Infinity and Peace

Their show seem to be never ending much to the delight of their million fans. They only wish this is for real and not just a reel one. But how can it be if one is seriously tied to a contract. A marriage contract that is.

They live each day relishing the times they are together. On set, they give in to the true feelings they have for one another. How sad isn’t it? Giving in to something you madly wish to be real?

And when they succumbed to what they truly feel for one another, they can’t openly say the words. The words they long to hear from each other as the real them.

But who can stop you once your heart beats up? Nobody could ever do. For the heart has its own mind and nothing could dictate what it should feel.

Bittersweet reality.

RY: Infinity.
JSM: Infinity peace.


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