All the Love in the World

All the Love in the World

Maya was having her coffee time in a well-known establishment for some quiet time.

“Hi Miss, is this seat taken?”

Maya looked around the café before she looked up on the man who was asking.

“There are other empty seats.”

“I know but I was hoping to seat here with you.”

Maya was silent for some time before she answered.

“Well suit yourself. Just don’t expect me to speak with you. I’m busy right now.”

Indicating the book she was reading.

“Suits me.” Then he smiled lopsidedly.

The man leave her alone with her reading but since he was facing her, she feels his gaze on her.

“Do we have a problem?”

“Well I don’t have a problem. Do you?”

She rolled her eyes and continued with her reading. But since she really is feeling disturbed with how the man was looking at her, she started cleaning her things and placed them on her bag. She got up to leave.

“You’re leaving now?”

“What do you think?”

And she sauntered out of the café.

“Feisty! I like that.” And he smiled to himself. He left the café as well.

At home.

“Hi Mom! How’s your day?” Her oldest daughter asked then kissed her on the cheek.

“Hay naku, may papansin.”

The door where she got in opened and another person came in.

“Hi Dad!” She kissed him on the cheek as well.


“So you were saying mom?”

“Ayun nga, may papansin. Inistorbo ako sa café.”

The man walked to his wife and kissed her on the lips. And he gave the cheekiest grin he could muster.

“I wasn’t papansin,” he connoted, “..just making sure no one seats beside you.”

“Oh-em-gee dad! You’re so cheesy!”

“See! Your daughter even agrees.”

“Ewan ko sa inyong mag-ama.” But she was losing the battle as a smile was ghosting on her lips.

Then chaos erupted.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

The twins were shouting at the top of their lungs, competing for the attention of their parents while their elder siblings were holding and guiding them down the stairs.

“Oh careful kids.”

When the twins got down on the step, they run fast to their parents. And simultaneously uttered..


The couple carried one each.

“Mit you mommy.” The little girl said and embraced their mom.

“Awww, miss agad, saglit lang nawala si mommy.”

The little boy just hugged their dad and kissed him on the cheek.

“See mommy, di lang ako nakakamiss sayo.”

“Hay naku, may kasalanan ka pa rin sa kin. You were supposed to be here with them while I get my ‘me time’.” With raised eyebrow, she looked meaningfully to her husband who looked contrite.

“Sorry about that, kaya lang you know how much I hate it pag wala ka sa paningin ko.”

“At nagpacute pa ang magaling kong asawa. Naku! Kung di lang kita mahal.”

“Why mom, what did dad do?” Their eldest son asked.

“Hay naku, yang daddy nyo nagpacute sa café. May kadramahan pang ginawa. May nalalaman pang, ‘is this seat taken?’?”

“Hahaha.. iba ka talaga dad. Parang ligawan mode lang?”

“It’s so sweet nga kuya eh. Imagine that, 5 na tayong kids pero para pa ring nagliligawan sina mom at dad.”

“You call that, adding spice into your married life. Ligawan mode everyday.”

“Oo na daddy, panalo ka na.”

“Kinilig ka po mommy?” Their middle kid asked.

Maya looked at her husband before she answered.

“Of course ate Abby. Who wouldn’t? haba ng hair ko, gwapo ng daddy nyo eh.”

“Hahaha, si daddy namumula. Uy!”

“Syempre flattered ako kasi nagwagwapuhan pa rin mom nyo sa akin.”

“Me andsome yike daddy.”

Their little boy piped in.

“Of course Sky, you’re handsome like me and kuya Luke.”

The little boy laughed and clapped his hands.

“Me pretty mommy?”

“Of course sweetie. Just like Ate Nikki and ate Abby.”

“Yend Mommy!” The little girl added.

“Bolera tong si Sunshine.” He quipped.

Maya looked at him.

“May sinasabi ka Ricardo?”

He grinned before he answered.

“Wala naman sweetheart, natutuwa lang ako sa mga anak natin, super honest.”


And they all shared a hearty laugh.

“Halina kayo sa komedor at ng makapaghapunan na kayo.”

“Thank you Manang Fe.”

The family chorused.

“Ten tyu ang fe!” Sky said making everyone laugh before they head to the dining area to have their dinner and share how their day was.

Another wonderful day that ended.

[A/N: part of If Only series..sinadya kong di ilagay ang If Only sa title..hehe]


35 thoughts on “All the Love in the World

  1. awwww, so cute ng plot. miss na miss ko pa din ang show, reading this sumasayaw sa alaala ko ang eksena ng Lim&dela Rosa Family, at nakatatak na habangbuhay sa aking isipan. thanks ms. writer, isang effective na gamot ito sa napaka stressful na umaga sa trabaho. waiting for more from you 🙂 wala ng teleserye ang makakahigit sa ibinigay na inspirasyon ng BCWMH

  2. This episode is so cute! Akala ako may bagong ff. I agree with the others BCWMH a was a show like no other. Sige ha ituloy mo lang ang kuwento nang Lim family kasi para na rin tayong nanonood nang life story nila.

      1. You are so sweet , I enjoy your stories , , ok , not as in capital just make the font bigger , like the other authors coz I can’t see even if I make it bigger , thank you very much , more power to you and thanks for the fast feedback

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