If Only – Mother’s Day

If Only – Mother’s Day

Maya was having the best dream when it was suddenly interrupted.

Sky: Mommy! Mommy!

Sky has reached their bed and trying to get up. Richard got woken up as well, helped him up and kissed him before giving him to his mom.

Mommy: Ang taas naman ng energy ng baby namin.

Sky peppered Maya with kisses making her laugh.

Sky: Yabyu mommy! Appy other’s day!

Richard looked on his wife as he was sure that she was crying. Maya’s eyes were surely misty. Maya hugged Sky and peppered him back with kisses then the door sprang open, revealing the rest of their kids.

Luke was carrying a tray of food, Nikki was holding a small cake, and Abby was carrying a glass of juice while Sunshine was holding a long stemmed rose.

Ricky go near his wife, put his arm around as her tears had fallen like falls. Sky was sitting in her lap and in awe looking at her.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

Sunshine was motioning for her dad to carry her up, which he promptly did. Sunshine went to her mom and gave the flower.

Sunshine: Happy other’s day mommy! Labyu!

She gave the sweetest kiss and giggle.

Mommy: Hay! Grabe <sniff> ang swerte ko talaga. Halinga kayo.

The three oldest placed the things they were carrying on the bed before going to their mom and give her a hug. The twins were sandwiched making the grumpy Sky shout.

Sky: Ouch!

The family just laughed, loving much to tease him and hugged more.

Sky: I don’t yike, don’t yike!

Maya kissed her youngest.

Mommy: It’s okay Sky, they’re just teasing you.

Daddy: Get ready now guys so we could attend the mass.

Luke: Okay dad. Let’s go guys.

Luke kissed his mom one last time before taking Sunshine, Nikki followed and took Sky, who unwillingly joined her then Abby.

Abby: Mom, for you po.

Abby gave a handmade card making Maya’s heart swelled with love even more.

Mommy: Thank you baby Abby! I love you!

Abby: I love you too mommy! Sige po, magready na po ako.

Ricky stood up to close their door.

Ricky: Ako naman.

Maya: Ikaw naman?

Maya was wondering what her husband was talking about as she arranges the food their children has prepared. Then she was surprised when a big bouquet of flowers was presented in front of her. Of course it was a beautiful arrangement of Sunflowers.

Maya looked at her husband who was widely smiling at her.

Ricky: Akala mo ung mga bata lang may surprise, syempre I prepared something din for my lovely wife and the Best Mother in town.

Ricky gave the bouquet to his wife and sealed it with a tender loving kiss on the lips. Maya couldn’t help but let a tear or two fall from her bambi eyes. She was just feeling so overwhelmed with the appreciation she’s getting from her family.

Maya: I love you sweetheart, so much!

Ricky: And I love you more!

He punctuated with another kiss.

Ricky:  Let’s eat this breakfast and get ready as well. Baka mainip mga babies mo.

Maya: Oo nga pala. Lalo na ung nagmana sa daddy nya.

Ricky laughed out loud knowing well she was pertaining to grumpy but very cute Sky. His epitome.

Maya took her bath first and when she got out, Ricky was by the door giving her a mysterious smile.

Maya: Yes? May problema ba?

Ricky: None sweetheart. Sige na, magbihis ka na.

Ricky went inside the bathroom leaving her dumbfounded. But when her eyes settled on their bed, then and only then did she understand what her husband’s mysterious smile was for. For there in the middle of their bed lay a beautiful dress, with a new pair of shoes to match it and a jewelry box plus a letter.

Dear wife,

I know how much you hated getting splurged on but please indulge me on this one. This is not enough for all the things you have done and sacrificed for our family. For all the hardships we’ve been through, you have stood tall to help and guide me. I won’t be where I am now without you. So please, smile and accept these little gifts from me, your beautiful daughters helped on picking those up. And Luke have chipped in as well. As for the twins, well, they have managed to charm the saleslady that we will all be wearing the same piece of jewelry. You’ll find out soon what. Be patient. J

I love you and Happy Mother’s day sweetheart!


Your husband

When she looked at the bathroom, her husband was looking on her with love shining on his chinito eyes. She walked fast towards him and engulfed him in a hug before giving him a proper kiss.

Maya: I love you sweetheart! So so much!

Ricky: I love you too! More than you’ll ever know.

He kissed her again.

Maya: Sweetheart, ano ung piece of jewelry na pare-parehas tayo?

Ricky kissed her before responding.

Ricky: Later.

Maya rolled her eyes but acquiesced and get ready. Ricky assisted her in wearing the set of jewelry he gave her. Once done, she looked at her husband. Ricky was hiding a smile.

Maya: Sweetheart, wala ka namang suot na alahas, meron ba talaga o niloloko mo lang ako.

Ricky: I won’t do that sweetheart pero you really have to be patient. Let’s go now, baka naiinip na ang mga bata.

They went out of their room and true enough their kids were waiting for them in the living room.

Sky: Mommy!

Sky ran towards her.

Mommy: Wow! Ten years tayong di nagkita baby ah.

But nonetheless, she carried him up and kissed him. Sky hold her face and as he put his forehead on her forehead, then a sparkle caught her eye. She looked at her husband who was beaming at her. Her husband was showing off as well his own bracelet. Maya could only shake her head with disbelief but feeling ecstatic as well. The rest of the kids reached them.

Nikki: Family pic guys and let’s show off our matchy-matchy bracelet.

Sunshine was shaking her hand to show off her bracelet.

Mommy: Beautiful sweetie?

Sunshine: Yesh!

Ricky carried her up as they pose for a picture as Nikki requested. The family showed off their matching bracelets in formal and wacky poses. Then they all headed to attend the mass and after which go to the mall and do some shopping as needed.

Later that night, in the confines of their room.

Maya: Sweetheart, salamat ng marami for this day. You don’t know how much I appreciate lahat ng effort nyo ng mga bata to make this extra special. I love you.

Ricky: I love you more sweetheart! And don’t thank me, you definitely deserve this. It’s the least we could do to thank you.

Maya: Basta thank you. Lalo na yung bracelet. Bat mo naman naisip yun?

Ricky: Wala lang. Nung napili kasi ako ng earrings mo, napansin ko ung bracelet na yun. Then I asked the saleslady if they have for men as well when suddenly your youngest boy bumped me then our baby princess. They apparently were running away from Luke. Then the saleslady looked at them tapos sa binata at mga dalaga natin and she smiled. Then she said, will this be a family match bracelet? Of course you know how Nikki gushes over this kind of thing but this time I am agreeing with her. I just look at Luke to see if he would agree, syempre binata na un. And he was actually smiling and nodding his head. So I decided to have a customized bracelet for us all and have it given on this day. Cute isn’t it?

Ricky said while wiggling his eyebrows making Maya laughed.

Maya: I didn’t know you had it in you sweetheart but thank you really. I so love it. And nakakatuwa tignan sa kambal. Si Sunshine tuwang-tuwa sa trinket. She is definitely the little Nikki version. Ang kikay na. After Nikki, si Abby then si Sunshine.

Maya then notice her husband became quiet.

Maya: Sweetheart? May problema ba?

Ricky: Uhmmm..wala naman.

Maya laughed.

Maya: Daddy, niloloko lang kita. Ano ka ba, syempre matagal pa yan. Babies pa sila except for Ate Nikki.

Ricky sighed.

Ricky: I agree.

He kissed her on the temple.

Ricky: We cannot stop them from growing but we shouldn’t stop growing with them.

Maya: Of course. We will always be with them, every step of the way.

They looked at one another, an understanding settled with them. No words needed as they understand each other from the heart.

Maya: Good night sweetheart! I love you! Thanks again for this day!

Ricky: Good night too sweetheart and I love you more! Happy Mother’s day once again.

Ricky kissed her on the lips which prompted for something more.

And lights off. 😀

[A/N: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all Mothers out there.]


12 thoughts on “If Only – Mother’s Day

  1. wow, ara ganda ng may ganitong family esp ang sarap kung may ganitong hubby hahaha hay naku Sky, pag ako ang kumurot sa ‘yo, baka d ka na lalapit sa akin, kakagigil kahit lang na nagbabasa lang ako, thanks ms. writer … Happy Mother’s Day sa lahat ng mga nanay

  2. Thank you, thank you, feel na feel the love they have for each other. I agree with Anne sa cuteness of Sky and Sunshine! To all the wonderful mother out there, happy Mother’s Day 💐💐

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