If Only…(series)

If Only

Ricky arrived home. Sky was almost at the door when he got in.

Sky: Daddy!

The little boy greeted his dad with his arms raised, indicating that he wants to be carried.

Ricky kissed the boy on his cheek, feeling happy with the welcome.

Daddy: Hmmm, this is new. What did you do?

“Paawa effect”

Sky: Mommy, spanked me.

With lips wobbling.. then Maya was approaching.

Mommy: Naku, nagpapaawa ang bata.

Sky then cowered to his dad’s neck. Now Ricky is sensing, the little boy has done something that made his mom mad. When Maya has come near them he kissed her on the lips.

Daddy: What did this cute little boy do?

Mommy: Hay naku Daddy, yang anak mo sobrang kulit. Lahat na ginulo. Nagaayos mga kapatid nya, sinagasan. Tapos ung kuya nya binato ng bola, ayun pinalo ko na. Naghahanap yan ngaun ng kakampi.

Daddy: Naku, mukhang maaga to sa principal’s office ah.

Mommy: Sige daddy, ikaw na bahala dyan. Tignan ko lang kung okay ng kumain.

Ricky brought Sky in the principal’s office. He sat on his chair with the kid on his lap and made him face him.

Daddy: What did you do Sky?

Sky: I’m bad daddy?

Tears forming now on his eyes. Ricky was having a hard time looking angry with how the little boy looking so contrite and cute.

Ricky rubbed the back of the boy.

Daddy: You’re not bad baby but you need to understand that it would make Mommy and your siblings happy if you help them instead of making their work harder.

Sky was looking intently to his dad as though understanding and absorbing what his dad was saying.

Daddy: You understand Sky?

Sky solemnly nodded his head.

Daddy: Very good. Now if you be a good boy tomorrow, I will give you a price but if you don’t, we will have another talk here. Do we have a deal?

Sky: Yes daddy.

Daddy: Good! Now give daddy a kiss and a hug.

Sky did so as asked, kissed his dad sloppily which made his dad laughed. Then another little feet was heard running.

Sunshine: Daddy!

Daddy: Hello Sunshine! Kiss daddy.

Sunshine kissed his dad as asked and then raised her arms asking to be carried.

Daddy: Now, how will I do that? You’re both heavy.

Sky tightened his grip on his dad and Sunshine is starting to make tantrums when Maya suddenly appeared.

Mommy: What’s happening here?

Daddy: Mommy, they both want to be carried.

Mommy: I’ll carry Sky.

Sky shook his head.

Maya approached them and spoke to Sky.

Mommy: Sky..mommy’s not angry.

Sky looked over to his mom as though gauging if she was telling the truth. When he felt satisfied, he raised his arms towards his mom. Maya got him off his dad so Ricky could bring up Sunshine who was quietly watching over.

Maya peppered Sky with kisses on his face making the boy laughed heartily.

Sky: love you Mommy.

Mommy: Hay! Pano ka ba magagalit ng matagal sa ganitong kasweet na bata? I love you too Sky! And I love you too Sunshine!

Kissing the little girl on her husband’s arm who was already standing up and watching them.

Daddy: Can’t agree more Sweetheart.

Then he in turn peppered Sunshine with kisses as well.

Nikki: Mom, Dad, time to eat.

Mommy: Thanks Ate Nikki.

Nikki: Mukhang bati na si Mom at Sky ah.

Daddy: Di naman matitiis ni Mommy yang baby nya.

Maya just rolled her eyes then when she looked at Sky, he was trying to imitate her.

Mommy: hahaha Sky! What are you doing?

Ricky and Nikki were laughing as well.

Sky: Mommy, my head hurts.

Nikki: Oh em gee Sky! You are really so cute!!!

Mommy: Sky! Stop doing that, it would really make your head ache.

And she kissed the boy’s head.

They headed to the dining area where Luke and Abby were already seated.

[A/N: sorry maikli lang.. enjoy! 🙂 ]


14 thoughts on “If Only…(series)

  1. wahhhh cutie patotie, ms. writer imagining the show “if only” we could see this sa tv, kaya sobrang salamat at ginawan mo ng paraan na kahit sa fanfic man lang may mababasa pa kaming mga adik, keep ’em coming please, it made me smile while reading 🙂

  2. I just discovered this now lang!!! Thank you, thank you for this!!! I miss the twins with all my heart! Thank you!!!

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