Ang Pagtatampo ni Tita Mommy

Nagtatampo na si tita mommy..
Umuwing masama ang loob ni tita mommy kay daddykins
Deretso si tita Mommy s loob ng bahay at di na kinibo si daddykins.
Si daddykins di na alam anong gagawin
TM: Hi Ma. (humalik s psingi)
Donya Esmeralda: Oh bakit ganyan mukha mo, anong nangyari
TM: pagod lang po ako, akyat muna po ako para magpalit
Richard looks at her then heaves a long sigh
DE: Nalaman na ni Maya?
R nods
DE: I told you to tell her before its too late. Yan na ung kinakatakot ko eh. Buntis ung asawa mo, di magandang sumasama loob nun
R: I know ma. Hindi ko..hindi naman.. (sighs) I don’t know what to do
DE: Suyuin mo at magsorry ka. Naku ka talaga Ricardo! Kakausapin ko na rin muna baka sakaling lumamig  ang ulo
R: Okay ma, thanks!
DE knocks on the door
DE: Maya?
TM: Ma, pasok po
DE: Anong nangyari?
TM: Ma, si Ricky po kasi nagpapanggap lang pala na.. (humikbi) naglilihi sya (pumatak n ang mga luha)  Nakakainis Ma, nagmukha akong tanga
Niyakap ni DE si Maya
DE: Ewan ko ba anong naisip nya at ginawa nya un. Pinagsabihan ko na siya na sabihin n sayo, hay naku.
TM: Alam nyo un ma?
DE: Oo, nasabi sa kin ni Rafi na sinuggest nya un nung  ginawa mo ung paghakbang. Ayaw naman gawin ni Ricky kaya lang nung nakikita nya na ok ka, kaya sinang-ayunan nya ung akala mong naglilihi sya
Tumigil na ang pagluha ni TM. Tiningnan siya ni DE
DE: Maya, ok ka na?
TM: Oo ma, siguro magpapahinga muna ko
DE: sige. paakyatin ko na ba asawa mo?
TM: wag muna po
DE: o sige, magpahinga ka na muna
TM was about to go in Abby’s room. Nikki saw her
Nikki: Tita Mommy! Ano pong kailangan nyo kay baby?
TM: Ah,yayayain ko sana muna siya magnap
N: Ummm, why not in my room na lang?
TM: Sure ka? baka busy ka
N: No po, it’s fine. Pero y won’t you sleep sa room nyo ni Dad?
TM: wala naman, gusto ko lang sana maglambing kay baby
N: Ah, sige po i’ll call her
TM: salamat nikki
N: you’re welcome tita mommy!
Nikki went down and looked for Abby
N: Baby, nasa room ko si tita mommy. She was going sa room mo buti I saw her. She wants to take a nap with you daw, nasa room ko sya. Puntahan mo na siya
Abby: Ok ate
Luke: bakit nasa room mo si tita mommy at di sa room nila ni dad?
N: I don’t know kuya, pero buti na lang nakita ko.. kung hindi, oh my gee talaga!
L: buti na nga lang..nasan b si dad?
N: baka kausap ni lola
Then they saw their dad coming out of his office and heading upstairs.
L/N: Dad!
R looks their way
R: why? May kailangan kayo?
L and N looked at each other, communicating silently asking one another who’s gonna ask the question.
L knows it will be him, sighs..
L: dad, magkaaway b kau ni tita mommy?
R sighs
R: di ko alam kung galit siya, pero i sure did something that could make her.
N: and what’s that dad?
R: I pretended na naglilihi ako
L and N eyes were bulging out in surprise
L: naku! lagot na..baka nga galit dad
N: oh no! that’s not good.
R: I know, I know..napagalitan na rin ako ng lola nyo.  It was really not good
L: ano pong gagawin nyo?
R: magsorry and suyuin sya..sana di ganun kalalim galit nya
N: dad, if you need help sa pagsuyo kay tita mommy  we’re just here
R: thank you! akyat muna ko
N: ah dad, tita mommy is in my room nga pala
R: what? but why?
N: I saw her going to Abby’s room and asked her what she needs from abby. sabi nya maglalambing lang daw sya kay baby na magnap sila sabi ko s room ko na lang
R heaves another sigh
R: I think this has really gone bad
L could just only give his dad a look of sympathy.
Tita Mommy and Abby cuddling
A: tita mommy, why are you here po? ayaw nyo po sa room nyo ni daddy?
TM: s room mo kasi dapat ako matutulog kaya lang dito na lang daw sb ni nikki
A knows why..
A: ah, pero why nyo po gusto magsleep s room ko?
TM: maglalambing lang..namimiss na kita eh (biglang pumatak ang luha)
A: tita mommy, are u ok po?
TM: oo naman (wipes tears)..ganito talaga pag buntis tapos alam mo naman si tita mommy mababaw ang luha
A smiles and helped tita mommy wipe her tears
R went to their room and found it empty.
He sat on the edge of the bed, elbows by his knees and hands on his face.. he knows he messed up and is now thinking how to make up with his wife
L & N were in the veranda and talking about their dad and tita mommy
L: ano kayang gagawin ni dad? mukhang masama talaga loob ni tita mommy
N: oo nga kuya..this is sooooo not good..nakuuu!
L: ano kaya matutulong natin kay dad para magkaayos sila
N: hmmmm..let’s organize kaya a dinner for them? What do u think kuya?
L: pwede tapos, may background music..
N: oo nga kuya..hmmm, but where-oh-where are we going to do it?
L: di ba place of hang out nila dito s veranda, eh di dito na lang
N: oo nga, cmon let’s ask help na kina ate sabel & also with lola
L: sige-sige, tara
L & N went ahead with their plan
Nikki went to her room. She wakes up abby carefully
N: (in a soft whisper) Abby..abby
A stirs
N: tara let’s go out
A follows her ate outside
N: Baby, I don’t know if you are aware of the tampuhan of dad and tita mommy
A nods (still in a sleepy mode)
N: so, we have organized a candlelight dinner in the veranda for them para magkaayos sila. We need you to bring tita mommy there once I ring your phone, ok?
A nods again (she’s still clouded with sleepiness)
L on the other hand was in their dad’s room and luring him to go to the veranda
R: why? anong meron?
L: may nakaset up po kaming dinner para sa inyo ni tita mommy, sana makatulong.
R was in awe.
R: thanks son!
L: si nikki po nakaisip, tumulong lang po ako
R: still thanks for the effort. sana maging ok na kami ng tita mommy mo
L: I hope so too dad
While in nikki’s room..
A: (waking up her tita mommy) tita mommy..tita mommy
TM stirs
TM: yes baby?
A: wake up ka na po then freshen up k na..baba na po tau
TM: ah ok, sige..napasarap pala tulog ko
TM goes to their rum wishing her husband is not there. She opens the door, Ricky was not in their room.
She went to the bathroom to freshen up.
Meanwhile, R is already in the veranda talking to his children
R: I can’t thank you enough for your support. I love you guys and thank you! I promise not to do anything like this again
N: awwww, you’re so sweet dad! (hugs her dad)
L: (smiles and hugs them too) It’s ok dad, nobody’s perfect
N: ok, i’ll ring abby now
A looked at her ringing phone then goes out of her room to get her tita mommy
A knocks then opens the door..
A: tita mommy? ready ka na po ba?
TM: yes baby! tara na?
A nods and slips her hand with tita mommy
L & N were by the stairs waiting for them.
TM: o,anong meron at nandyan kau
L just smile.
L: may i escort you beautiful lady to your destination? (offers her his arm)
TM was quite confused but puts her hand on luke
N & A were all smiles
L leads TM to the veranda where R was waiting
R was on tentative smile
L: I will leave you now with your date.
L leaves.. (music started playing on the background)
R: Hi
TM: Hi
R offers a chair and assists her on sitting down
TM looks around and was quite impressed with the setting
TM: ano to?
R: L and N planned it..they knew something was wrong so   they approached me. I told them. I’m really really sorry Mahal.  Alam ko galit ka but I never meant to hurt you. Hope you could forgive me. I promise not to do anything like that again
TM was in tears. R panicked
R: Mahal? Please don’t cry. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry
TM: alam ko Mahal (tears still continuously flowing) di naman ako galit..ummm, ok medyo nagalit at nasaktan pero naipaliwanag naman sa kin ni mama kaya naiintindihan ko na. Sorry rin Mahal kasi napilitan kang gawin un para lang pagbigyan ako
R: No, wala kang dapat ihingi ng sorry. Ikaw ung buntis, kaya hindi dapat sumasama loob’s not good for you and the baby. It was really wrong of me to do that
TM smiles, she knows and feels how bad her husband is feeling right now. She went up and hugs R
TM: ok na Mahal. alam ko naman na wala kang masamang intensyon.
R hugs her back tightly.
R: I love you Maya and I’m really sorry!
TM: Mahal, ok na. Masyado ng mahigpit.
R smiles and releases her from the embrace. Places her back on the chair
TM: nakakatuwa naman ung mga bata, ginawa talaga nila to para sa tin
R: because they love us
TM cries again. R chuckles
TM: ang hirap talaga pigilin ung luha
R: it’s okay Mahal. normal n yan
TM pouts and frowns. Smile was instantly out of R’s face
R: oh..sorry Mahal
TM smiles
TM: joke lang, to naman..tara kain na tayo..medyo gutom na kami ni baby bunso
R heaves a happy sigh and served his beloved wife her dinner.
From a distance, L,N and A give one another a high five
L/N/A: Mission accomplished!
DE and Manang Fe smiles while shaking their heads. DorBel giddily cheers silently, while kuya Joma could only shake his head while looking at the two but also happy that everything is now ok.
Sabi nga, All’s well that ends well!
A/N: pagpasensyahan ang katamaran..the mind is working but the hands are lazy.. 🙂
Hope you enjoy this..this just flowed in my mind.. happy reading.

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