Will I Be Enough?

[A/N: After 10 years, natapos ko rin..hehe.. pagpasensyahan na po..at sana magustuhan nyo]

Chapter 1

“Good morning class!”

“Good morning Sir!” Giddiness were evident from the voices of the ladies in the room and Richard could only shake his head. His class seem to act like high school students when in fact they are third year college students already. Then his musings was interrupted of the knock on the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He looked at the door to address their visitor. But he was very surprised to see who was at the door.

“Hi Mr. Lim!” The visitor was grinning at him, looking so happy to see him. And it took him a couple of seconds to recover with his surprise.

“Maya!!!” And he rushed out of the room and engulfed Maya in a hug. All his lady students were practically showing annoyance with the intruder who they think was very lucky to get such reaction from their ultimate crush.

“Kelan ka pa dumating?” Ricky asked while releasing her on an arm’s length but still practically hugging her.

Maya smiled first, too happy with his welcome. Then she hugged him again before she answered.

“Ngayon lang. Dito na ko nagpahatid. Gusto kasi kita isorpresa at ang saya ko kasi ang ganda ng salubong mo.” She really feel so happy that she couldn’t help but pinch him on his cheeks.

“Ouch! Maya! Ang sakit naman.”

“Eh namiss kita sobra eh.” Maya sobbed. Ricky was surprised when she heard Maya’s sob.

“Oh, bakit? Wala naman akong ginagawa ah.”

“Wala nga. Sobrang saya ko lang talaga.” And she sniffed but smiling. Then she slapped him mildly on his bicep remembering he has a class going on.

“Huy Ricky, may klase ka nga pala. Tapusin mo na muna yan antayin na lang kita sa garden.”

“No, just wait for me here. I’ll just give some pointers and send them off.”

Ricky went back to his class and to the dismay of his lady students, did ended the class early.

“Let’s go.” Ricky placed his hand on her back to guide her on. Maya then had the urge to look back and was not surprised to see his lady students looking at her with envy and questions on their eyes. ‘Who could she be in the life of their beloved professor?’


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