Will I Be Enough – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Everything was running smoothly in their relationship. They argue once in a while on some petty issues but they don’t let it pass that long. They make sure they are ok at the end of the day. But there are certain things that you really cannot control. One that would test them both.

Maya was in front of her computer reviewing her latest write up when a new email icon popped up.

“Hmmm, who could it be from?”

Maya’s eyes bulged out upon seeing who the sender of the email was. It was from the top blog site in Europe.

“Oh-my-G! Is this for real???” Then Maya let out a loud shriek as she can’t contain her joy with the great news she received.

-calling sweetheart-

Ricky answered on the third ring.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart, pwede ka ba later?” Kahit dito lang sa house.”

Ricky heard excitement on Maya’s voice that he was a bit intrigued as to what it was all about.

“I’ll be out early. I’ll just go straight to your place.”

“Thanks sweetheart. Magluluto me ng kare-kare for you. I love you! Mwah!”

‘Yup, something’s really up.’ Ricky mused.

“Ok sweetheart. I love you too. See you later.”

“Hi kuya, pasok po. Nasa kwarto lang po si ate, nagpapalit lang ng damit, siya po kasi nagluto ng hapunan.”

Ricky was quite surprised with this news, as it is quite a rarity for Maya to cook, more so to do it all by herself.

‘This must be really special.’

“Kuya, upo ka muna. Lalabas na rin yang si ate.” As if on cue, the door to her room opened.

“Hi sweetheart!” Maya kissed him on the lips upon reaching him.

“Hello sweetheart! Parang napakasaya mo ah. Ano bang meron?”

“Kain na muna tayo then after na tayo magkwentuhan.”

“Wow! Parang piyesta ah.” On the table was a variety of their favorite foods, kare-kare, adobo, suman sa latik, unripe mango with shrimp paste.

Maya served Ricky portions of each food. They enjoyed eating and talked of what happened to their day. After dinner, they went to the lanai to have their coffee.

“So, what is this special dinner really for?” Ricky inquired.

“Sweetheart, naalala mo ba ung blog site na sinabi ko sayo dati?”

“Yes, the one in Europe?”

“Yes, un nga.”

“So what about it?”

“This morning I received an email from them. They are inviting me to undergo a training under them and if all goes well, they will hire me too! Isn’t it great?” Maya was so ecstatic that she didn’t notice how her news didn’t sit well with Ricky.

“When will this be? And for how long?”

“Uhmm, I’m still unsure as to when because I was waiting to discuss this with you. You seem not happy about this.” Maya only then notice Ricky’s demeanor.

“No sweetheart. It’s not that. I’m just thinking of how this will affect us.”

Quietness enveloped them both. Both absorbing how will this affect their relationship.

Ricky recovered though fast.

“Sweetheart, it’s not that I am not happy for you. I am happy, really I am. It’s just that Europe is too far and just thinking how far it is place is making my heart really sad.”

“Sweetheart, sorry. Di ko rin agad naisip. Sobrang tuwa ko lang kasi.” Maya was feeling so dejected.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, if there is one person who should be supporting you, it should be me. And I’m sorry if I’m being so selfish right now.”

“No, sweetheart, I understand. No need to apologize.”

Then another quiet moment as both their minds were both reeling as reality sink in.

[A/N: ito muna..back to work 🙂 ]


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