Will I Be Enough – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It has been their routine. Ricky would her call morning of Europe time to wake her up and she would call him evening of Manila time to bid him goodnight.

They would do Skype as long as time permits.

Their communication was doing great up until when Maya was offered a permanent position in the company. Of course Ricky was happy for this another achievement of his sweetheart but the price to pay was too much. And then his Green MRO project came along.

Their talks was lessen to one hour a day that is if they would be lucky their free time would clash. They couldn’t even do their skype sessions. Both of their time are eaten up by their works and it is somehow affecting now their relationship. Misunderstandings and petty quarrels would always ensue when they talk. Both their judgment and understanding are clouded with the reality that they are just both miserable with them not seeing each other personally and not being able as well to talk the way they used to before all works swamped them up.

Then one day, their communication just ceased. No talks. No one taking the initiative to call. But both of them feeling miserable.

“Hmmp..di man lang tumawag para kumustahin ako.”

“Why is she not calling me?”

Ricky’s frown is always evident. His subordinates are feeling his misery. Who wouldn’t, he was not the same jolly person that he was before Maya left. He doesn’t even smile at all.

Maya on the other hand focused herself on her job. She was not the same bubbly person that she was before. She put on a different persona in her to cover the loneliness and heartache she feels.

It was sad.

—after 2 years—

“I think, enough is enough.”

Maya told herself with conviction.

“It’s time.”


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