If Only – Just Another Ordinary Day 2

If Only – Just Another Ordinary Day 2


Nikki and Abby just arrived from school and looking for Sky and Sunshine. The twins usually come by the door to welcome them.

Nikki: Ate Sabel, where are the twins?

Sabel: Ma’am Nikki, dinala po sila sa park ni Doris. Medyo naiinip po ung kambal kaya pinasyal ni Doris sa park.

Nikki: Really? Pumayag sina mom and dad?

Sable: Pinagpaalam naman po ni Doris bago nya dinala. Parang dun na rin po dederetso ang mommy at dady nyo.

Nikki: Waaahhh! So daya! Gusto ko pumunta.

Abby: Ako rin ate.

Nikki: Ok, I’ll call mom.


Mommy: Hello, Nikki?

Nikki: Mom? Where are you na po?

Mommy: Ah pauwi na kami pero dadaanan namin sa park ung kambal.

Nikki: Mom, we want to go there too. Please?

Mommy: Ah, sige. Teka, pasama kayo kay kuya Joma.

Nikki: Yehey! Thankie mommy!

After dinner, Maya fixed the twins to sleep.

Mommy: Come here Sky, I’ll put on your PJs now.

Sky went to his mom but when he see the PJs.

Sky: Mommy, I want byu.

Mommy: Ha? Eh, you wore it last night so it is still dirty.

Sky: I want byu momi. Byu..

Mommy: Sky, you have to wear other clothes too.

Sky was crying now and shaking his head vigorously then the door opened revealing Ricky.

Daddy: Sweetheart, why is Sky crying.

Mommy: Hay daddy, gusto isuot uli ung PJs nya na blue. Eh hindi pa nalalabhan. Ito mahirap, may favorite na. Tingnan mo si Sunshine ready to sleep na.

Ricky motioned to pass Sky to him. Ricky brought Sky near the hamper.

Daddy: Sky, you see the clothes here? These will be washed.

Sky nods his head.

Daddy: You love your blue PJs right?

Sky nods his head again.

Daddy: Now if you wear this everyday, it will not be blue anymore, it will turn white. Do you want that?

Sky shakes his head.

Daddy: So, you’re ok to wear the PJs mommy set for you.

Sky: yes

Sky answered in his very timid cute voice.

Daddy: Okay, you go to mommy so she could put on your PJs and you say sorry too.

Sky went to his mom as instructed.

Sky: Soyi momi. L

Maya heaves a sigh before answering. She gatherd Sky in her arms.

Mommy: It’s okay baby. Let’s put on now your clothes.

Sky: yabyu momi

Maya could only shake her head. Trying to contain her tears.

Sky: momi, Sky bad?

Mommy: No sweetie. <tsup> Sky is not bad. I love you baby Sky.

Sky smiled, melting Maya’s heart.

In the confines of their bedroom.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

Maya just nod her head. She was lying on Ricky’s chest, quite deep in thought.

“Sweetheart, don’t feel bad. It’s natural na sometimes you have to say no to your kid.”


Ricky silently chuckled.

“Hindi naman yun. <sniff> Ang hirap kasi magalit. Ayoko magspoil ng anak <sniff> kaso mahihirapan ata ako.”

Ricky kissed his wife and rub her back.

“It’s ok sweetheart. We cannot always be the perfect parent, everyday will be a learning process for us.”

Maya nods her head.

“And I will always be here to support and guide you. We will grow together for every mistake we make and learn from those.”

Maya kissed her husband.

“I love you sweetheart and thank you kasi nandyan ka para alalayan ako parati.”

“Of course. Where else would I be? Only beside you.”

Ricky grinned at her.

“Hay naku sweetheart, okay na eh. Bumabanat ka pa ng kakornihan mo.”

“What? I’m not being corny, am telling the truth.”

“Okay, sorry na.”

“I love you sweetheart.”

Ricky kissed his wife. On her forehead, nose then a lingering kiss on the lips. They come up for some air, looked at each other’s eyes and a silent understanding was formed.

[A/N: alam nyo na kung ano un..hahaha..hanggang ganun lang kaya ko 😀 ]


34 thoughts on “If Only – Just Another Ordinary Day 2

  1. kakagigil ang kakulitan mo Ishkay pero kaka admire how the parents taught them to say sorry after throwing tantrums, can’t explain the feeling everytime nagbabasa ng update ng “if only” ung ang sarap damhin ng inspirasyong hatid ng eksena … pero ms. writer, bakit palaging naka-cut ung … “alam mo na kung ano un…hahaha”

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