Will I Be Enough – Finale


“So Maya, you think I will be enough for you?”

“You are not enough Ricky.. because you are more than enough! I love you more than life itself and I cannot bear the thought of you without by myside from here on. You will be the only one who could complete me.”

Ricky cannot believe that this is really happening. Maya is now back in his arms and promising him forever. And he could only think of one thing.

“Maya, I know this will be a very spur of the moment but I have to ask.”

Ricky suddenly kneeled in front of her.

“Maya, the love of my life. I know now that I cannot live another day without you. I want to wake up each morning seeing your face. I want to build a world with you by my side. And I want to start a happy family now as well. I may not have a ring with me right now, but I assure you that my promise is more than forever. So Maya, sweetheart, will you do give me the biggest of honor by agreeing to be my wife? Will you marry me Miss Maya Angelica dela Rosa?”

Maya was very much overwhelmed that her tears freely fall from her eyes. She took some deep breaths and pull Ricky up.

“Ricky, I know now as well how hard it will be for me to live each day without you. I also want to wake up seeing your face first thing in the morning and at night before sleeping. I also want that world you are thinking. So yes, Mister Richard Lim, I will marry you.”

Both were grinning from ear to ear then Ricky brought her up and spin her. Both were laughing after he stopped. They were both elated and can’t seem to stop from holding each other. It was pure bliss. The promise of forever. A life to grow with each other. And a world to build together.

What more could they ask for?

[A/N: now ko lang napansin..ang igsi pala nito 😀 ]


2 thoughts on “Will I Be Enough – Finale

  1. I believe it is already man’s second nature. To chase after what he thought is something that he really wants and even think that it could make him feel complete. Only to find that in the end, what he really wants and could make him complete has already been with him all along. And Maya definitely is lucky enough to have Richard. A man who waited patiently for her to live her dreams and realize that he really is what she had wanted and who could really make her feel complete.:D

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