If Only – The Twins

If Only – The Twins

Because it’s summer time, the couple has decided to enroll Sky and Sunshine for swimming lesson.

Nikki: Mom, when po ang start ng swimming lesson nina Sky and Sunshine?

Mommy: Tomorrow na Nikki.

Nikki: Wow! I’m so excited.

Abby: Ako rin ate. Parang nung tinuruan din ako ni mommy.

Nikki: Oh yeah, si mom nga pala nagturo sayo. Kaso busy si mom ngaun tapos dalawa pa sila Sky and Sunshine.

Mommy: Oo nga Nikki, tsaka mas mahirap na talaga pag dalawa.

Nikki: Don’t worry mom, we’ll help sa pagsama kina Sky and Sunshine.

Abby: Opo mommy, we will help.

Mommy: Thanks mga ate. Hug ko nga kayong dalawa.

The two girls went to their mom and envelop their mom in a tight hug then the twins came barreling in, Doris in tow.

The twins run straight to their mom and sisters.

Mommy: O, kayo talagang dalawa, pinapahirapan nyo na naman si ate Doris nyo.

Sky: Noh mommy.

Sky said cheekily with his shade shaking in negative as Sunshine giggles.

Maya lowered to their height and embraced them making the two giggle. Sky being a Mommy’s boy, gave his mom a lingering kiss on the cheek and hug her tight.

Nikki: Naku, grabe naman ang Sky, kala mo aagawin sa kanya si mommy.

Sky looked at her sister and pouted his lips as a response.

Nikki: Naku!!! If you would only not cry, I’d pinch your cute chubby cheeks!

Mommy: hahaha.. kiss mo na lang ate Nikki

Nikki did so. Then the door opened revealing father and son.

Abby: Hi dad! Hi kuya Luke.

Sunshine ran towards their dad and Ricky immediately placed down his laptop bag to carry his youngest princess. Sunshine peppered her dad with kissed while Sky was looking with a frown marred on his face.

Mommy: Sky? What’s the matter?

Sky: shine-shine.

Having difficulty saying Sunshine then pointing on his sister.

Mommy: Oh-kay.. what’s with Sunshine?

Sky: I want daddy!

He said with stomping his foot. Maya getting that Sky had wanted to be the first one to go to his dad but his twin beat him to it.

Mommy: Sky, you can go daddy now.

Sky: No!

Shaking his indignantly. Maya looked onto her husband with an eyebrow raised, silently communicating, ‘he is so you’, making Ricky laughed. To try to appease their youngest boy, Ricky kissed Sunshine on the cheek before passing her to Luke who obligingly took his baby sister.

Daddy: Bago to ah. Kala ko sa’yo lang makasarili tong bunso natin.

Mommy: Pagbigyan mo na, minsan lang yan.

Everyone laughed except for the moping kid.

Daddy: Come on Sky, give daddy a hug.

Seeing his sister was already with their brother, he ran fast towards his dad.

Daddy: Woah, careful kiddo.

And he jumped up towards his dad’s outstretched hands.

Sky was giggling when his dad stood up.

Daddy: Now, this is really something.

Mommy: Ayaw mo nun dad?

Daddy: Naninibago lang ako sweetheart.

Sunshine then asked her brother to put her down then she ran towards her mom. Maya carried her and give her a loving kiss.

Mommy: I think I would agree with you sweetheart.

The couple looked at each other lovingly, feeling so happy.

Luke: Group hug naman!

Nikki: I so agree!

Abby: Me too!

The family meet at the center and did a group hug. The twins clapped their hands. Sky reached towards his mom with his lips pouting indicating for a kiss. Maya laughed and offered her cheek. After which, Sunshine did the same on the other cheek.

Daddy: How about daddy?

The twins kissed him as well and both laughed after.

Nikki: I so love our family.

Mommy: We love you too Ate.

Sky: Yabyuuuuu!

Sky just can’t stop being so cute, making his family laughed once again altogether.

A big happy family indeed.

[A/N: part 2 on the works..enjoy]


4 thoughts on “If Only – The Twins

  1. super thanks Ms. Writer for this update, always looking forward to your update dahil dito parang napapanood ko pa din sila sa tv. laking inspirasyon sa akin na may mababasa akong naghahatid ng GV at saya sa buhay tulad ng plot mo … indeed, “if only” … Happy Mother’s Day sa lahat ng mga mothers ❤

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