Date Night

When Maya went out of the airport, she was surprised to see her husband waiting.

” Sweetheart! Anong ginagawa mo dito?” Ricky kissed her first on the lips as his greeting before answering her.

” It’s our date night.” He simply stated.

” huh? May napagusapan ba tayo?”

” Wala. Masama bang idate ko ang asawa ko?”

But Maya was just actually trying her hardest to keep to herself her kilig of the idea that they will ve having a date tonight.

He really is the best husband in town, Maya mused.

” I love you!” Maya simply answered.

” I love you more Mrs. Lim!” Ricky hugged her before helping her to get inside the car.

And off they go wherever that is. 😊

[A/N: thank you for reading..pasensya na sa igsi..nawala kasi ung draft nung una kong ginagawa..huhuhu..but hope u enjoy this one. 😄]


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