Will I Be Enough – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The following day, Ricky went early to Maya’s place to fetch her so they could have their breakfast together. Their night may not have turned out to be great but they both know that they will settle things the soonest.

Maya then came out.

“Good morning sweetheart.” Ricky greeted her.

“Good morning.” Maya kissed him on the cheek. Ricky open the backdoor and got a bouquet of sunflower.

“For you.”

“Thank you sweetheart. Let’s go?”

Ricky ushered her inside the car before he went to driver’s side.

-at breakfast-

“Ummm, sweetheart, I’m sorry for last night.” Ricky started.

“Bakit ka nagsosorry?”

“For not sharing your happiness. For not being the supportive boyfriend that I should be. I’m really sorry Maya. If this will help you fulfill your dreams, I support you 100%.” Ricky firmly stated.

Maya was in so much awe with how Ricky is showing his support for her and she just don’t know how happy she feel right now. With a very loving and supportive boyfriend plus a very promising work to come.

Maya went to Ricky’s side and hugged him.

“Thank you so much sweetheart. You don’t know how much your support means to me. I love you!” Then she bent down to kiss Ricky on the lips, not minding the people around them.

Ricky stood up to hug back Maya.

“Just make sure not to get too engrossed and forget about me.” Ricky was teasing her but there was an undertone behind it. This will not be easy but this is the right thing to do.

“When will you leave?”

“In two months time.”

Another silence ensued. Both thinking of the remaining days.


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