Of Vows and Consequences

One may find it odd, others may say it’s just a temporary feeling but how can someone traverse from what one’s heart dictates?

On set..

R: Hi

J: Hello

R: Would you believe this? We’re having an almost real wedding! J

J: Yeah (statement too forlorn..R noticed)

R: Hey, anything wrong?

J: (smiles but does not reaches her eyes) Don’t mind me.. I’m.. I’m fine

R: No, you’re not (pulls her away from the rest). Cmon spill it.. it’s just us now.. what’s wrong, baby?

J looks at him at the verge of crying…

R: Hey..why? You know how much I hate to see you cry.. please tell me what’s bothering you.

J: (heaves a big sigh..looks away) I don’t know what to feel. I don’t know if this is right anymore. I am so confused now.. I seem to be unable to tell now what’s real and what’s not.. I feel so lost.. (whispers this inaudibly) and dreaming

R: sighs Me too..

J was astounded and looked back at him

J: what do you mean?

R: I mean, this..all of these seem..my life now.. you and me.. (heaves another sigh) I feel lost too.. and dreaming that all of these are for real.

J: You don’t mean that. Please.. don’t add more salt to my wound.. I’m barely coping now.

R forces her to face him and holds both her hands.

R: I meant everything I say. I wish I could do something about it.

J stared at him and felt his sincerity. Tears dropped from her eyes.

R embraces her and there they stayed like that for like an eternity.

R: We’ll get through this together. I will be here as long as you want me. You’re mine as I am yours.  Please be strong.

J tightens her arms around him as she nods her head from his chest.

In the midst of every sad reality, the stronger bond of love will hold stronger. No bare exception, not even vows and its dire consequences.


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