Because We Were Meant to Be – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Ricky arrived early in school since his mind was really not on his work, so Ryan just told him to go already.

“Ricky!” Emman gushed upon seeing him.

“Uy, Emman! Kumusta? Dito ka rin pala.”

“Yes! Hindi talaga kami mapaghihiwalay ni Mayabels. Papunta ka ba sa kanya?”

“Ah, oo sana. Kaso hindi ko alam san classroom nya.”

Emman could only laugh.

“Anong classroom. Baka office.”

“Ah, sa faculty office?”

“Hindi. Sa office nya. Guidance counselor sya dito.”

Ricky was surprised.

“Wow! Talaga?” Ricky was feeling proud for her.

“Yup! At ang room nya ay ung room na yun sa dulo.” Pointing on the last room in the hallway.

“Thanks Emman and nice seeing you again.”

“Walang anuman. At sana sa susunod may maganda ng development.”

“Development? Ng ano?”

Emman just smiled at him.


Ricky could only shake his head not understanding what Emman was pointing out.



Ricky comes in.

“Good afternoon po Miss Guidance Counselor.”

“Hahaha Ricky! Patawa ka.”

“Nagulat kasi ko. Di ko akalain. Pero it suits you.”

Maya just smiled. The Ricky noticed the bouquet of flowers.

“Wow! Kanino galing?”

Maya felt her heart plummeted down upon hearing what Ricky said. She was hoping that it was from him.

“Actually, hindi ko alam eh. Pagdating ko nandyan na. Sabi ni Emman baka sayo daw galing, baka daw pagpapasalamat mo sa pagsama ko sayo nung isang araw. R kasi ung nasa signature.”

Ricky’s mind was in turmoil, thinking that he has a competition at hand.

Ricky cleared his throat. “Actually, ung flowers na ibibigay ko nasa kotse, may nauna na pala sa kin.”

Maya’s head shoot back up looking at him. Mouth agape. “Did he just say what I think I heard him say?”

Ricky who was oblivious of her reaction just uttered: “Are you ready to go?”

“Um, yeah. Tara.”

-In the car.

“Here Maya. These are for you.”

Ricky presented her a much beautiful bouquet of flowers. Bouquet of Sunflower to be specific.

“Wow! Ricky, thank you! This is my favorite flower. How did you know?”

“I just know this befits you, more than roses or any other flowers on earth.”

Both smiled at another, sending some message to each other that hopefully each one understood.


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