If Only – Summer Trip

If Only – Summer Trip

[A/N: inspired with my recent trip in Anawangin Cove..hope you enjoy reading this.. J ]

Ate Nikki and Kuya Luke are bound to Anawangin Cove with their tropa for their summer getaway. Both already working. Luke still with Joni while Nikki and Niccolo are still unofficial but officially dating. As usual..

Mommy Maya: Mga anak, make sure nakaayos lahat ng gamit nyo. Ung mga toiletries. Dalhin nyo na ung 2 bottle ng off lotion and ung sunblock din. Ang mga towel, water..

Luke: Mommy, ok na po lahat. Don’t worry po, kaya namin to. Di ba Nikki? Hindi magiinarte dun? J

Nikki: Hay naku Kuya, whatever!

Mommy: Oh, baka magkapikunan pa kayo nyan. Luke, sino nga pala magdrive sa inyo?

Luke: My, Si Amiel po..van po nila gagamitin naming pero magpapalitan din po kaming mga boys para di naman din po sya mapagod.

Mommy: Ah ok. Ingat lang kayo ha, wag masyado maghaharutan. Ung mga girls, ingatan nyo.

Luke: Yes po Mommy.

Then Luke kissed his mom to somehow appease her. Then a shrilling voice is heard.

Sky: Kuya Yuke!!!

Luke: Ay patay nahuli ako. Hahaha

Mayaand Nikki laughed along knowing how possessive to their mom Sky is. He outgrew calling Luke, Yuke, though you can’t blame him, he’s just about to turn five alongside his twin sister Sunshine.

Mommy: Baby sky, why are you shouting?

Sky: Kuya Yuke is kissing you Mommy.

As if it would explain it all.

Mommy: Because he is promising me something and naglalambing lang si kuya.

Sky’s brows were still scrunched in frown when Daddy Ricky approached.

Daddy Ricky: And what pray tell is the matter with Mr. Grumpy Sky?

Since Ricky was unaware, he went to his wife and kissed her on the lips.

Sky: DADDY!!! (plus a stomped of his foot)

Maya together with Luke and Nikki laughed out loud.

Daddy: What did I do?

Mommy: Daddy, kaya nakakunot na noo ng anak mo kasi nakita nya kiniss ako ni kuya nya tapos dumagdag ka pa. hahaha

Daddy: Well, sorry buddy, you can’t stop me.

Mommy: Hay naku Ricky! Wag mo ng asarin. Come here na baby Sky carry ka na ni Mommy.

Sky run fast to his mom when a car honk was heard.

Luke: My, andito na po sila.

Mommy: Ok, sige hatid na namin kayo sa gate. Daddy, help mo si Abby kay Sunshine.

Sunshine: Daddy! Carry!

Daddy: Sure princess.

They send them off as they still need to pick up Joni and the rest.

Mommy: Ingat kayo ha and enjoy.

All: Yes po! Bye!

When the car is already out of sight.

Daddy: So, tayo naman. Are you guys ready?

Mommy: Super ready Daddy. Right kids?

Sky and Sunshine: Yes!!!

Abby: Yes po.

Mommy: So let’s go inside para maisakay na sa sasaksyan ang mga gamit.

After 30-minutes they are ready to go as well with the rest of the people in the house.

Abby: Summer, here we go!

Abby’s excitement passing on the twins making them giddy as well. Both clapped their hands while laughing as well plus a shriek from Sunshine.

Mommy: Naku, mas mukhang mageenjoy tong mga to.

Daddy: I think so too Mommy.

And off they go.


Amiel: Guys, Welcome to Anawangin Cove, our home for 3-days and 2-nights.

The rest of the boys were looking fine, the girls quite doubtful.

Nikki: I can do this!

Joni: Oo naman Nikki, sama-sama tayo.

Stace: Tama si Ate Joni. And besides, masaya tong pangrelax. Nature trip.

Inigo: Girls, ayusin nyo na lang ung mga foods, kaming mga boys na bahala sa pagayos ng mga tents.

Louie: Oo nga.

Amiel: Ok, let’s do this.

After 15-minutes, 3 tents was successfully finished up.

Joni: Guys, meryenda na muna tayo. Cupcake, ito water, inom ka muna.

Luke: Thanks, cupcake. J

Louie: Ayun lang. Talo tayo dun.

Niccolo: Inggitero mo talaga.

Inigo: Naku, nagsalita! Eh isa ka pa.

Amiel: Oy guys, kumain na lang tayo, gutom na ko.

Luke: Swimming tayo after ha.

All: Go!

The gang was having the time of their lives. Living a life away from gadgets, no phone signal and all. Life way back then. A simple one. Life with what’s available.

However, someone seem to be feeling melancholy.

Luke: Niks, are you ok?

Nikki: Yes kuya. I’m just missing Mom.

Luke: Hmmm, sabagay. Minsan naiisip ko rin sya.

Nikki had a surprised look on her face when realization dawn on her.

Nikki: Ah, yeah. I do too.

Luke: Oh, si Mommy. Hahaha. Bakit naman? You need girl talk? Andyan naman si Joni and Stace para may mapagsabihan ka.

Nikki: With Mommy kasi I don’t need to repeat the story and also when she sees me alam na nya ano ung nasa isip ko. Ayun.

Luke: Eh, tiis-tiis muna. Look in the sky na lang and count the stars, para malibang ka.

Nikki: hahaha thanks kuya, you’re the best kuya in town talaga.

Luke: hmmmp! Nambola ka pa.

Joni: Oh, anong drama nyong dalawa dyan?

Luke: Wala naman, namimiss lang nya ang bahay. Hehe

Joni: Kaya mo yan Nikki. Bukas akyatin natin ung burol. Tingin ko better view from there tong place and mas masaya kasi sama-sama tayong aakyat.

Nikki: Sige, game ako.

Luke: Guys, bukas akyatin natin ung burol ah?

Amiel: Good ako dyan.

Niccolo: Syempre dapat lahat tayo. Pangit naman pag may magpapaiwan.

Everyone agreed they will do the trek up the hill very early in the morning.

Amiel: Guys, ready na ba lahat? Lalakad din tayo ng malayo. Make sure that we all have water bottles and towels. Magsunblock na rin. If you have caps, better.

Luke: Good na kami. Let’s go now para di gano mainit.

They were having good laughs as they walk towards the hill. Excited for this another adventure. Climbing the hill was no easy. They really have to be careful with their steps. There was no clear trail but they were unmindful of it all. Upon reaching the top, it was all worth it.

Nikki: This is beyond beautiful.

Joni: I agree.

Stace: Super!

All boys were nodding their heads in agreement with awe.


Luke hold Joni’s hand, Niccolo did the same with Nikki. Feeling the tranquility of seeing the beautiful view from atop the hill. Louie hold Inigo’s hand who hold Amiel’s making Stace laugh.

After some more minutes they decided to go down. Taking much more care this time as it is harder to go down.

Nikki: Grabe kuya, I can’t believe may ganitong place pa here sa pinas.

Luke: Oo naman Niks. Sayang lang wala sila Abby here para maapreciate din tong place.

“Seems you’re having the time of your lives here.”

Nikki’s and Luke’s eyes rounded hearing the familiar voice.

Both: Dad!

They checked the nearest nipa hut and found their Mom and Dad sitting side-by-side holding hands while holding on their free hand a goblet of juice.

Nikki: Oh-my-gee Mom! Dad! You were just here all along? Mommy! I missed you.

Nikki run to her Mom’s side and embraced her hard.

Mommy: Oh anak, may problema ba?

Luke: Naku my, nung unang gabi pa naming nagsesenti yan.

Mommy: Naku naku, ano kaya ang meron sa dalaga namin?

Nikki: Nothing mom.

The rest of the group greeted Maya and Ricky. Then suddenly a shriek was heard.

Sunshine: Daddy! Fish!

Sunshine run towards her dad showing the little fish she caught on her pail. Then Sky came running too.

Sky: Mommy! Fwog!

Mommy tried looking on the pail as Nikki was almost sprawled on her. Sky saw Luke and shouted.

Sky: Kuya Yuke!

Luke: Hi Sky.

Then he scooped Sunshine and kissed her making the little girl giggle.

Sky then realized that his Ate Nikki is hugging their Mom making him frown. Then he cried.

Mommy: Oh, why are you crying Sky?

Sky pointed to his Ate.

Mommy: It’s Ate Nikki.

Sky shakes his head in negative indicating that he’s not happy about it. When Ricky saw it, he hugged Maya as well.

Daddy: Akin si Mommy..

Sky cried harder.

Mommy: Hay naku Daddy, pinaiyak pa lalo. Come here Sky.

Sky quickly acted and dropped his pail with the little frog. He fought for his place with his mom. Since Ricky was just teasing he moved a bit but not before he kissed Sky on his cheek. Sky pouted his lips making his dad laughed and the kid himself. Then he swiped his nose.

Nikki: Sky, kiss ate.

Nikki tenderly asked her baby brother. Sky did with his pouted lips.

Maya and Ricky laughed.

Nikki: Even if it’s ewwy, I won’t wipe it. I miss it.

Maya whispered.

Mommy: Anak, usap tayo later.

Nikki just nod her head.

Isabel served the afternoon snacks for the whole group. After which the couple excused themselves to take a dip in the water.

Maya and Ricky were holding hands while walking towards the sea when a running Sky shouted.

Sky: Mommy!

Mommy: Yes Sky?

Sky: Join?

Mommy: No.

Sky: Why?

He asked with a frown and a pout.

Mommy: Daddy and I will go to the deep part and you won’t be able to swim there. So, what you can do while you wait, create a beautiful sand castle here for Mommy, okay?

Sky: Otay!

He blurted fast, already acquiesced on the task.

Maya kissed Sky.

Mommy: Go to Ate Doris and ask for your pail and shovel. Have ate Abby and Sunshine help as well.

Sky run back to their place and asked Doris for his things.

Mommy: Doris, pasuyo na lang ha.

Doris: Opo naman Mrs Chief. Areglado yan, walang problema.

The couple resumed their walk. When they were almost at Maya’s chest level of water, she clung on her husband. Legs wrapped on his hips and arms on his neck. Ricky kissed Maya full on her lips before he spoke.

Ricky: Thank you so much sweetheart for coming into my life. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you so much.

Maya: Thank you more for loving me and giving me the happiness more than I could expect.

They shared another passionate kiss before they play in the water. They were indeed a picture perfect of a happy couple.

After some more minutes they head to the shore.

Ricky: Sweetheart, sige una ka na..swim lang ako saglit.

Maya headed alone to the shore. She was looking down as she was trying to locate Ricky’s slippers.

Guy: Hi Miss

Maya was a bit shocked.

Maya: Oh, hello.

Guy: Magtatanong lang sana.

Luke and Nikki has seen the interaction

Nikki: Kuya, lapitan mo na si Mom

Luke looked where their dad is.

Luke: Ok lang yan Niks. Panoorin natin pano i-handle ni dad yan.

Ricky saw how shocked Maya was.

Ricky: Do we have a problem here?

Maya heaved silently a sigh of relief. She is not used to this kind of interaction. She practically hid herself to Ricky. Ricky placed his arm around Maya.

Guy: Uhmmm..wala naman,magtatanong lang sana.

Ricky: You see that place (pointing the information area). Go there and ask them of whatever query you have. Let’s go sweetheart.

Maya didn’t remove herself from Ricky and just walked.

Ricky: What were you looking there?

Maya: Hinahanap ko kasi ung slippers mo.

Ricky: Tingin ko, sinuot ni Sky.

And true to his words, Sky came towards them in a slow motion, he was dragging his feet since he was wearing his dad’s slippers. The couple could only laugh.

Maya bent down and gave Sky a noisy kiss.

Mommy: hmmmm! (then pinch his cheeks) Ang cute-cute talaga.

Then she scooped him up while Ricky took his slippers. Sky just gave his dad a cheeky grin.

Nikki: Wow Mom! May admirer ka ah.

Luke: Dad iba ka!

Mommy: Wala un, nagtatanong lang.

Daddy: Mommy, nagpapacute sayo un.

Mommy: Eh, wala un.

Daddy: hahaha.. hayan nyo na. Mukhang natakot mom nyo, di na humarap sa kausap, niyakap na lang ako.

Nikki and Luke laughed.

Mommy: Ikaw na lang kausapin ko Sky. Hmmmmmm (another big kiss from Mommy to Sky)

Sunshine: me Mommy!

Mommy: Ay syempre po. Daddy pakihold si Sky.

Ricky held out his hands for Sky who kissed his dad after he was transferred. Maya then scoop Sunshine up after that and peppered her face with kisses making her giggle. Abby then came along and sidled up to her mom who embraced her. Luke and Nikki feeling left out made a gesture for a group hug. Joni offered to take a picture of the family. They were indeed a picturesque of a happy family.


Later that night.

Niccolo: Nik-nik, pwede ba tayong mag-usap?

Nikki knew she was being unfair with Niccolo, with her maudlin mood for almost their stay.

Nikki: Yeah, sure.

They went farther away from the group.

Niccolo and Nikki were both preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Niccolo: sasabihin na ba nyang ayaw na nya?

Nikki: You can do this Nikki. You have to.

Niccolo/Nikki: Nik-nik/Niccolo..

Niccolo: Sige, kaw na muna Nik-nik

Nikki: No, better na ikaw muna

Niccolo released a big sigh before he spoke.

Niccolo: May problem aba tayo Nik-nik?

Nikki looked at Niccolo and she was feeling sorry for the apprehension etched on his face.

Nikki: Niccolo, I’m sorry for making you worry that there is a problem. I just have something on my mind and medyo naguguluhan ako. I’m just thankful I was able to talked with mom.

Niccolo was still confused nonetheless he waited with bated breath.

Nikki: The thing is.. <releases breath for strength> the thing is, I have been thinking about us. And I have think things over well. I am now ready.

Niccolo: Ready? Ready for what?

Nikki: Ready for us.

Niccolo: You mean?

Nikki: Yes Niccolo, we are now officially boyfriend-girlfriend.

It took some more seconds before it fully sink in to Niccolo.

A resounding yes is heard after that.

Niccolo: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki: Niccolo!

Niccolo: Thank you Nikki! Thank you! I won’t promise anything but I will make sure to make you the happiest girl on earth. I love you.

He tenderly uttered making Nikki’s heart flutter.

Nikki: Mom was right, sometimes you need to listen to what your heart says.

I love you too.

They smiled at each other and hugged.

Maya and Ricky were watching from afar.

Ricky: You knew, didn’t you?

Maya just smiled.

Ricky: Is that the reason why she looks forlorn?

Maya: Let’s just say, she was weighing things too much. I just made it easier for her. J

Ricky: You’re making me fall in love with you more and more each day. I love you so much.

Then he give his wife a tender kiss.

Maya: I love you too, so so so much!

And they shared a tender smile, looked once more where Nikki and Niccolo are, and went back to their cottage. Feeling happier and contented seeing their children finding love with great people as well.

It’s bliss.

Up in the sky, a bright star glowed brighter than usual, it seem to be winking with delight. Feeling happy as it shone. Who wouldn’t be happy? They simply are a happy family to look upon. J

-Happy Summer!


10 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Trip

  1. just discovered your blog last night, and glad na kahit last year pa nag end ang show marami pa ring lumalabas na mga fanfic writers ng nag iisang best teleserye in the country na nagsusulat ng walang ending na kilig story ng fave couple nating mga adik. natapos ko ring basahin ang mga kwento mo ms. writer at pasensya kung d na nakapag comment sa mga previous stories mo, dito na lang ako magsisimula onward and will look forward sa mga susunod na mga updates. nakakaaliw ang pagiging bida ni Iskay sa mga stories mo, i miss that chubby, cutie-patotie at patalbog talbog na Sky 😀 😀 😀

  2. Thank u so much po for your endless effort to keep and remain the story alive to all of us who love BCWMH especially Maya and Ser Chief character….,

  3. Sky is so adorably cute & funny! Love the idea of him being uber possessive of his mom at kahit si Ricky hindi exempted sa rule niya! But there really are those kind of kids like him.😂

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