I Hate You Because I Love You – Epilogue


“And they live happily ever after. The end.”

“Aden! Aden!”

“Hahaha..grabe ka Sky, nakakailang ulit na po tayo. Ang kapatid mo nakatulog na. You just don’t want to sleep.” Maya tickled her son then Ricky came in hearing his son shrieking with laughter.

“Sweetheart, paano makakatulog yang anak mo nilalaro mo.”

But Ricky knew full well that their youngest son just didn’t want to sleep yet.

“Hay daddy, ewan ko dito sa anak mo, full of energy pa rin.” Ricky sat beside his wife and kissed her on the cheek.

“ai dahdi.” His son cheekily greeted him. Ricky leaned towards his son and kissed him.

“Why you don’t want to sleep buddy?”

“I wan stoyi dahdi.” The little boy being too cute even sat on his bed.

Ricky stood up and lay down their son.

“You have to sleep now or you won’t grow like kuya Luke.”

“I don’t wan gow.” Their son argued and even shook his head. His mother was trying her hardest not to laugh. Their little boy was really the best test of their patience. And he was only two alongside his twin. They have three older kids, Luke who’s ten, Nikki who’s 9 and Abby who’s 7.

“Sky, you have to sleep now or we will not bring you with us to the mall. We will buy Sunshine the toys she want.”

This seem to have an appeal on the cutie boy that he immediately closed his eyes but his mouth not.

“Dahdi, I buy car? Tyi.” Showing his three little cute fingers. The couple were both stifling their laughter.

“Okay buddy but you really have to sleep now.”


In less than a minute he was asleep. The couple kissed him on his forehead and put on his blankie. And they head to their room.

-in the confines of their room-

“Sweetheart, thank you.”

“Thank you? For what?”

“For giving me the very best story ever.”

Ricky kissed his wife full on the lips before responding.

“You don’t need to thank me because I am more than glad to give you the very best story you deserve.”

“Hay, napakacheesy mo sweetheart. Tara tulog na tayo at siguradong may maagang kakatok sa atin.”

Ricky chuckled and switched off the light but not before giving his wife a searing kiss.

-the morning-


Maya jolted then she looked up and saw her husband’s eyes were full of mirth.

“Sweetheart! Kanina pa nakatok yang mga anak mo? Pang-asar ka talaga. Mimmy na naman ako.”

“Hahaha..nakakatuwa kasi yang baby boy mo. Nag-iiba tawag sayo pag naaasar.”

Maya shook her head and was about to get up.

“Where are you going sweetheart?”

“Pagbubuksan ko po ng pinto ung mga anak mo.”

“Five more minutes please?”

Ricky was giving her puppy dog eyes.

“hahaha, hay naku sweetheart ha, kukumpetensyahin mo pa anak mo.” And Maya finally was able to get up but then she went back to her husband and give him a kiss. It would have last a bit more longer had not Sky banged on the door.


“Sweetheart, nagwawala na po anak mo.”

“Okay, okay, I concede.”

Maya opened the door and the twins’ bursts inside.

“Mommy, e door?”

“Sorry Sky, daddy and mommy just woke up” Maya bent down and gave him a kiss.

“Ai mommy!”

“Hello Sunshine. Kiss mommy.”

Sunshine giddily gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“How about daddy?” Ricky piped in.

The twins scrambled to get on the bed as they were trying to beat each other on who gets to kiss daddy first. Good thing they got on at the same time or the parents would have a big problem at hand.

Then the twins spoke at the same time with matching jumping on bed.

“Babie babie” “Car car”

“Ayan na daddy, pinangakuan mo kasi.”

“Hey buddies, let’s go to church first before we go to the mall okay? But first things first, let’s have breakfast.”

The twins clapped their hands. The couple then carried one twin and head to the dining area.

“Hi kids. Good morning.”

Abby stood up and hugged her mom.

“Good morning mommy. Good morning Sky.”

Maya lean down to kiss her daughter and Sky followed suit. Nikki and Luke waited for their turn.

“How was your sleep guys?”

“It was good dad. Um, dad, mom, are we going out?”

“Yes, we will after the mass. Your dad promised the twins toys.” Upon hearing toys, Sky shriek due to excitement.

“And he is definitely excited.” The older kids laughed at their baby brother.

“Okay, let’s eat now so we could prepare and be on time for the mass.”

The kids followed at once and seated themselves. The dining full of laughter. The family full of love. Ricky and Maya has created more than a beautiful story, they created their Family.

-and it’s a wrap-

{A/N: thank you guys..until the next..hopefully 😀 ]


26 thoughts on “I Hate You Because I Love You – Epilogue

  1. ang sipag ni singkit hehehe talagang sinagad ang limang anak hahaha talagang end na? Iskay is the cutest baby ever, si Sunshine naman demure, nakakamiss ang kambal. abang abang sa susunod mong handog ms. writer. and maraming salamat sa saya at kilig na naidulot ng ff na ito sa amin 🌻🌻🌻

  2. ganda….happy ecer after talaga! i love reading ng ganitong mga stories…ayoko ng mga harsh stories and teleserye hayyy….will be waiting for your next project God bless

      1. d lang ikaw…pati si Sis Anne ganun din….ako recently i tried Aldub since mga anak ko at recommended ng isang Adik from New York….ay panay hagikhik ko at kahit magalit si Mr P sken…deadma hahaha!! at least pag reading FFs i dont have to LOL and i dont need earphones hehe….God bless!!

  3. nabasa ko na….pero binasa ko ulit hahahhahaha…feeling now ko lang nabasa hahaha pero me comment na pala ako….hayyy ang nagagawa ng wlang magawa!!! thank u agen n agen!! God bless!

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