Because We Were Meant to Be – Epilogue


“Luke, pakigising na ang mga kapatid mo, para makapagready na for the church. Mag-ayos ka na rin.” Maya sweetly asked their eldest. She could only shake her head feeling so blissful. Luke, who is now 14 years old, is certainly a carbon copy of his dad. Thinking of her husband of 15 years, still give her the ‘kilig’ that she felt the very first time.

“Hi sweetheart.” Maya was startled when Ricky hugged her from behind then kissed her on her cheek.

“Mukhang ang lalim ng iniisip mo ah. Nandito lang naman ako.” Ricky said while chuckling, reminding her how he love to tease her.

“Ang aga-aga sweetheart ha!” Maya said monotonously but her eyes were twinkling.

Then suddenly somebody bumped on them, surprising them both.

“Sky!” Nikki, who’s 12 years of age, was trying to run after her younger brother while holding Sunshine, Sky’s twin sister.

Maya scooped up their youngest.

“Hmmm! Bakit mo tinatakbuhan si Ate Nikki, ha Sky?”

“” Sky said while shaking his head. Sky and Sunshine were just two, explaining why they are a bit struggling with words. But Sunshine is the well behaved one. Sky is the epitome of definite kakulitan. Sky hide on his mother’s neck and was smiling mischievously. Richard was trying his hardest to hide his smile.

Luke came out Nikki’s and Abby’s room, holding Abby’s hand. Abby, the third child, will turn 9 that day, that’s why the family will go to church.

“Hi Abby, happy birthday baby.” Maya kissed Abby on the cheek and directed Sky to do the same. The rest did as well.

“Thank you po Mommy. But please don’t call me baby anymore, I’m a big girl na po.”

Ricky and Maya looked at each other.

“Really Abby?” Ricky asked. “Sayang naman ung dollhouse na binili namin ni Mommy, di na pala pwede sayo.”

Abby’s eyes went big, knowing what dollhouse her Dad was talking about. It was her request a few months ago.

“Uhmm, Mom, Dad. Pwede pa naman po siguro sa akin un.” Abby smiled.

Ricky, Maya, Luke and Nikki laughed at Abby’s response. Sky and Sunshine who doesn’t understand laughed along with the rest.

They are indeed a picture of one big happy family.

Late at night.. coffee time.

“Sweetheart, are you happy?”

Ricky was sipping on his coffee when Maya asked, he put down his cup and looked straight into her eyes.

“I am not happy.. I am contented. You are the one great answered prayer for me. The kids are the great bonuses.”

Maya felt tears pricking on her eyes as her emotion was overwhelming her. She couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Ricky has certainly proved he was more than worth of anyone. She is indeed happy and more so, contented in her life. She was blessed with a very beautiful family but she still have one more question on her mind.

“Sweetheart, why do you think we ended up together?”

“Because we were meant to be.” Ricky simply stated then captured Maya’s lips “No more reasons to explain. You and I were destined to be together. Even if the universe conspire to take you away from me, I will do everything to make sure that you and I will be together forever. I love you and will only love you. Any more questions Mrs. Lim?”

Maya shook her head no.

“Good. I think I may need to prove something more.” Maya was confused when Ricky suddenly scoop her up and headed directly to their room. Realization dawn on her and she could only laugh. This is indeed a happy life.

[A/N: Thank you all for reading my story. It really warms my heart how everyone seemed to enjoy reading my story. Pwede na pala akong writer..hahaha..thank you all! #kapitbisigkaadiks ]


22 thoughts on “Because We Were Meant to Be – Epilogue

  1. Hi thereaderwritergal, thank you dito sa ff mo. I read it all in 1 sitting and it is nice since sabi mo hindi ka writer. Medyo maigsi and simple sya, madaling intindihin. Sana you’ll continue writing and pwede mong ishare sa aming mga adik readers. More power to you and looking forward to reading your new stories. Cheers

  2. another gandang story and you ms. writer can always give justice to Sky’s character kahit Mr. Grumpy sarap kurut kurutin ang pagka adorable 😄

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