Will I Be Enough – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Mayabels, ano sasama ka ba sa amin?” Emman, Maya’s bff asked her for the nth time.

“Emman, sabi ko naman sayo na may lakad ako.”

“Sasamahan mo na naman ang ‘ka-ibigan’ mo” Emman drawled with matching one eyebrow raised.

Maya had to laugh. Her bff’s antics really give her delight.

“Hay naku Emman, nagselos ka na naman!” Maya said in between laughs.

“Tigilan mo ko Maya dela Rosa! Mas priority mo talaga yang..” Emman was unable to continue his tirade when Ricky suddenly pipe in.

“Hi Maya! Hi Emman! May lakad kayo?”

“Ah wala, nangungulit lang ako.” Emman said in a bit sarcastic way. Maya rounded her eyes at him to indicate that he needs to stop it.

Ricky was hiding a smile while looking on the besties.

“Tara Ricky, baka mangulit pa lalo tong si Emman.”

Ricky chuckled then said good bye to Emman,

“Sorry Maya ah. Nasira ko ata plans nyo ng mga friends mo.”

Maya gave Ricky an incredulous before answering, “Anong nasira? Sira lang talaga ung si Emman. Alam naman nyang may lakad tayo. Nangongonsensya lang un kasi sya ang mapagdidiskitahan ng asaran ng tropa.”

Ricky felt a bit relieved upon hearing it.

“Uhmm Maya, may itatanong sana ako.”

“Sure, ano un?”

“May magagalit ba kung sakaling ligawan kita?”

Maya was a bit astounded and can’t decide if she heard him right.

“Huh? Anong sabi mo?”

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Then he scratched his head before continuing. “I’m really new at this thing and I have no idea how to do it. But I know I have to make a move before anyone do so. So I’m sorry if I’m doing it wrongly.” Ricky was blabbering and Maya was just smiling. Smiling because she can’t believe that Ricky was feeling the same way towards her. And she is feeling giddy all over.

‘Oh-My-G!!!’ Maya muttered to herself. ‘He feels the same way!!! EEEEkkkkk!!!’

“Maya? Maya?!” Ricky was trying to get Maya’s attention as he was a bit concerned on her quietness.

“Huh? Ay sorry. Medyo nabigla lang ako. Uhmm..seryoso ka ba?” Maya had to ask.

“Yes Maya. I am very serious. We’ve known each other for two years now and I know this is not just a simple infatuation. I feel something deep for you. I’ve been fighting it for quite some time because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. But I know I won’t know if I don’t take a chance and I don’t want to wait any longer to tell you how I feel.” Ricky told her while looking straight into her eyes and Maya felt his sincerity.

“Ricky, thank you for telling me this.” Ricky felt like Maya was gonna turn him down. “I’m just happy that you feel the same way too. I don’t want to ruin our friendship too that’s why I kept it to myself as well..” Maya was still speaking when Ricky smiled when what Maya said registered on his mind. And his smile gotten wider and wider.

“Ha ha ha! I’m so happy Maya. I can’t believe you feel the same way too! Ugh, I was going crazy thinking that you were gonna turn me down.” Ricky interjected and hugged Maya. Maya was quite taken aback but hugged him nonetheless then as though she got her bearings back, pushed him.

“Hoy Ricardo! Over ka ah. Manligaw ka muna. Ano, ganun-ganon na lang?!” Maya snobbishly uttered but smiling altogether.

Ricky conceded with hands raised up in mock surrender.

“Di pa tayo, under na kagad ako.” Ricky grinned at her. And Maya laughed at him. Feeling the happiness that she thought she would never feel.

“So it’s official..” Maya raised one eyebrow awaiting what Ricky was going to say, Ricky continued “.. we’re officially dating. We have mutual understanding of where we both stand with each other.” Maya nodded.

“So, Miss Maya dela Rosa, may I ask you out on a date?” Ricky asked with matching smile.

Maya playfully answered. “No. I’m sorry, I have better things to do.”

Ricky’s face fell. ‘And here I thought we’re good.’ Ricky sadly thought. Then Maya suddenly laughed.

“Oh-my-gee! I can’t believe you fell for that one. That face. I was just teasing you Ricky. Of course, I’d go out on a date with you.”

Ricky’s smile was automatically back on his face and he playfully tug Maya towards him and pinched her nose.

“You and you’re playfulness.” Both laughed, feeling happy and all.


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