If Only – The Twins 2

If Only – The Twins 2

First day of the twins’ swimming lesson.

Maya is busy preparing the twins swimming gears and clothes plus some snacks while Nikki and Abby were helping Doris to ready the twins.

Ricky: Hi sweetheart, everything all set?

Ricky kissed his wife as his morning greeting.

Maya: Hello sweetheart, yes, all set na. Halika, kain ka na.

Ricky: Sabay-sabay na tayo sweetheart. Where are the kids?

Maya: Tinutulungan nila Nikki at Abby si Doris ayusin ung kambal. Si Luke di ko pa nakikita.

Then as if on cue, Luke emerged.

Luke: Hi Mom, good morning! Good morning dad.

Luke kissed his mom as well.

Mommy: Luke, bakit naka-shorts ka? Pwede ba yan sa institute?

Luke: Di ba po today ang first day ng kambal sa swimming lesson?

Mommy: Oo, sasama ka?

Luke: Of course mom. Family event to eh and I don’t want to miss it.

Mommy: So si Daddy lang di kasama.

Daddy: Who said I’m not joining?

Mommy: You’re coming too?

Daddy: Mommy, sabi nga ni Luke this is a family event. You think I’d miss this?

Mommy: Wala na kong sinabi.

Then Nikki and Abby with the twins came in with Doris in tow.

Nikki: Good morning mom and dad! Hi kuya!

Luke: Ang taas ng energy natin Niks ah!

Nikki: Of course. I am so so so excited to see Sky and Sunshine swim.

Sky: me, me twim!

Sky piped in, Sunshine giggling. Both wearing rashguard paired with cute swimming shorts.

[a/n: I bet they’d be oh so adorable..huhuhu missing them really..oopps..back to the story.. :D]

Abby: Super excited din sina Sky and Sunshine.

Mommy: Mas excited tayong manonood kesa sa kanila. Tignan nyo naman kasama sina kuya at daddy.

Nikki: Really dad? Kuya?

Daddy: Yes Nikki.

Luke: Oo naman Niks.

Nikki: Wow! A family event.

Daddy: See mommy, same lang naiisip namin.

Mommy: Oo na nga di ba? Di na ko nakipagtalo. O siya, kumain na tayo at baka malate pa tong dalawa.

The family settled themselves in the dining area to have their breakfast. After breakfast, they headed to the clubhouse pool where the swimming lesson will be held.

Abby: Wow mom! Ang daming nagenrol. Mukhang maraming magiging playmates sina Sky and Sunshine.

Mommy: Oo nga Abby. Nakakatuwa.

Luke and Nikki were carrying the twins. Someone approached them.

Man: Hi, I’m Coach Mark.

The man held out his hand towards Maya but Ricky beat her into shaking him. Luke and Nikki looked at each other with a knowing smile.

Ricky: Hello, I’m Richard Lim and this is our family. Maya, my wife. Luke, our eldest son, Nikki, our oldest daughter. Abby, and the twins, who will take the swimming lessons, Sky and Sunshine.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: Hello po.

Coach Mark: Hi! Good to see na nandito kayong lahat to watch. Nakakatuwa kasi parang nagiging bonding ng family.

Maya: Oo nga po coach. Excited din kasi kami.

Maya smiled at Coach Mark which the latter returned, Ricky then placed his arm around her.

Ricky: We’ll go ahead coach and prepare the kids.

Coach Mark: Oh yeah of course. Nice meeting you guys.

Maya just nod her head and walked alongside her husband who seem to be acting weird.

Maya: Sweetheart, ok ka lang?

Ricky looked at her but didn’t speak up and just nod his head. They settled themselves in one of the benches and readied the twins.

Mommy: Are you both excited Sky? Sunshine?


Sunshine: Yes!

They all laughed at the twins who were showing too much exuberance except for Ricky who has remained quiet.

Mommy: Sweetheart, may problema ba sa opisina? Kanina ka pa tahimik.

Ricky smiled at her first and kissed her on the temple.

Daddy: Wala naman mommy, may iniisip lang.

Mommy: Sure kang ok ka lang?

Ricky just nodded his head.

The twins certainly enjoyed their first day, Luke made sure to record everything while Nikki was taking snapshots of them two.

When they got home, Luke and Nikki brought the twins to their room who had fallen asleep on their drive home and Abby went with them.

Maya: Sweetheart, coffee?

Ricky: Sure, sweetheart. Antayin na lang kita sa coffee place natin.

After some minutes, Maya arrived with their coffee and some cookies Nikki and Abby had baked the previous night.

Maya: Sweetheart, parang ang lalim ng iniisip mo ah.

Ricky jolted from his musing, not noticing his wife was already there.

Ricky: Sorry, sweetheart. May iniisip lang.

Maya: Sweetheart, kanina pa yan. Wala ka naman dapat ipagselos kay coach Mark.

Ricky made an incredulous look at his wife. Maya smiled before saying..

Maya: Tama ako noh? Nagkaganyan ka lang naman nung makipagkilala si coach Mark. Tapos hinarang mo nung makipagkamay. Kung nakikinig ka lang kanina, narinig mo sana nung ipakilala nya ung isang coach. His wife. J

Ricky cannot stop himself from smiling, for being caught and for his silly jealousness. So he stood up and give his wife a full-loving kiss on the mouth.

Ricky: I love you sweetheart..so much! You and the kids are my life. Sorry for my silliness.

Maya: Okay lang yan sweetheart. Maganda kasi asawa mo.

Ricky laughed out loud and felt a big weight off his shoulder. He could only shake his head for his nonsense jealousness.

Maya: Okay ka na sweetheart? Feeling ko kasi di mo na pababalikan ung kambal eh. Hahaha

Ricky laughed along with his wife even if it was at his own expense. He pulled her up, sat on the chair and placed her on his lap. Arms around her. Both enjoying the night. Contentment felt. Maya pulled her husband’s arms tighter around her and sighed happily. Then she faced her husband.

Maya: I love you sweetheart. Always remember,ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko, ikaw at ang mga anak natin. Forever na kayong nakaukit sa puso ko.

Ricky: I love you more sweetheart, always and forever.

And they sealed it with a kiss. J

[A/N: pasensya na po at sobrang busy.. 🙂 ]


21 thoughts on “If Only – The Twins 2

  1. thank you for writing “If Only” stories. Nice to see their “sana” stories made possible by you. I enjoy it very much and always looking forward to it. Maraming salamat po. 🙂

  2. naku ms. writer, sa tuwing makakabasa ako ng “if only” update mo, parang nanonood pa rin ako sa TV, esp ung selos ni singkit hehehe and ung pag tumbling tumbling ni Iskay 😀

      1. 👍👍👍 always, kahit huli ng maka read these days dahil sa kabusyhan sa buhay, but surely, won’t miss it

      2. yeheyyyyyy, waiting here 👏👏👏 ung scene with Iskay ang isa sa nilo-look forward ko din sa update mo ms. writer, sobra talaga akong na cutan sa batang un of course pati na din kay Sunshine

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