I Hate You Because I Love You – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Lo and behold, Ricky was indeed there.

Maya did not notice when their respective families stood up and move near Ricky. Ricky then walks towards her on a sunflower petals path. Maya couldn’t contain her emotions that tears started falling from her eyes. Ricky looks confident but on the inside he feels that this was the longest walk of his life as this will be the turning point of his forever, their forever together. And finally he reached her.


Maya looked up to try to control the flow of her tears. Ricky wiped the tears with his thumb. Their family were watching, their mothers crying.

“Sweetheart, I know we don’t have the perfect story but I know we could make it perfect together. Because from here today forward, I promise to give you beautiful pictures to add in your book of perfection.”

Maya was surprised as to how Ricky knew of her scrapbook. As though reading her mind.

“I may have glimpse or two of it.” Ricky cheekily grinned at her as though trying to get absolved from a crime. Maya just shake her head and smile. Ricky breathes in.

“Sweetheart, Maya, I know my day will never be complete anymore if I don’t see you by my side. (commercial: James making face on every word that Alex elbowed him :D, pang-asar lang si kuya) I want to sleep and wake up seeing you sleeping beside me. I want to see future little Maya and little Richard running here and there. And I want to start it now. (he dropped on one knee and Maya gasped) Maya, my love, my heart, my soul, would you agree with me to start the perfect story together? Will you marry me?”

Ricky and the rest of the family waited with bated breath for Maya’s answer.

“Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi sa magandang storya. Yes, Richard, I will marry you!”

“YES!!!” Their family’s cheer erupted as well. Maya did not notice that they were the only ones occupying the restaurant. Richard had rented the place for the night.

Ricky placed the ring on her finger and kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a smack though that James tapped him on the shoulder.

“Pare, wag mo muna solohin kapatid ko.”

“Naku ka talaga James, moment nila yan.”

Ricky faced their family with his arm looped around Maya’s waist.

“Tito, tita, James, pare, Alex, thank you for being here. Your support and acceptance means a lot.”

“Sinong may sabi na tanggap ka na namin. Ommp! Aray nay. Binibiro ko lang naman si bayaw.”

Alex stifled a laugh, Tay Arturo laughed along with Don Roberto and Donya Esmeralda.

“Richard, masaya ako kasi alam kong mapapangalagaan mo ang anak namin. Panatag akong ibibigay sayo si Maya.”

“Salamat po tito.”

“Iho, tatay.”

“Sige po, tay.” Maya smiled at what’s unfolding, this is real.

“Iha.” Maya released herself from Ricky and went to Ricky’s mom.

“Ma.” Donya Esmeralda was too overwhelmed that Maya went to her and hugged her. Don Roberto looked on.

“Pa, Ma, thank you. I love you both.” Ricky was being emotional as well when he went to his parents. Don Roberto opened his arm for his son. Ricky embraced his dad then made a space for his mom and Maya. Tay Arturo placed his arm around his wife’s shoulder and kissed her on the temple. Maya then excused herself and went to her family. Nay Teresita then looked at Richard silently motioning him to join. And Richard did join Maya’s family. After the excitement died down, they settled on the table and talked further about their wedding.

Ricky and Maya were both basking with happiness that they were in their own world. Looking at each other, smiling and with Ricky kissing her ring finger. A kiss sealing their forever.


25 thoughts on “I Hate You Because I Love You – Chapter 11

  1. Kinikilig ako…..!!! feel na feel ko yun story grabe ms.the readerwritergal thank you po talaga! Serious po kayo dun sa comment nun cindylurky na “yan na un”…wag naman…hehehe. Plssssssss

  2. kung sa akin nangyari to, baka hinimatay na ako sa kilig hehehehe and lakas ng tawa ko dito “(commercial: James making face on every word that Alex elbowed him :D, pang-asar lang si kuya)” James is a typical best friend, yan naman talaga ang tunay na bestfriend, pero alam mong very supportive naman. more, more, more ms. writer please don’t end the kilig yet 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Aiyeeeeeee!!! Hindi na mabilang ang proposals na nabasa ko between Maya and Richard but everytime kinikilig much pa din ako!!! Waaaaaaaa walang kasawa sawa sa pagiibigang Maya and Richard!sabi nga ni Ricky kay Maya…i just cant get enough..kasi addik! Excited for the wedding much more sa honeymoon..thakie Ms writer 🙂

  4. Panira talaga ng moment si bestfriend James. hahaha…..thanks for this super kilig proposal update. Tama nga, kahit sampung milyong proposals na ang nabasa ng mga adiks sa mga R and M FF, andiyan pa rin ang kilig. Thanks na marami….

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