If Only – Sky and Sunshine

If Only – Sky and Sunshine

Maya just entered the threshold of their home when she heard Sky’s cries. She half-walked, half-ran towards the twins’ room.
She saw Doris moving Sky away from Sunshine.
“Doris, anong nangyayari?”
“Naku Mrs. Chief, medyo malakas na po mag-asaran tong kambal. Ang kaso iyakin po si Sky.”
“Bakit? Anong ginagawa?” She went near Sunshine.
“Eh si Sky po talaga nauuna madalas. Ginugulo nya ung mga laruan ni Sunshine. Napipikon po ung isa, pero di naman po nya pinapatulan. Ang kaso nga lang po, nakahanap ng pang-asar si Sunshine ngayon.”
“Pinanggigilan po pisngi ni Sky.”
Doris bit her lower lip to stop herself from laughing. Maya’s eyes rounded after hearing Doris’ explanation.
“Sige Doris, pakilabas na lang muna si Sean. Baka magising.”
“Sige po Mrs. Chief.”
“Sky come here to mommy.”
Sky was sniffing, tears streak on his face. And his chubby cheeks were red, either due to crying or due to Sunshine’s pinching.
She placed them two side-by-side as she sits in front of them.
“Okay, you two, why are you fighting?”
The twins spoke at the same.
“Okay wait. Sunshine, tell mommy. Sky, you wait for your turn.”
“Because Sky always ruin my toys. I’m not doing anything on his toys.” Tears now started to fall from her eyes.
“Okay. Sky?”
He looked at his mom, then at Sunshine. He sighed like a big man.
“I’m sorry mommy. I’m sorry Shineshine.”
“I’m happy Sky that you apologize but I wouldn’t be happy if you would do it again. Understand?”
He nods his head.
“I want to hear your answer Sky.”
“Yes mommy.”
“Sunshine, don’t pinch your brother’s cheeks again okay? I’m not happy too that you are hurting each other.”
“Yes mommy. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Sky.”
“Okay, hug each other and kiss.”
The twins hugged and give each other a kiss on the cheeks.
“How about mommy?”
The twins scrambled to give her hugs and kisses. Then the door opened revealing Ricky.
“Another drama?” He asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Hay naku daddy.” He chuckled.
“Okay you two, give now daddy his hug and kiss.”
The twins obliged and give him sloppy kisses and hugs making him laugh.
“Sige na daddy, tama na yan. Lilinisan ko pa yang dalawa.”
“I’ll help you mommy.”
She raised an eyebrow but did not comment. They systematically cleaned up and dressed the twins. They head out where the rest of the kids are.
“Hi dad, hi mom. Hello Sky, hello Sunshine.” Nikki kissed them all.
“hi ahte Nikki.”
“Oh-em-gee, I really want to make gigil on Sky’s cheeks.”
“Ate, iiyak po si Sky.”
“I know naman, kaya kiss na lang.”
Abby shook her head and smiled. She turned to their parents to greet and kiss them. Luke followed suit.
“Hi daddy, hi mommy.”
“Nikki, Abby, Luke, iwan muna namin ang kambal sa inyo. Magpalit lang kami ng damit ng daddy nyo.”
“Okay mom, no prob po.” Luke answered.

-in the couple’s room-
“So what happened earlier?”
“Naku sweetheart, nag-aasaran na yung kambal at nagkapikunan.”
“Kalma sweetheart. Napagsabihan ko na. Si Sky mana sayo, malakas mang-asar pero pikon.”

“So, si Sunshine nagmana sayo, mabait?”

“But of course sweetheart.”

They looked at each other then burst out laughing.

Another crisis averted. The best mom in town saved the day once again. 😊


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If Only – Rest

If Only – Rest
Maya arrived early in the morning arriving from her 2-days trip. She joined their company’s summit in Hong Kong.
Upon entering their home she was greeted by her 3 older children who were all excited to see her back.
“Mommy!!!” The three kids exclaimed at the same time.
“Wow! Miss na miss ako ng mga anak ko. Miss na miss ko rin kayo.”
They did a group hug after which the kids kissed her as well.
“Mom, how was the event?”
“Naku Nikki, tiring pero fulfilling. Nakakatuwa din kasi ung mga speakers. Teka lang, where’s your dad and the twins? Si baby Sean?”
“Mom, baby Sean is still asleep. As for the twins, they are still sleeping kasama po ni dad.”
“Katabi ng daddy nyo ung kambal?”
“Opo mommy, mukhang ayaw po ni dad matulog mag-isa kaya sinama nya si Sky eh sumama rin po si Sunshine.” Abby told their mother.
“Ah, naku mukhang late natulog ang mga yun kaya tulog pa. Sige iwan ko muna kayo, check ko lang sila.”
“Sige po my, kami na rin muna po bahala kay Sean pag nagising. Pahinga muna po kayo.”
“Thank you Kuya Luke, mga ate.”
Maya went to their room and was pleasantly surprised to see her husband and kids sound asleep.
She quietly moved in the room and into the bathroom to clean up. Once done, she laid down quietly beside Sunshine.
A very well needed rest indeed. 😁
[A/n: napadaan lang po.. ☺]

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