Will I Be Enough – Epilogue


–After 5 years–

Maya and Ricky were still both asleep when she felt something moved. Then she heard little voices. She chance upon to look on Ricky and saw that he was awake as well and waiting for what will happen next.

Their twins then came out of the blanket with the intention of surprising them. But since both are too noisy, their parents knew very well what they were up to.

“Waaaaahhhhh!!!” Both shouted making the couple laughed. Though they know they were doing their best to be inconspicuous, they were unsuccessful. But being the good parents they were, they both pretended to be surprised.

“Wow, you shocked us.” The twins were so happy with their achievement that they plopped down in between of their parents and laughed.

Maya couldn’t help herself and peppered both the twins with kisses on their faces while Ricky watched on his family.

“Mommy stop. Hahaha..stop” Sky uttered. Sunshine was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak.

“Why are you both up so early?” Ricky then asked giving the twins kiss as well.

“Mall.” Sunshine said. The twins are 3 ½ years and not too well versed.

“Is that so? You both want to go to the mall?” Sky was nodding his head while laying down on Maya. Sky is evidently a Mama’s boy while Sunshine who crawled up on their dad, is a certified Daddy’s girl.

“Mommy mall?” Sky said and looked on Maya.

“Daddy punta daw mall tong dalawa. Papayagan mo ba? Di ba masyado pang bata tong mga to?”

Ricky then laughed, the twins laughed as well though they certainly did not understand what their mom had said that made their Dad laughed.

“Only you Mrs. Lim, only you.” Ricky went near Maya and kissed her on the lips. The twins clapped their hands and both smiling.

“Daddy, parang di ko yata kaya pag nagpaalam na tong dalawa na may lakad.”

“Mommy, don’t think ahead. Let’s enjoy our time with them while they are still young. So, tumayo na tayo at mag-ayos para magsimba then pumunta sa mall as requested by these two. Okay ba yun?” Ricky has the same fear but knows that he cannot add up to Maya’s fears. Besides, it is indeed still a long way from coming and he would make sure that their kids would always want to go with them. A good quality time always with the family.

“Tsaka mommy, pwede naman tayong gumawa pa.” Ricky was waggling his eyebrows. Maya’s eyes rounded and hit him lightly.

“Ricky! Ano ka ba. Naririnig ka ng mga bata. Tara na nga.”

Maya got up from the bed with Sky on her while Ricky was slowly getting up since he was still busy laughing and with Sunshine on him.

“Mommy, later ha.”

“Ewan ko sayo Ricardo, ang aga-aga ha!” Ricky knows she is now getting pissed but he can’t help it, he was just really feeling wonderful and he can feel it. Maya may not realize it yet, but she is definitely pregnant. If ever she is not, he would make sure that there will be another baby to come or more. Is there anything more he could ask for? A happy and fulfilled life with his loved ones.

This is definitely more than what he had prayed for.



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