Will I Be Enough – Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Maya and Ricky are at the airport lounge, waiting for her to board.

Ricky was holding Maya’s hand too tight, seeming not wanting to let her go. Maya was just letting him as she too was having a hard time but she knows she has to do this or else she will be faced with the hard ‘What If’.

Then the call has arrived. Passengers to fly to London are now being called. Ricky heaved the biggest sigh and faced Maya to hug her. The tightest hug conveying his emotion of how hard it will be for him. The longest kiss to convey his love, expressing that he will just be here waiting for her when she comes back.

Maya, returning the hug and the kiss with as much emotion she could send back.

This is not easy for the both of them but they both know as well that they will both just be there for each other.

“Sige na sweetheart, they are calling now the first class passengers.”

Of course Ricky made sure she will be at her most convenient when she flies to Europe.

Maya was crying hard and hugging Ricky tight.

Ricky could only caress her back as he too was controlling his emotion.

“Go on sweetheart, you have to go onboard.”

Maya do some deep breaths to control herself and could just only nod. Ricky assisted her to the boarding area. Being the CEO of the company doing the maintenance of this airline made it easier for him to be on the boarding area.

Ricky kissed her on her forehead before placing his own forehead on her.

“I love you sweetheart. You take very good care of yourself there and make sure to call me once you arrive. We’ll call each other anytime you need or anytime I want to see your face. We’ll make sure our communication is open and there.”

Maya could only nod as she is keeping herself from crying more. And she hug him one last time and walk away.

Ricky swallowed hard, a big lump on his throat, but unknown to him, tears started falling from his eyes and clouding his vision as Maya gets out of his sight.

It took him some more minutes before he was able to compose himself and push himself out of the airport and drove himself home. He is sure that he won’t be able to finish any work with the turmoil on his mind.


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