If Only – Father’s Day

If Only – Father’s Day

“Good morning sweetheart!” Maya kissed her husband upon waking up.

“Good morning too sweetheart!” Ricky answered back.

“Tayo ka na, marami pa tayong gagawin.”

“May plan ba tayo today?” Ricky was expecting this day was for himself.

“Oo, di ba nangako tayo sa mga bata na ipapasyal natin sila. Kaya bumangon ka na at maligo para maaga tayo makaalis.”

Ricky had a dismay look on his face but quickly recover and went to the bathroom. Maya went out to wake up their kids. Her last round was at the twins’ room to get them ready.

Mommy: Good morning Sky! Good morning Sunshine!

Sky: monin mami!

Mommy: Naku, inaantok pa ang baby Sky namin.

Sunshine: amorning momi!

Mommy: Wow! Hype naman ang baby Sunshine namin. O tara na, ligo na kayo. We’re going out.

Nikki then came in with Doris.

Nikki: Mom, kami na po ni ate Doris bahala sa kanila. Magready na po kayo.

Mommy: Sure ka Nikki? Pwede naman kita tulungan.

Doris: Sige na po Mrs. Chief, ako na lang po.

Nikki: Opo mommy, nakaligo na naman ako, magpalit na lang me ng pang-alis after namin maayos ni ate Doris sina Sky and Sunshine.

Maya: Okay sige. Thank you ate.

Nikki: You’re welcome mommy! Ah, wait lang ate Doris, hatid ko lang si mom palabras.

They head out of the room. After which, she went to their room. Ricky was already done dressing up so she headed straight in the bathroom.

When they were all done, they rode their van and went to the church to attend a mass. Then they headed to Sky Ranch. Sky shrieked out upon seeing the rides. Sunshine was silently giggling.

Mommy: Naku, super saya ng kambal. Mukhang mag-eenjoy tong dalawa.

Nikki: Oo nga mom. Nakakatuwa. They don’t feel any fear.

Sky: Momi, orse oh.

Sky pointing on a horse.

Mommy: You want to ride the horse Sky?

Sky: Yes!

And nods his head as well.

Luke: Sige, mommy, ako na sasama kay Sky.

Nikki: Ako na lang po kay Sunshine.

Mommy: Ikaw Abby?

Abby: Gusto ko po try.

Mommy: Okay.

The kids really did had fun with rides. Nikki and Luke practically took charge of the twins, while their parents were happily taking photos and videos of them. At 3PM, Abby requested they go home.

Daddy: You had fun kids?

Abby: Yes dad! Super! Thank you po sa inyo ni mommy.

Mommy: You’re welcome ate Abby.

Luke: Thank you po.

Nikki: Thankie mommykins and daddykins. How about you Sky and Sunshine? You enjoyed the rides?

Sunshine: Yes!

Sky just nod her head as he was busy with his milk bottle.

When they reach their home..

Nikki: Mom, dad, sige na po pahinga na po muna kayo. Kami na bahala sa kambal. Thanks po again for this day.

Nikki kissed their parents then Abby followed and Luke.

Sky: Kish pouts his mouth

Maya had to laugh before kissing cutie Sky and the rest of their kids. Ricky followed suit.

While in their room.

Maya: Sweetheart, okay ka lang ba?

Ricky: Yes, I’m good. Why did you ask?

Maya: Wala lang. Para kasing may iniisip ka eh.

Ricky sighed but didn’t respond and just gave her a timid smile. He went to the bathroom to freshen up. When he got out, he was surprised. His kids were in the room. With banners and all.

Luke/Nikki/Abby: Happy Father’s day daddy!

Sunshine: happy aders day!

Sky: hapi daddy!

Ricky had to laugh at that then he looked over at his wife who was watching. Maya went to his side.

Mommy: Happy Father’s day sweetheart! Akala mo naman nakalimutan namin. Pinaghandaan ng mga anak mo yan and there’s a dinner waiting for us. Pero bago un..

Luke: Sky, Sunshine, are you ready?

The twins nodded their heads, feeling excited with what they will do. Maya was ready to capture everything on the video. Of course, the three sang a song. They sang “I learned from you’ (by Miley Cryrus and her dad). And the main presentation.. the kids dancing ‘Whip Nae Nae’. Ricky was crying and now laughing as he watch his older kids dance with their younger siblings. He looked at his wife who was smiling and he looked up and silently utter a prayer of thanks.

“Thank you Lord.”

He was reverted back to reality when he heard his wife’s laughter. When he look what was the cause, he couldn’t stop but laugh as well. Sky was definitely having too much of a good time that even if the song has already ended, he was still dancing. And much to the delight of everyone, he danced with his cute pout, making him look so adorable.

Nikki: Oh Sky, you nailed it! Hahaha

Ricky picked up Sky and kiss him.

Sky: Daddy dance?

Daddy: hahaha No baby.

Ricky kissed him, then the rest of the kids encircled him.

Sunshine: Up daddy! Up!

Luke picked her up and Sunshine was asking her dad to carry her as well.  But of course naughty Sky wouldn’t have it and made sure his dad won’t be able to carry his twin sister.

Sky: No! Daddy mine!

Sunshine cried. Mommy Maya to the rescue but Sky was being playful.

Sky: oooppss, mommy mine too!

And he was extending his hand towards his mom. The older siblings were laughing with what Sky was doing. But Mommy had to intervene.

Mommy: Sky, you have to share. If you want daddy, Sunshine has to have mommy.

Sky: I don’t yike.

Mommy: Sky.

Mommy on her stern voice. Sky looked at her and understood that his mom is not liking what he was doing.

Sky: Otay.

Maya had to stifle her smile, while Ricky was shaking with his silent laughter. The older siblings were silently laughing as well.

Mommy: Very good Sky.

Then Sky grin, Maya took Sunshine who was already on the verge of crying. Maya kissed her.

Mommy: Hay naku Ricky, manang-mana sayo yang  anak mo.

Daddy: What? Bakit ako?

Mommy: Kasing lakas mong mang-asar.

Ricky had to laugh at that. Sky looked at him and imitated him.

Mommy: Tignan mo, ginaya ka pa.

Luke: Dad, I have to agree.

Daddy: Really now?

And it was Maya’s turn to laugh. Ricky could only shake his head. He won’t say it but he agrees.

Abby: Let’s go down na po and have our dinner.

Nikki: Oh yeah.

Luke: Mom, ako nap o magkarga kay Sunshine.

Mommy: Ah ok.

When Maya was about to pass Sunshine to her kuya, she hold on tight on her mom’s neck.

Mommy: Naku Luke, mukhang ayaw. Sige na, kaya na to.

They headed to the dining area where a feast like was on the table.

Daddy: Wow! Kare-kare, my favorite. Who cooked?

Nikki: Mommy did.

Daddy: Really? But how?

Mommy: Ako ang nagtimpla tapos si Nikki ang nagtuloy with Manang Fe’s and Sabel’s help.

Daddy: I love you sweetheart! Thank you so much!

Mommy: I love you too!

And they shared a sweet kiss.

Daddy: In fairness sweetheart, marunong ka magtago ng sekreto.

And they all laughed.

Mommy: See sweetheart.

Daddy: Sorry sweetheart, natuwa lang talaga ako how you guys were able to arrange this without me getting a hint.

Nikki: Group hug!

And they did. Maya discreetly wiped Ricky’s tears.

Ricky mouthed ‘thank you and I love you’ to his wife.

Mommy: Okay, let’s eat. Manang Fe, Mang Anastacio, Doris, Sabel, kuya Joma, kain na po tayo.

Manang Fe: O sige, tara na at kumain.

Everyone had a good story to share with laughters surrounding the dining area. It was another fulfilling day with the whole family gathered and sharing stories.

Night cap..

Maya: Happy sweetheart?

Ricky: Very. Thank you for making this day memorable.

Maya: Di lang naman ako yun, kami ng mga anak.

Ricky: But I know you are the one who initiated it. I am very blessed to have been given a wonderful partner. I can’t thank the Lord enough.

Maya: Hay naku sweetheart, pinapaiyak mo ko. Pero thankful din ako kasi pinagtagpo tayo. You are my one true blessing, bonus na ang mga anak natin.

Ricky: We’re both lucky. I love you sweetheart! <tsup>

Maya: I love you too sweetheart, more than you’ll ever know. J

Another day filled with so much love encompassed with harmony of a very beautiful family. What more to ask for? [a/n: ibalik ang BCWMH :D]


24 thoughts on “If Only – Father’s Day

  1. super ganda talaga ng family nila, napapawi kahit paano ang pagka miss sa BCWMH/Lim Family through “If only” ❤ ❤ ❤ while reading, parang ung mga words nabubuhay at naging tv show – cutieee

  2. salamuch sa very talented authors like you who still writes scenarios in the Lim household…u make us happy and over the moon! nababawasan ang pagka miss kasi like what sis anne said, prang nanonood na din kami ng tv show…thank u! sana marami pang If Only na dadating…God bless!

  3. Hi thereaderwriter thank u at nagkataon pa na Father’s day this coming Sunday. Ang sarap lang ialala ang serye sa iyong mga maikling kwento at sa isip natin na kung hindi madaling nagend ang bcwmh ito ‘sana’ ay isang samga episodes nila.

  4. As new follower very happy that bcwmh is back sa ganito nga lang pamamaraan but then sa mga adik like me oks na oks….thanks much thereotherwritergal super enjoy ako…like this one a happy episode…🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝

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