Because We Were Meant to Be – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Maya was surprised once again upon seeing another bouquet of Sunflower on her desk. She looked for the card and read the message.

Message: Hi Maya! Wishing you a wonderful day ahead. Coffee later? –R

Maya was suppressing a smile. Emman who was beside her suddenly spoke up surprising her.

“So, pupunta na ba tayo sa parlor?”

Maya had a confused look on her face.

“Sobrang haba na po kasi ng hair nyo baka gusto mo pa-trim.”

The bestfriends laughed together then her phone beeped, indicating a message was received.

Message: Hope you liked the flowers. Coffee?

Maya’s smile was automatic that Emman had to look on her phone to know what was causing it or rather who was the reason behind it. Then he smiled upon reading Ricky’s name.

“Ganda talaga ng friend ko. Suklayan kita you like?” Maya laughed once more before she replied to Ricky.

Reply: Sure, later after work. And thanks a lot for the flowers. And why sign it as R?

Message: I’ll explain later. See you!

Emman stepped out of the room, seeing his friend has already zoned out to Ricky’s world.

“Sana lang talaga magtapat na kayong dalawa ng nararamdaman for one another. Di na kaya ng pink powers ko ang pagkamanhid nyo guys.”

-After work.

“Hi!” Ricky greeted Maya.


“Shall we go?” Maya nodded in agreement.


“So, will you explain why you signed it R?”

Ricky explained what had transpired between him and his cousin. And the conversation they had. Maya was speechless.

“You like me?” Maya unsurely asked.

Ricky answered, “I believe we have established that. But I will say it, Yes, I like you. No scratch that. I. Love. You. I think from the very start that I laid my eyes on you, you owned my heart. Now, the question is, do you feel the same way for me?”

Maya timidly nod but Ricky was unsatisfied.

“What was that Maya?” He asked, teasing Maya.

“Yes! I love you too.”

“YES!!!” Ricky thundered making other patrons looked in their direction. Maya placed her hand on Ricky’s mouth but was smiling.

“Thank you Maya. You don’t know how happy you made me.”

“Eh teka, hindi ba masyadong mabilis?”

“Mabilis? Ang tagal nga eh. Ung wedding naiready na ata ng pamilya natin tayo na lang inaantay.”

They both laughed. Looking at each other with all love in the world on their eyes.

-The End.

[A/N: may finale at epilogue pa po..working on those. Salamat sa pagtiyaga sa story na to.back to work muna me.sana may masimulan uli bukas]


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