Will I Be Enough – Chapter 12

[A/N: last two chapters.. Finale and Epilogue..thanks so much for reading my stories. 🙂 ]

Chapter 12

They were now traversing to his place. Maya insisted they do so as she needs to thank Manang Fe personally.

“So sweetheart, pano na ung work mo dun? Nagresign ka na right?”

“They actually did not accept my resignation.” Maya was then startled when Ricky suddenly stepped on the brake.

“Ay kabayo!”

“What do you mean they did not accept your resignation? You said you are here for good? You’re going back there?” Ricky’s happiness was plummeting down again, when he thought that everything’s ok here she gives him another thing to think about.

“Kalma sweetheart. Pasok muna tayo at dun tayo sa loob magusap. Puntahan ko lang si Manang Fe. Okay?”

Rikcy nods his head and assisted her inside.

“Manang Fe!” Maya hugged the elder woman who was Ricky’s nanny since his childhood. She has also been his second mother.

“Kumusta Maya? Buti at bumalik ka na.”

“Opo Manang Fe. Miss ko na si Ricky eh at kayo syempre.” Ricky smiled then left them as he went straight to the verenda.

“Manang Fe, magusap lang kami ni Ricky ng maayos. Pero ipagtimpla ko muna sya uli ng kape.”

“Sige na iha at baka mainip yan.” Manang Fe smiled. She is very happy that Maya is back. She has seen how their separation broke Ricky though she knows as well that this was not easy either on Maya’s part.

“Thank you nga po pala uli Manang Fe for looking after Ricky.”

“Wala un iha, kasiyahan ko na un.”

Maya then went to the veranda where Ricky was standing by the railing with a faraway look.

Maya went to him and hug him from the back.

“Sweetheart?” Ricky faced her and hug her.

“Upo tayo para makapagusap rin tayo ng maayos.”

“Maya, what do you mean they did not accept your resignation?”

“Oo, di nila tinanggap.” Ricky was about to interrupt when she signaled him not to.

“Yes, di nila tinanggap but I informed them I really cannot stay any longer there. I cannot bear anymore to be away from you. So what they offer was a freelance position for me. I will just need to at least provide them some of my work twice a month. So I agreed. Ok lang naman un diba?”

Ricky felt a big weight on his back has finally been released. So he stood up and hug her tight.

“Of course it is alright. It is very much all right.”


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