Will I Be Enough – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It was total bliss. Ricky and Maya are both happy with their relationship. They are both graduates now. Ricky already have a work, with his family owning the largest aviation services in the country. Maya is currently working as a freelance field journalist. Mostly, she enjoys the travels as the perks of her job and more so, she enjoys taking pictures of beautiful places of where she goes.

“Hi sweetheart! I missed you so so so much!!!” Maya was so glad Ricky picked her up from the airport. She was in Tacloban for almost a week and they only get to talk through phone since she is mostly on the road. Ricky hugged her tight to convey how much he missed her too.

“I missed you more sweetheart. Kung walang nakatambak na work, I’d go with you.” Ricky said while hugging her more and sniffing her scent, feeling like it had been years that they’ve been apart.

“Mukha nga sweetheart. Maubos amoy ko ah!” Maya teased Ricky plus she’s feeling goosebumps all over her body with what Ricky was doing.

Ricky reluctantly released her, took her luggage and led her to his car.

“Where do you want to eat? I know you didn’t eat any food on the plane.”

Maya gave an amused look with how much Ricky knows her well.

“He he he. Eh, sweetheart di naman kasi masarap tsaka mas need ko ung tulog.”

Ricky just shook his head knowing full well that it’s really not the food. She is most likely too engrossed in taking pictures of the view from the plane. Typical Maya. Ricky kissed her on the head before he started the car and went to their favorite restaurant.

“Good night sweetheart. Thanks again for picking me up. I really had a good time.” Maya kissed him on the lips after which Ricky hugged her.

“No need to thank me sweetheart. I love spending time with you especially whenever you get back from your assignments. I hate missing you.” Ricky made a cute pout that Maya can’t help herself but pinch his cheeks.

“Awww sweetheart, you’re so cute!”

“Ouch sweetheart, not too hard.” And after Maya released his cheeks, he kissed her once again. A longer kiss this time. They wouldn’t have separated had not it been for the light that was turned on from her porch.

“Ate, andyan ka na pala.” Isabel, Maya’s companion, was unaware of the earlier scene. Had she been, she would most likely wake up the neighborhood with her banshee-like shriek as she is their number fan. Mas matindi pang kiligan sa kanila kesa sa mga love team sa tv o pelikula.

The couple were both flushed after their kissing plus they felt like two teenagers sneaking around and got caught up.

“Sige na sweetheart, bukas na lang uli. Medyo late na rin. Gagabihin ka na masyado paguwi.” Maya sweetly said.

“Okay sweetheart, I’ll call you once I get home.” Then Ricky gave one last smack on the lips before he got on his car.

“Oooppss, pumasok ka na Isabel at humarap sa unan mo at dun mo isigaw yan. Tulog na mga kapitbahay natin.” Maya knowing full well she would scream any second. Isabel obliged but can’t stop the big smile on her face.

May was preparing to go to bed when her phone rang. She knows it’s Ricky since she has set her favorite song for his calls.

“Hi sweetheart!” Maya answered.

“Hello sweetheart. I’m safe back home. Are you getting ready to sleep now?”

“Yes! Ikaw?”

“I’ll take a quick shower after this call.”

“Ah, sige na sweetheart, baba mo na para makapag-ayos ka na at makatulog. Maaga pa pasok mo bukas. Gisingin na lang kita.”

“Ok sweetheart. I’ll call again to say goodnight. I’ll be quick. I love you!”

Maya feeling so ‘kilig’ took seconds before responding.

“I love you too sweetheart.”


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