If Only – Grocery Time

If Only – Grocery Time

The couple went to the grocery with the twins.

“Mommy, big push cart na kukunin ko para sakay sina Sky and Sunshine.”

“O sige daddy.”

Ricky took a push cart and called on the twins who were with their mom.

“Sky, Sunshine. Come here buddies.”

The twins run to their dad.

“You want to ride here?”

A smile immediately formed on Sky’s face while Sunshine was contemplating whether to ride or not. Ricky carefully placed Sky into the cart then Sunshine. When Sunshine saw her twin enjoying, her apprehension vanished. And off they go to the aisles with mom picking on the needed items. However, when they reached the chocolate area, Sky got excited that he stood up and pointed on his favorite Sneakers. Ricky being the spoiler took two for Sky and a Cadbury for Sunshine. When he looked at his wife, Maya was shaking her head but couldn’t argue anymore as the twins were very happy with their chocolates or so they thought. Sky was now demanding to be put down from the cart.

“Daddy, down, down.”

“Why Sky?”

“I want down daddy.”

Ricky put Sky down then he run off to another section. Ricky had to follow him, good thing he run off near his mother. Then he saw his wife laughing.


Maya looked at her husband then pointed at Sky. Sky was awestruck on the pile of foods before him. He seem to be having a hard time picking up what he wants. Then Sunshine also asked to be placed down.

“Daddy, kuhanan mo na lang ng push cart na pambata ung dalawa. Pag napuno nila, piliin na lang natin kung anu-ano ung pwede para sa kanila. Naamaze na ung mga anak mo eh.”

Ricky shook his head with a smile on his face.

“Sige mommy, kuha lang ako. Ang kulit talaga ng mga anak mo, mana sa’yo.”

“FYI po mister Lim, anak mo rin po sila.”

And they shared a beautiful laugh and was surprised to hear Sky shrieked. Then they laughed once more when they saw the items Sky was holding.

“I’ll go get their push carts.”

Maya was still laughing when she kneel beside Sky.

“Sky, why have you picked so many items?”

“Ish for kuya yuke, ate nikki, ate abby, ate doyis, ate bel, kuya homa.”

Maya was teary eyed when Ricky arrived.


“Sweetheart, bibilhin natin lahat ng dala ni Sky.”

“Oh, akala ko ba pipiliin natin? And why are you crying sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart, ung anak mo kasi ang sweet. Ung mga pinamili nya para daw sa mga kapatid nya, kina Doris, Sabel at kuya Joma.”


Ricky assisted his wife up.

“Sky, place those here in your cart.”

Sky happily placed his grocery items.

“Tama ka sweetheart, mana sila sa akin.”

“Hahaha..whatever you say sweetheart, whatever you say.”

[a/n: just a short piece.. nagooff utak ko..hahaha..wala ko maidagdag sa I Hate.. 😀 ]

15 thoughts on “If Only – Grocery Time

  1. awwww Iskay, you’re the sweetest talaga, sana makuro kita dito sa ff hehehe, bakit nga ba ang mga dad spoiler? ang sarap e-imagine them na nag go-grocery and 2 cutie-patotie na patalbog talbog sa kakatakbo 💖👍🍭

  2. Hay….naiimagine ko lang ang kakulitan ng kambal kung tuloy tuloy pa rin ang series. Pati kakulitan ng buong Lim family, Dorbel + Kuya Joma. Feeling ko lang, paborito mo si Iskay Thereaderwritergal. Hahaha…Pareho tayo…Super cute siya talaga kahit sumpungin. Thanks for this update.

  3. si Mr Lim prang si Mr P ko….till now khit natutuwa o nagagalit – pag maganda asal o nakikitang ginagawa ng mga anak nia….mana sa akin o sa Verzosa…pero lahat ng good deed o kagwapuhan – galing daw sa kanya – aysus!!! but, baliktad kami since maliit haha…ako ang spoiler pero ang hubby ko ang madalas mag NO! NO! kasi Ilocano dw sia at PRACTICAL as in all caps yun ha? thanks for this…i love iskay and i love sunshine khit mas marami ang write ups about iskay hahahaha…lahat ata tayo gigil na gigil k iskay….God bless!!

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