Will I Be Enough – Chapter 4

[A/N: uber sorry!!! nakalimutan ko ipost 😀 ]

Chapter 4

“Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.” It has been their everyday routine. Ricky fetching her from her home and giving her flowers.

“Thank you Ricky!” Maya sniffed on the flowers. Their relationship is still not official. Maya has still not say yes to Ricky nonetheless, they have an understanding they are exclusive for one another.

“You’re welcome. Let’s go” And he guided her on the front seat of his car before he went to the driver’s side.

“Haba na naman ng hair mo Mayabels! Di mo pa rin ba sasagutin si Ricky mo?” Emman teasing her while the rest of their friends were just listening. Eds was practically swooning with ‘kilig’ over Maya’s lovelife that she was unaware that she was pinching hard on Simon’s biceps.

“Aray! Eds. Grabe ka naman kiligin, ang sakit ah!” Simon was just teasing her but it seriously hurts.

“Ay sorry Simon! Nakakatuwa lang kasi talaga tong si Maya. Ung most sought after na hunk dito sa uni natin ang nainlove sa kanya. Kakakilig talaga.” Everyone laughed at her and Emman even did a high-five with her to seal his agreement.

“Tomoh! Siya na, siya na talaga!” Maya could only laugh as she can’t believe either the run of her lovelife. And she had to smile remembering all the ‘panliligaw’ styles of Ricky. She knows its time.

“Hi guys!” Maya was startled with her reverie. The man on her thoughts was now in front of her.

“Would you mind if I borrow Maya?”

“No, not all. Gorabels and seize the day!!!” Emman was obviously teasing but certainly happy for her friend.

“Thanks Emman.” Then Ricky looked at the rest seeking approval. And got an approval as well. John gave him a salute accenting his approval.

Then he looked at his ladylove who seem still at lost. “Maya?”

Maya composed herself before answering, “Let’s go?”

Ricky and Maya were walking hand-in-hand after sumptuous dinner.

“Ricky, can we take seat over that bench?” Maya indicated.

“Sure.” Ricky felt that Maya will be telling him something, but for the love of him, he cannot think what could it be.

After settling down, Maya faced Ricky.

“Ricky, thank you for this wonderful night. I really had a great time.” Maya paused. Ricky swallowed an imaginary lump on his throat. He is very tense as to where Maya is heading. He don’t think he could take it if Maya turns him down but then again he knows he just have to accept it.

“I know am speaking in ramble and your probably wondering where I’m heading. But what I just want to really say is, I think you’ve proven enough so, I’m saying yes. Yes, tayo na, officially.” Maya looked at Richard and waiting for his reaction. But it seems it was taking years for Ricky to comprehend what Maya had said. Then when realization hit him, a resounding yes was heard.

“YES!!!” People nearby looked their way wondering what was it all about.

“Finally Maya! You don’t know how happy I am. It’s beyond words. I cannot promise you that our relationship would sail smoothly but know this one thing: I.Love.You!” Maya cannot believe what she heard. Richard continued.. “And will only love you for the rest of our lives.” Maya cannot believe that Ricky was like promising a forever life with her though deep inside her, she was praying that they will forever be. That was the surest thing that she has concluded when she decided to make their relationship official. And she cannot be more happier with how things are turning out. She can only utter a silent prayer of thanks to God for bringing Ricky in her life.


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