voice was a bit stern, Sky agreed.

“Ohkay.” The twins now both quiet beside her, she sent her husband an sms asking what time he’ll come home.
Ricky who was in the middle of a meeting was surprised to read this message from his wife, so he replied: Y?
And he got an immediate response: May kailangan tayong pag-usapan.
Ricky was a bit surprised with this mysterious message from his wife that he decided to cut the meeting short.

Ricky arrived home and was welcomed by the twins.


“Hello buddies. It seems you had a good day at school.”

“Yesh dahdi.”

“Wow! This is new Sky.” Then he saw his wife. “Hi, sweetheart.” Maya went to him and kissed him.

“Daddy, Irish share food with Sky.” Sunshine innocently told her dad. Ricky raised his eyebrows at his wife seeing her with an annoyed look. He frowned not knowing what could it be and only when Sky spoke did Ricky got what is bothering his wife.

“Dahdi, can I bring flowers?”

In his mind: Uh oh, our mama’s boy seem has a crush and mommy doesn’t like it.
Ricky bit his lip to keep himself from laughing.

“Sky, why do you want to bring flowers?”

“I give to Irish.”

Ricky watched his wife and was able to see her roll her eyes. ‘Hmmm, quite a first.’
But of course Ricky knows he cannot rile his pregnant wife who doesn’t feel like sharing her baby boy to anyone. He was engrossed in his musing that he didn’t realized he snickered loud.

“Anong nakakatawa Ricardo?” ‘Oh no.

“Wala naman sweetheart. May naalala lang ako.” He has to play his innocent card. “Anong meron at kailangang magdala ng kambal ng bulaklak? Pinapadala ba ni teacher?”

“Ewan ko dyan sa bunso mo. May pagbibigyan.”

“Mommy, nasa tyan mo pa si bunso.”

Maya gave him a glare, Ricky bit his lip. ‘Wooh, sabi ko nga, umoo na lang.’

“Sky, why will you give Irish flowers?”

“Becaush she give me food. I thank her with flowers like you giving mommy.”
Ricky is smiling now understanding that mommy’s baby just want to give something to his classmate to show his appreciation.

“That’s good buddy. We’ll ask ate Doris to buy flowers you will give to your classmate.”

Sky grinned. Understanding seem to dawn on Maya as Ricky looked at her. But being stubborn that she is, she rolled her eyes at her husband making him laugh at her expense.

-dinner time-
“How’s your day guys?”

“It’s okay dad. Maraming activities pero all worth it naman po.” Nikki happily shared.

“How about you Luke?”

“Enjoy ako dad sa work eh kaya, my day is really good.”


“Dad, medyo mahirap na rin po mga activities ko pero so far nakakaya ko naman po.”

“How about the twins po, how’s their school?” Nikki pointed the question to their mom who got a bit startled.

“Uhmm, okay naman.” Maya answered while Ricky was keeping a smile to himself. Abby though called him out.

“Dad, why are you smiling?”

“Nothing Abby, may naalala lang ako.”
Then Doris came.

“Mrs. Chief, naayos ko na po ung flowers na dadalhin ni Sky.”
The three elder siblings were surprised.

“Flowers? What for?” Nikki directing the question to her mom.

“Naku Ricky umayos ka.” And that opened his dam of laughter. Ricky laughed out loud surprising them all.
Luke, Nikki and Abby were exchanging looks.

“Sweetheart, you have to share it with the kids.” And Ricky gave her his infamous lopsided smile. Maya rolled her eyes yet again but did share.

“Ibibigay ni Sky sa classmate nila ni Sunshine. Pa-thank you nya kasi nagshare ng food sa kanya.”


“Parang we’re missing something here.”

“Ricky nakakainis ka ha.”

“Mommy, please share.” Abby cutely pleads to their mom.

“You want me to share it sweetheart?”

“Sige na, alam ko naman na gustong-gusto mo.”

Maya folded her arms as her husband narrates what transpired that day. The three kids were laughing and Maya couldn’t help but shake her head as she smiled at her silliness.

“Awww mom, that’s cute. I can imagine how mom will be when the time na nasa edad na sina Sky for that.” Nikki grinned at her mom.

And they shared a wonderful family-laugh, even Maya laughing out loud at that.

Another fulfilling day for the family. [a/n: sana sa inyo rin po ☺]


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If Only – Sembreak

If Only – Sembreak

“Sweetheart, do we tell them now or huwag na lang?”

“Daaaaaaaaaddd!!! Kahapon ka pa po pabitin. What is it po ba? Are we having twins?” Nikki was grinning, Maya who was smiling earlier swallowed an imaginary lump. Ricky blink his eyes from shock.

“hahaha.. grabe ka Niks..pinakaba mo sina mom at dad. Hindi na lalo sasabihin ung gusto nilang sabihin. Dagdag allowance pa naman sana.” Luke teased his sister.

“You’re so g-r-r-r talaga kuya.”

“Ate, kuya, antayin na lang kasi natin. Pinapasabik lang talaga tayo nila mom and dad.”

Maya smiled at their children.

“Sweetheart, sabihin mo na sa kanila.”

“Okay sweetheart. Your mom was given a clearance to travel.”

“Oh-kay..” Nikki was prompting their dad to continue who seem to be doing a cliffhanger again.

Ricky looked at his wife then at their eager children. He took something from his wallet and gave them three a paper or so they thought.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh-my-gee! Oh-my-gee!!!! Is this for real? Mom? Dad?”

Maya laughed out loud at Nikki’s exuberant reaction.

“Grabe ka Niks! Ang sakit sa tenga ng tili mo.”

“Oo nga ate.” Abby seconded the motion.

“Whatever! Basta I’m too happy to mind your teasing.”

Ricky chuckled and shake his head.

“Pero mom, totoo talaga? We’re traveling to Japan?”

“Yes Luke. We waited for the go signal from my OB before we plan the travel.”

Then Abby shrieked surprising everyone. Nikki smiled, knowing the news just sink in with

“Thanks mommy! Thanks daddy!”

“You’re welcome Abby.”

Then little footsteps were heard. The twins are now up from their nap.


“Sky. Mommy’s here in the sala.”

Sunshine was faster than Sky as she scrambled up beside their mom.

“Hello princess, how was your sleep?”

“Good.” Then she giggled.

Seeing as his twin was already with their mom, he went towards their dad and motioned to be carried. Ricky carried Sky.

“How was your sleep Sky?”

Sky did not answer and covered his face on Ricky’s neck.

“Still sleepy buddy?” Sky still did not respond instead put his arms around his dad.

“Naku mukhang may nagjejeling.” Maya said to no one in particular but Ricky knows what his wife was referring to.

“I think so mommy.”

Luke getting what their parents are on about, took some initiative.

“Hi princess. You want kuya to carry you?”

“Okay.” Luke took Sunshine then as if on cue, Sky wiggled down from his dad and move towards his mom. Scrambled fast up and embraced his mom.

“Ay grabe, super miss si mommy.” Maya uttered as she showered Sky with kisses making the little boy squirm with glee.

Nikki sat beside her mom.

“My turn naman Sky.” Nikki was about to hug her mom when..


“Naku, napakaseloso talaga.” Luke muttered, Abby giggled. Sunshine imitating her.

“Sweetheart, OA na yan. Over-Attachment.”

Maya, Nikki, Luke and Abby and Abby laughed at Ricky’s remark.

“Wow dad! May ganun ka ng statement ah. Hahaha” Nikki teasing her dad.

“Cool dad..hahaha” Luke’s turn.

Ricky just shake his head but smiling.

“Mommy? Am hunggy.”

As if on cue.

“Mrs. Chief nakahanda na po ang meryenda.”

“Salamat Doris. Kaya mahal na mahal ka ng alaga mo eh. Lagi siyang busog.”

And the family shared another hearty laugh, including Doris of course, as they head towards the dining area so Mr.Grumpy won’t be ‘hunggy’ anymore. J


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If Only – Just

If Only – Just


“Huh? Mommy, am Sky not dahdi.”<giggles>

Ricky laughed out loud while Maya blinked as she was surprised and bit her lower lip. Then Maya looked at her husband.

“Nagmana talaga sa’yo.”

Ricky laughed once more.

Maya was supervising the twins who were playing when she sensed her husband in the area that she was facing Sky when she called him out thus this scene.

“Sky, I was referring to daddy. I knew he was in the room so I called him because I was going to ask him something.”

“Wow mommy! You ab powers?”

Ricky now was holding his tummy for laughing too much.

“Sweetheart, baka mapautot ka na nyan.”

“Mommy, can I ab powers too?”

Sunshine now went to her dad and touch him.

“Mommy, dahdi is shaking. Is he sick?”

It’s Maya’s turn to laugh now.

“Sweetheart, they certainly got it from you.” Ricky said after recovering from his laughter.

“Hi Mom, hi dad! Hello Sky, hello Sunshine!”

“ai ahte abi.” Sky greeted his sister and protruded is lips for a kiss. Abby laughed but obliged.

“ai!” Sunshine’s timid response.

“Hi Abby.” Abby moved to their mom after kissing Sunshine and kissed their parents as well.

“Hello there my beautiful family!” Nikki’s greeting upon entering their home. And moved to kissing their parents too and the twins plus Abby.

“Wow! Mukhang behave ang kambal. I think they deserve my pasalubong.”

Sky’s eyes rounded upon hearing the pasalubong, Sunshine giggled.

“Who wants this? Give me a kiss.”

The twins scrambled to her and gave her a kiss on the cheeks.

“ sweet.” Nikki said as Maya smiled at her. Loving how a darling their eldest daughter is to her siblings. All of them of course.

“Wow!” Sky exclaimed upon seeing the peppa pig cupcakes.

“Thank you ate.” Sunshine’s reaction.

“You’re welcome Sunshine and Sky. You have to share ha. Wag mag-aaway.”

“Yesh!” Sunshine answered, Sky just nod his head as he was already eating one. Abby and their parents laughed.
Nikki laughed as well.

“Hay Sky, ang takaw mo talaga.”

A simple family scene but a meaningful one.

A/N: Have a great day everyone (just got back from my vacation, was supposed to post this before then..sorry J )


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If Only – Mommy’s Sweet Dilemma

If Only – Mommy’s Sweet Dilemma

“I want momi!”

“Momi is mine.”

This has been the banter of the twins sitting beside Maya. Sky was pestering his twin who just wants to sit quietly beside their mother. But Sky being Sky loves teasing his sister. He would cover his mom with his little arms as though placing a barrier between Sunshine and their mom. And since Sunshine gets annoyed, it makes naughty Sky too happy. Maya would wait for a few minutes. If Sky doesn’t stop with her just looking at him, she will call his attention on a stern voice. But right now, she’s enjoying a bit. Then her husband came.

“Hi sweetheart.”


Sunshine run fast to her dad to beat his twin. A sweet revenge of course. Ricky carried her up. Sunshine placed her tongue-out looking at her twin. Sky was now annoyed and their mom was silently shaking with laughter. Ricky raised his eyebrow inquiring on what’s happening.

“Daddy is mine.” Now it’s Sunshine’s turn and it is not sitting well on Mr. Grumpy. His brows frowned and realization now dawning on Ricky. He just shook his head and tried to hold his laugh.

“Hey Sky, why are you frowning?” Maya asked her son.

“Shineshine oh!” And he points at his twin.

“What’s the matter with Sunshine?”

“She got daddy.”

“But you got me. You don’t like mommy?”

“I want you, but I want dahdi too!”

Ricky now tries to sit down with Sunshine on his arms. Sunshine then hugged her dad tight, covering her face on his neck and mischievously smiling. Now Mr. Grumpy is seriously annoyed.


Ricky and Maya were both surprised on his outburst while Sunshine cheekily grins.
Maya then mouthed, ‘Mana sa’yo.’

“Sky? Don’t shout.”

And now he’s crying.

“I want dahdi <seriously crying now>” [a/n: normal sa pikon..hehe]

Maya hugged Sky and carefully explained to him..

“Sky, you have to learn how to share. It’s not good that you will always get what you want. Mommy and daddy love you all. But if you do something not good to your siblings, mommy and daddy will not be happy. You want that Sky?”

Sky shook his head but tears still flowing.

“So you will share now?”

Sky nods his head while holding his mom’s arms embraced to him. Maya released her one hand and wipes Sky’s tears.

“You go to daddy now so Sunshine will go to me.”

Taking quite some time, Sky moved to his dad while Maya calls on Sunshine who readily went to her.
Ricky kissed Sky and hugged him.

“You okay Sky?”

Sky nods his head and place his head on his dad’s neck. Ricky caressed his back. Sunshine is now happily giving her mom a kiss here and there and shrieking with delight.

“hahaha.. grabe, miss na miss lang si mommy?”

And the little girl nods her head. Maya hugged her tight and kissed her long on the cheek making the little shriek once more.

Maya chance a look at Sky. The little boy was watching them quietly with a finger on his mouth. Maya did her thing. She called on Sky to join them to which the little boy eagerly obliged. Now Maya holds the twins happily kissing her. Ricky smiled, watching this scene before him and looked at his wife’s tummy. And when he looked up, he saw his wife’s eyes on him.

He mouthed ‘I love you’. His wife mouthed back ‘I love you too’. Contentment seen on both their faces, knowing that they have succeeded in creating this wonderful family and with another addition of blessing to come. Indeed a happy life.


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If Only – Kuya Sky, Baby Bunso

If Only – Kuya Sky, Baby Bunso

All their kids surrounded Maya on their bed except for one. Sky was up on his father’s arms.

“Wow! Mommy, ang active ni bunso.”

“Oo nga Luke eh.” Maya is already in her second trimester and quite having difficulty at times since the baby is moving too much.

“Mom, is it mahirap?”

“Hindi naman Nikki. Kailangan mo lang talaga mahanap kung saan komportable, kasi ung baby kaya magalaw naghahanap din ng komportableng pwesto.”

“Ah, ganun pala un mommy.”

“Yes Abby.” [a/n: kung may mali man po, patawad..di pa po kasi ako nanay.. :D]

“Mahmi, baby koolet?” They all laughed at Sunshine.

“Yes ate Sunshine. Baby is being naughty in mommy’s tummy because he wants a comfortable place.”

“hihihi” She giggled. She was fascinated, her twin not thus him demanded to be carried by their dad. He is very much not in the mood to watch their mom’s tummy moved nor hold mommy’s tummy. Annoyed, yes very much. So Ricky had no choice but to carry him or else he’ll give one earful of tantrums. Maya looked up at her husband.

“Okay ka lang daddy?”

Sky hid further his face on his father’s neck away from the scene on the bed.

“Yes mommy. Mahirap talaga kalaban ang selos.”

They chuckled. Maya then tried to cajole Sky in joining his siblings.

“Skyyy?” He slightly move his head. “You want to sit here with mommy?”

He shakes his head but Maya of course won’t easily give up.

“C’mon Sky, you help mommy here. I need your help so baby will be comfortable.”

The elder siblings move a bit away, Sky looks on contemplating what to do. Then he wiggles from his dad’s arm and his dad carefully bring him down on the floor. Sky looked at his mom then crawls up the bed. His parents and siblings were surreptitiously waiting on his next move. Sky once again looked at his mom, Maya smiled at him, encouraging him on whatever he plans to do. And it did happen. Sky carefully placed his hand on Maya’s tummy then timidly caresses it. Tears streamed down on Maya’s eyes, Nikki’s were brimming with tears. Abby and Luke were all smiles. Ricky heaved a thankful sigh. He then went on the other side of the bed and placed himself at the back of Maya, supporting her.

“mahmi, ish baby otay?” Sky asked while slowly caressing his mom’s tummy.

Maya swallowed before answering, “Yes <sniff> kuya Sky, baby is very okay. Thank you!”

Ricky caressed her back. Maya looked at her husband, their eyes silently communicating. Their happiness tripled now. And then Maya jolted. Sky gave a sloppy kiss on her tummy and whispered..

“yabyu baby”

Now the dam of tears of Maya flowed. Ricky shed a tear as he embraced his wife and kissed her on the temple.

Nikki couldn’t help herself and hugged Sky. Kissed him on the cheeks. Sunshine copied her ate and kissed her twin. Good thing Sky doesn’t feel icky. He was game. He felt he did a very good job and he was grinning. He looked up at their parents.

“Come here Sky, mommy wants to kiss you.”

Sky stood up and carefully went to his mom who gave him a sweet kiss, his dad followed suit.

“Sky, you want ate Abby to request ate Sabel to cook what you want?”

He nods his head,”yesh!”

“Okay. Mom, dad, puntahan ko lang po si ate Sabel, papaluto ako ng barbeque.”

“Thank you Abby.”

“Samahan ko lang siya dad.”

“Thanks Luke.”

“Join.” Sunshine piped in so Luke carried her and they went out of their parents’ room.

“I love you Sky.”

“yabyu ate Nikki.”

“aww, you’re so sweet kuya Sky. Ate Nikki will bring you pasalubong tomorrow, what do you want?”


“hahaha. Ate can just bake. You want to help me tomorrow?”


“hahaha, naku Nikki bago mo pa mabake, naubos na ni Sky kakatikim.”

And they all laughed, Sky copying them and Maya squeezed him again.

“I love you kuya Sky.”

“yabyu mahmi, yabyu dahdi.”

“I love you buddy. Come here, give daddy a hug.”

Ricky guided him at the back of his mom to go towards him ang hugged him tight.


“Hala, nanggigil na rin si daddy.” Nikki and Maya laughed.

Ricky kissed him on the top his head before releasing him.

Luke, Abby and Sunshine went back in the room with some snacks. The family had another great bonding while they wait for lunch.

A glimpse of another beautiful day from a very beautiful family.


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If Only – Play School

If Only – Play School
Ricky had a chance to check his youngest children in the play school. He has observed how very different the twins are.
Sunshine was attentive and actively participates in the activities while Sky was just sitting, a pencil in one hand and a food on the other. He could only shake his head and smile.
He was startled when he heard a unison shriek.
“Dahdiiiiii!!!” Sky and Sunshine have both looked by the door and saw their dad thus them both calling him.
He chuckled and gave an apologetic look to the teachers. One of the teacher stood up and open the door.
“Pasensya na po ma’am.”
“Wala po un, okay nga po na pinapanood sila. At para rin po nakikita nyo kung paano sila makipag-interact dito.”
“Kumusta naman po ung mga anak ko?”
“Si Sunshine po magiliw. Mas active po siya kaysa kay Sky. Si Sky po naman pag may pinagawa ka, gagawin niya pero pagtapos babalik uli sa pagsosolo. At mas gusto po niya kumain.”
The teacher laughed a little and he chuckled.
“Pero okay lang naman po na nakain siya?”
“Wala pong problema dun. Dito po kasi sinasanay lang natin sila na mapahiwalay sa parents nila para alam nila pano makipag-interact sa ibang tao maliban sa pamilya nila.”
“Sweetheart? Anong ginagawa mo dito?”
Maya was surprised to see her husband as she knows he was in the office.
“Hi sweetheart, pinasyalan ko lang ung kambal.”
And he grinned at her. She could only smile and Ricky kissed her.
“Hi teacher. Kumusta po ung kambal?”
“Okay naman po sila ma’am. Mas active lang po talaga si Sunshine. Pero mabait naman po si Sky, tahimik lang po talaga. Mas gusto niya on his own.”
“Mana po kasi sa daddy nya.”
“Sweetheart, okay lang yan.” He shook his head feeling amused.
“Naku, ayan na. Hello Sky, hello Sunshine.”
“Sige po, iwan ko po muna kayo. Pwede niyo na rin po sila iuwi, patapos na rin naman po sila.”
“Salamat teacher.”
Maya looked down at the twins.
“How’s school?”
“I love it momi.”
“That’s nice Sunshine. How about you Sky?”
“I don’t yike.”
“But why?”
“I wann home. Ahte Nikki teach me.”
The couple looked at each other.Ricky leveled at Sky.
“Sky, you don’t like your classmates here?”
“I yike.”
“How about your teachers?”
“I yike.”
“So why you don’t want here in school?”
“I just wann home.”
Ricky looked at Maya and she motioned that they go out. Ricky hold Sky’s hand while Maya hold Sunshine’s. The couple then decided to bring the twin in the mall and eat in their favorite fast food chain, Jollibee.
The couple ordered their favorites. Sky got two pieces of chicken plus ice cream while Sunshine got spaghetti and ice cream as well.
“Sky, mommy would like to know why you don’t like your school?”
“Momi, why we go to shool?”
Ricky bit his lip as he tries to stifle his laugh. Their kid is really smart to counter a question to his mother’s question. Maya did not look at Ricky.
“You go to school so you will know a lot of things. You get to color, write and meet new people. You get to know new kids who will be your friends. You’ll have teachers who will help you understand things like what ate Nikki, ate Abby and kuya Luke does. Going to school will make your brain work better. Do you want to be like daddy?”
Sky nods his head.
“If you want to be like daddy you have to do better in school. You have to study well. Can you do that?”
Sky nods again his head and grinned.
“am yike daddy.”
“Yes baby.”
He grinned once more and continued with his eating. The couple gave out a sigh and looked at each other sharing a beautiful smile.
Another well-handled situation by the couple.

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