If Only – Baby Princess No More?

If Only – Baby Princess No More?

“Sunshine, come here na please. We have to get ready for the mass.”
That was what Maya overheard when she was about to open the twins’ room.
“Nikki, anong problema?”
“Hi mom. Si Sunhine po kasi mom ayaw pa magpabihis. Look at Sky, already done.”
Sky run to his mom.
“Mommy, handsome me.”
“Of course baby. You’re very handsome like daddy and kuya Luke.”
He grinned at his mom. Then her husband peeped in the room.
“Are we ready guys?”
“Daddy, ilabas mo na si Sky, tutulungan ko lang si Nikki sa prinsesita mo, mukhang may topak.”
Ricky raised his brow.
“Well, that’s new. That’s usually mr. grumpy.”
“Well not today sweetheart. As you can see, ready to go na po si mr. grumpy.”
Ricky looked at Sunshine and was surprised to see her only in nappy.
“Come here Sky, let’s go out and see kuya Luke and ate Abby.”
Sky willingly went to his father. Maya then turned to Nikki.
“Anong problema Nikki? Come here Sunshine.”
“Mom, she doesn’t want to wear the dress I prepared so I asked what she wants.”
“Okay, so anong problema sa pinili nya?”
Nikki pointed at what Sunshine has picked to wear and Maya had to control herself for fear of triggering further Sunshine’s bad mood.
“Baby, why do you want to wear that gown?”
“Ish pretty.”
“Yes baby, it’s pretty but you cannot wear that in church. But you can wear it on ate Nikki’s birthday. Then we’ll put a princess tiara on you. Do you like that baby?”
It seemed to sit well on Sunshine that she happily nods her head and smile.
“Hay, thanks mom!” Maya laughed at her and kissed her on the temple.
“Mukhang nagmana talaga sa’yo ate. Namimili na ng susuotin.”
“Oh mom, I think mas matindi si Shine.”
They talked while dressing up Sunshine. They head in the living room where the rest of the family are.
“Okay na mommy?”
“Yes daddy. Nagdadalaga na kasi ang baby princess mo.”
Ricky had a horrendous look.
Maya laughed out loud, Nikki and then the rest of the kids. Sky run towards Maya.
“Mommy, carry!”
Ricky immediately forgot the issue at hand and intervened.
“Sky, daddy will carry you.”
“But I want mommy.”
“Mommy cannot carry two babies.”
Sky frowned not understanding what his dad was saying.
“I’m not two.”
The older kids laughed at Sky’s remark while Maya was holding her laughter.
“Sky, mommy is carrying another baby in her tummy. Our baby bunso.”
“NO!!! I’m baby.”
Maya glared at Ricky, indicating him to stop already.
“Skyyy, of course you’re baby too. You and Sunshine. Let’s go now or we will be late. Sky, go to daddy please, he’ll carry you. Mommy’s bag is heavy.”
This seem to appease Sky and went to his dad. Nikki hold Sunshine’s hand and they all went to their van to attend their mass. After which, they will go to the mall for some family bonding.

[A/N: baka sabihin I’m too biased with Sky..hahaha 😀 ]


30 thoughts on “If Only – Baby Princess No More?

      1. pdeng mag third the motion?? hahaha…till now cant get over them and cant move on…pati pagtulog at bawat paggising hayyy!!! salamat me nababasa pa din….pra khit papano…masaya ang mundo ng mga adik! God bless!

  1. Thanks much …with your stories the show live on in our heart,hope you wont get tired of writting..thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you for another cute story and putting a smile on all the adiks’ faces. It’s like watching them still…. you are heaven sent to the adiks Ms. Writer! Salamat. Looking forward to the next episode! 😉😊

  3. Looking forward for more of this Ms Writer…. Nakakamiss sila pero with ur stories nababawasan pagkamiss aa kanila kasi parang andyan pa din ang show… God bless u po…

  4. Thanks so much for your stories . I seldom comment pero i really really appreciate this series, parang bcwmh tlga. Pampaalis ng pagka miss sa ating fave family 🙂

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