If Only – One Rainy Friday

If Only – One Rainy Friday

The twins were looking outside the window, both hands on their chin. Sky pouting, Sunshine sighing. While their mom was silently laughing. Her husband was suddenly at her back and whispered.

“What’s with those two?”

“They were looking forward to playing in the park and then it rained. Kaya nakapangalumbaba yang mga anak mo. Hay naku, kala mo matatanda na.” And she laughed, he chuckled and shook his head.

“They really took after you.”

She faced him and gave him a glare. He was unfazed and gave her a kiss on the lips. She couldn’t help, she smiled. Then they were both surprised when Sky spoke, he was already beside them.

“Dahdi, I wan play awshide.” He was looking up at him and he has that ‘awa’ face. Ricky leveled at Sky.

“Sky, it’s still raining so you can’t play outside. Promise, tomorrow if the weather is good, we will bring you to the park.”
His baby princess is now there as well.

“Promise dahdi?”

“Yes sweetie, promise.” But it will not be that easy on Mr.Grumpy.

“I wan now. I wan slide.”

He was being indignant. His parents though understands that he is just frustrated that he cannot play in the park but needs him to understand that he cannot get whatever he wants.

“Sky, if daddy says he will bring you tomorrow, he will. Now, if you go outside and play you will get sick. When you get sick, you will not be able to play for a longer time because you have to rest. Do you want that?”

Sky was already on the verge of tears but knows full well if his daddy is being stern, he has to follow.

“Now give daddy a kiss.” Sky did so and Sunshine followed suit. He kissed them both and carried Sky.

“Are you angry with daddy?”

Their baby boy shook his head.

“I love you buddy <kissed him>. We will go to the park tomorrow if it doesn’t rain or we will go the mall where you and Sunshine can play. Is that okay with you.”

This sounded better on him that his dimples showed off as a smile formed on his face while he nods his assent.

“Ang galing talaga ni daddy.” Maya teased her husband while she holds Sunshine’s hand.

“Mahirap ng maging spoiled, may isa pang baby.”

And they shared a hearty laugh. The twins copying their parents.
All’s well that ends well. 😊


[a/n: dahil sa gloomy weather, I was able to create this after ng end ng Missing You. Be safe everyone. 😊]


14 thoughts on “If Only – One Rainy Friday

  1. that’s 5 points to you Daddy Singkit, mana kasi sa yo ang anak mo. ahhhh ito ang na mi-mi-miss ko sa show, ang scene na ito ng “If Only” and ganda ng photo nila sa baba 👏👍🙌

      1. hindi ka nag iisa ms. writer, marami tayo 😢😢😢 really hoping na sana makita natin sila muli sa tv someday giving us again the inspiration and good vibes, nag-iisang the best teleserye hanggang sa pagtanda natin (kahit na matanda na rin naman tayo ngayon hehehehe)

      2. high-five tayo … hehehe divorced kami ng tv after BCWMH R&M ff ang kinalolokohan after ng show at pag gasgas ng BCWMH dvds ng paulit ulit, kaya parang baliw din na paulit ulit na tumatawa, kinikilig at umiiyak sa mga touching scenes

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