Will I Be Enough – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

–Present time–

“How did you know where to find me?” Ricky asked. They were in his car and on the way to their favorite restaurant.

Maya actually had no idea where to find him, so she called the only person who could help her. Liza.

“I called Liza. Nagulat nga ako nung sabihin nya na nagtuturo ka nga raw dito sa university. Bakit ka nga pala nagtuturo?”

“I’ll tell you once we get settled.” They are now in front of the resto.

Since it was not peak hour, they were seated immediately. They placed their orders as well.

Ricky seated himself beside Maya. Fearing that this was only a dream and that he needed a good pinch.

“So, explain to me now why are you teaching in our alma mater?”

Ricky clasped her hand in his before he explained.

“It was my way of coping. I was missing you terribly and I felt the need to reconnect with you. We started there and I felt like that the only way I could survive my everyday life is to be somewhere that would remind me of you.” Maya did not interrupt him and was just waiting for him to continue.

“It was a total hardship to face every day without you. I don’t know what had happened to us but believe me, there was never a single day that I wish I could go to you. I just keep on praying and hoping that one day you will come back to me and tell me that everything’s all right.”

Tears were falling from Maya’s eyes as she cannot believe how much Ricky is exposing himself to her. His vulnerability with her. And all she could do is hug him and cry.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m really sorry. You don’t know how much I wanted to come home to you but I got scared that you wouldn’t want me back that you have moved on. I am just glad that you were feeling the same way.”

“And what made you so sure that I have not moved on?” Ricky cannot help but asked though not releasing her from their embrace.

“Eh.. I have a confession to make.” Ricky looked at her and hoping against hope that this is something that would not totally shatter him.

“I’m in constant talk with Manang Fe. And she was the one who assured me I am still your one. She just seem to forgot to tell me that you were teaching.”

Ricky smiled realizing that his fear was futile.

“Actually, only Liza knows that. It is just something to while my time. And I only spend 2-3 hours.”

Their food had arrive and they had to disengage themselves.

It was as though just yesterday, they were doing their normal routine. Ricky placing some of his food on Maya’s plate while she mix his coffee. When they realize what they were doing, they shared a good laugh.

“How was your experience in teaching? Are you a strict professor?”

“It is great. I get to see my former professors. They were actually the ones who pushed me to teach. I said that I will give it a try but then I get to enjoy it. It’s just part time nonetheless, it is fulfilling. But enough about me. You? What made you decide to come back? You’re here for good, right? ” Ricky was praying that she is indeed here for good.

Maya smiled at him before answering.

“You. And yes, I’m here for good.”

Ricky was grinning from ear to ear.

“Wait, what do you mean me?”

“I cannot bear any longer to stay there for a much longer time. You have full supported me with my dream and I have decided that it’s time to give some back to you. This is really a big step for me as I don’t know how you would react when you see me. The only thing that I could hold on to is Manang Fe’s reassurance that it is still me. I hoped and prayed that she would be right.”

Ricky smiled once more and hugged her.

“She is very much right sweetheart. I love you and have never stopped loving you. I’m sorry if you thought otherwise. I just know that our misunderstandings and petty quarrels were because we have been missing each other so much. And the reason I made no effort to call you is because I was hoping you would do so. I am afraid that you wouldn’t want to talk to me and more so I don’t want to argue with you. I don’t want us to drift apart. We may have lost communication but my love for you never ceased. It has been there and will always be there. And now that you are here, I would prove it more to you. Babawi ako sa’yo.”

“Ako din sweetheart. Babawi ako ng sobra-sobra. I love you so much and thank you for giving me a chance, us a chance.”

“There is no need to thank me for that chance. For me, we are together though we had no communication. I am committed to you from the moment you told me yes and it has never ended.”

Maya could only thank the Lord for giving her Ricky. She would just make sure that he will not be sorry for loving her.

“I love you sweetheart!” Then Maya kissed him on the lips.

“I love you more sweetheart.” Ricky answered back after the kiss.


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