If Only- Abby

If Only- Abby 

In the middle of the night, Abby woke up and went straight to the bathroom. Nikki was awakened with the movement. She waited for Abby to come out. When Abby came out, Nikki saw that she was quite distressed.

Nikki: Abby, what’s wrong?

Abby was startled since she thought her sister was sleeping. But since she knows she won’t stop until she tells what’s wrong..

Abby: Ate, I think I have now.

Nikki’s eyes rounded and was about to shriek when Abby put her hand on her mouth.

Abby: Ate, don’t! Tulog na ang lahat baka magising mo sila.

Nikki: Oh-em-gee! I’m sorry Abby. Nagulat lang ako. Wow! Dalaga ka na. so, nakapaglagay ka na ba ng?

Abby: Eh un nga ate, kaya ako lumabas, maghahanap sana ako sa gamit mo.

Nikki: Oh yes, I still have stocks. We need to tell mom para mabilhan ka na rin nya. And she would be oh so happy too.

Abby: You think so Ate?

Nikki: Of course baby..ay I mean, Ate Abby. Come on, I’ll teach you the how’s.

The Morning.

Maya was busy feeding the twins who are unusually behaved in their seats.

Nikki: Hi mom! Hi Sky and Sunshine! Good morning!

Givers her mom and her twin siblings a kiss. Cutie Sky pouted his lips to give her sister a kiss back. Sunshine copied his twin brother making Nikki laughed.

Nikki: Ay, kala ko behave tong dalawa. Ang aga naman akong nakatuwaan.

Mommy: Medyo di pa sundo kasi tulog. Dahil nakita ka, narejuvenate. J

Nikki: Mom, may sasabihin sayo si Abby.

Mommy: Ano un?

Nikki: Siya na lang po magsabi mom.

Mommy: Okay.

Then Abby came to the dining area.

Mommy: Good morning baby!

Abby wen to her and kissed her on the cheek then whispered.

Abby: Dalaga na po ako Mommy.

Maya was shocked on the news and instantly got teary-eyed then Ricky chose that moment to come in the dining area as well and saw her.

Daddy: Mommy, what’s wrong?

Mommy: Ha? Ah, wala wala. Nagulat lang ako sa news ni Ate Abby.

Then wipes her eyes, Nikki has already taken charge of feeding her twin siblings. Abby hugged their mom.

Daddy: Could somebody tell me what’s going on.

Mommy: Daddy, may dalaga ka na uli.

Which made him more confused?

Daddy: Ha? Nag-ampon tayo?

He asked with a frown making his three ladies laughed.

Nikki: Daddy! Si Abby po. Mommy is talking about Abby.

Daddy: Okay. And what about her?

Mommy: Hay daddy. Abby is now a lady.

Emphasizing every word, though it took some more minutes before it fully sank in to Ricky.

Daddy: Oh. Wow! Really?

Maya felt how this news seem to be too big for her husband. Their first baby is now growing up. She hugged him and whispered.

Mommy: Ok lang yan sweetheart, baby mo pa rin naman siya.

Knowing full well the fear of her husband. Abby went to his dad and embraced him. Ricky embraced her back and kissed her on her head.

Daddy: Don’t grow too fast on me. You’re still my baby.

Abby: Yes dad! I love you!

Daddy: I love you too.

Sunshine: Lab you!

Sky: Yab you!

With his signature pouted lips making everyone laughed. And making Nikki forgot not to pinch him.

Nikki: You’re really are so cutie patootie Sky.

Then he cried.

Nikki: Oh sorry Sky. Ate will kiss you na lang.

Nikki kissed him until his cry subsided.

Mommy: Ate Nikki talaga, lagi na lang pinanggigilan si Sky. Ako lang di ba baby.

Sky: No!!!

Everyone laughed because Sky hated the pinching so much.

Sky: Ouchy.

Mommy: Of course baby. Mommy is just teasing you.

Then Ricky urged Maya to come near him and whisper something.

Daddy: Sweetheart, we need to work double hard.

Mommy: Ha? What? Work for what?

Daddy: Sssshhhh.. it’s just for us.

Maya’s eyes rounded when she get what he was referring to and gave him a pinch on the side. Ricky just laugh.

Daddy: I love you sweetheart!

Then give her a kiss on the lips.

Mommy: I love you too sweetheart.

Nikki: Awww, so sweet. Family hug.

Luke: oopppss, ooppps, Sali ako  dyan.

And the family engaged in a big warm hug.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: I love you all.

Mommy/Daddy: We love you all.

Sunshine: I lab u

Sky: E yabyu.

Earning another heartily laugh from everyone.

A happy morning indeed.

[A/N: pagpasensyahan na po ang nakayanan 🙂 ]


10 thoughts on “If Only- Abby

      1. In deed… God use the brillant minds of writers like them for us to continue believe and be inspired of this show whom we love so much… God bless u all….

  1. ms. writer, naku naku naku naman pina miss mo na naman ako ng sobra sobra sa super-cutie-patotie sky, pero dahil wala tayong magagawa, paganahin na lang ang imahinasyon tuwing nagbabasa ng update ng “If Only”. Once in our life may show na sobrang nag iwan ng malaking marka sa ating puso at minahal ang lahat ng characters, especially ang pagtalbog talbog in Iskay 😀 😀 😀 thankie soooo much ms. writer for this cutie update ❤

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