Because We Were Meant to Be – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Message: Hi Maya! Good morning! Papunta na ko dyan.

Maya was awaken due to the alert from her phone. A smile automatically formed on her face upon seeing who sent the message.

Reply: Good morning! Ok, magready na ako.

Maya went down to their chibugan to wait for Richard but was surprised to see him already there.

“Hi Maya! Good morning!” Ricky greeted her and smile.

Maya smiled back and greeted him back. “Good morning din!”

Kute and Nanay Tere were just mere spectators feeling ‘kilig’ for the two.

Nay Tere spoke up to drop the quietness that ensued.

“Magandang umaga anak. Nakalimutan mo ata kami.”

Maya widened her eyes.

“Nay! Grabe naman po kayo.”

Kute just snickered and shook her head.

“O sya, ok na. Kumain na kayo ng kuya mo.”

Maya and Ricky both grimaced instinctively unaware that Nanay Tere and Kute were observing, awaiting how the two would react. And their reaction made the two ecstatic.

“Ayos! May chance!” Kute’s thought.

“Sabi ko na, tama ang hinala ko. May pagtingin sa isa’t isa tong mga batang to. Hay naku, kelan kaya mag-aaminan.”-Nay Tere

“Uhmm, Lino pasuyo naman. Dalawang tapsilog tapos padagdag ng tuyo. Salamat.” Maya ordered for them two.

When their food arrived, they eat and talk about their plans for the day.

Maya and Ricky traveled around San Nicolas like it was their first time to be in the place. Though it was indeed a first for them to be just them two. Maya was feeling in heaven with how Ricky was being solicitous to her all throughout the day. She feels like Rapunzel, ‘haba ng hair’ as what Emman would always quipped. How she wish the day would not end. Ricky on the other hand was feeling the same. He was hoping too that Maya would feel that what he was doing was to show how much he cares for her but not as a cousin. That this was him, as a guy, hoping that his crush would appreciate him and see him as him in other way.

“Maya, thanks for this day.”

“Salamat din Ricky..oh, I mean, kuya Ricky.” Maya whose mind was floating was surprised on calling him with just his name.

“Ricky..just Ricky Maya. It’s better.” Then he smiled. How wonderful to hear her call me just by my name, Ricky mused. And he will push that it will stay that way. It certainly was time.

Maya cleared her throat. “Uhmm..ok. Ricky, thank you!” Then she blushed the beetroot red.

Ricky could only smile. His heart beating erratically.

“Sige, una na ko. Sa susunod uli. Bye!”

“Bye! Ingat sa pag-uwi.”

Two pairs of eyes were watching them. Nanay Tere and Kute looked at each other and smiled. Their hope is near reality.


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