I Love You Because I Love You – Finale

[A/N: Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo matiyagang pagantabay. Nawa’y maiiwanan ko kayo ng isang masayang kwento 🙂 ]


“On this day, I promise to be the very man you would go to whenever you need someone to be by your side. I will be your knight in shining armor. Your modern debonair knight. <laughters> I will be here, there, anywhere you are. I will be your shadow. You will be the heart of my soul and the soul of my heart. I love you sweetheart, always and forever.”

Maya’s tears flowing. Everyone had tears in their eyes. The very day that everyone were waiting for has arrived. The day itself was very beautiful. The sun up and bright, the sky bluer than blue. The church was dressed to the finest. Richard demanded that their wedding happen after a month of preparation. Maya didn’t argue anymore as he said that a month is already far too long. Both their families were more than eager to help out. And so this day came.

“Sweetheart, we both know our roads that crossed was very bumpy. I am just very happy that we were able to smoothen it together. You don’t know how very thankful I am that you were the man God had sent my way. I cannot be more happy and contented. But now that I am here, in front of God and our loved ones promising a forever together, I can certainly say in front of all our witnesses here that I am the most luckiest woman here on earth. You are one of the most wonderful blessings I could ask and pray for. <sniff, sniff> I love you, always and forever too.”

Ricky wipes his tear and mouthed ‘I love you’.

The priest: “I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Loud cheers and applause erupted as Ricky dips Maya for the traditional kiss. After the excitement died down, the priest continued with the wedding rites.

-At the reception-

The couple were on the dance floor having their frist dance as a married couple.


“Very happy sweetheart. Thank you!”

“Thank you? What for?”

“Kasi you made this possible. I am really, really the luckiest woman on earth.” Maya smiled, contentment showing on her beautiful face. Ricky kissed her on the lips.

“You don’t need to thank me sweetheart because you more than deserve this. I love you and I will do everything, anything to show you how much I mean it.”

Maya has no more response on that so she just kissed her husband. Clinking glasses ensued. Then James being James..

“Wooooh..okay na yan..tama na yan..inuman na.” A bout of laughter erupted.

Nay Teresita could only shake her head. She was beaming, knowing her two children are happy and will be taken good care of. Donya Esmeralda leaned on her husband feeling happy that her only son has found the love of his life. She knows he will be living a well fulfilled life with Maya by his side. She looked at Teresita and they smiled at one another. Feeling blessed that their children will have their beautiful forever together.

Later on, the couple bid goodbye to their family, relatives and friends.

“Bayaw, usapang matino ah..”

“I promise, I’ll take good care of Maya.”

“Pre, di un ang sasabihin ko, excited ka.”

Their family laughed. Ricky shook his head.

“Okay, sorry for interrupting, what were you trying to say?”

“Gusto ko sureball ka, I want a honeymoon niece or nephew.Okay? Aray nay!”

“Puro ka talaga kalokohan James.” His mother hit him on the shoulder.

“Bakit nay, ayaw nyo?”

“Syempre gusto ko.”

“Un naman pala nay, para may kalaro na rin si Cho. At nangungulit kasi ng kapatid. After five years na uli kami gagawa, masyado kami natuwa sa kabaitan ng anak ko.”

His parents had to laugh at that, knowing full well that Cho was quite a handful.

“Ikaw talaga James.”

“Tay, am just being honest.”

“Hindi anak, hindi mo lang maamin na mas matindi pa sa’yo ang anak mo. At least naiinitindihan mo na kami ng nanay mo.”

“Ikaw kasi kuya eh, napakabait mo.”

“Hay, wala na kong sinabi.”

“Don’t worry pare, naiintindihan ko. We’ll work on that.”

Maya’s eyes rounded then hits Ricky on the stomach.

“Hahaha, sweetheart.” Ricky embraced Maya and kissed her on the forehead.

“Naku ha, kakampihan mo pa kuya ko.”

“Hay naku ka James, fist LQ ng mag-asawa ikaw ang dahilan.”

The family laughed.

After a very long goodbyes with their family, the couple head on to their honeymoon destination. Maya has no idea [a/n: me neither..hahaha] where they were heading.

“Sweetheart, saan nga pala tayo pupunta?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Okay. I know it will be worth it, just like you.”

“You’re so sweet sweetheart, I love you.”

“I love you most.”

And they shared a kiss full of love as they traverse to start their beautiful story.

-The End-


14 thoughts on “I Love You Because I Love You – Finale

  1. hala, talagang finale na … ms. writer, ikaw na … ikaw na ang wagas sa pambibitin hehehe pero mabuti na lang at may natatanaw akong epilogue. one thing na di ko malimutan sa story na to, yung kakulitan ni James, natatawa ako sa mga hirit nya palagi (mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan)

  2. Sureness Ms witer? Th3 End na??? Di ako nakapagready doon ah! Well kailan ba ako naging ready anyway? Just te same its a verry happy ending for a lovely story..Thans much!

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