Because We Were Meant to Be – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Huy Ricky! Nakikinig ka ba?” Ryan poked his cousin whose mind seem to be floating away. They were working on some papers that needs his attention and signature.

“Sorry insan. May iniisip lang.”

“At sino naman iniisip mo? Si Maya?”

Ricky looked bewildered at Ryan.

“Oh bakit ganyan ka makatingin? Totoo naman ah. Siya ang laman ng isip mo. Siya nga una mong pinuntahan pagkarating mo di ba?”

Ricky cannot hide anything from his cousin, who happened to be his best friend as well.

“Ano na ba?”

“Kuya pa rin tawag sa kin eh.”

“Eh malamang. Nakasanayan na nya un. Kahit naman sa akin eh.”

“Sa’yo ok lang, sa akin hindi. Pano ko naman liligawa yun? Tapos pinsan pa tawag.”

Ricky looked so forlorn that Ryan find it his task to help his cousin. Anyway, it would be his payoff to him since it was Ricky who helped him with his wife. Thinking of his wife, Alex, puts a smile on his face. Yup, he will play cupid for these two. He just need some allies. Then Emman pops up on his mind.

“I’m sure he would help.” Since his mind was preoccupied with the plan he was forming in his mind, he didn’t realize he said it out loud.

“Who would help?” Ricky asked.

“Huh? Ah, wala un. May bigla lang akong naalala na makakatulong kay misis. May gusto kasing gawin.” He suavely told his lies.

Ricky just nods.

“Oh pano, ok na tayo? Pwede na ko sumibat?”

“Sige, una ka na. May tatapusin lang ako.”


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