If Only – Everyday

If Only – Everyday

There was a knock on the door. Nikki already knows who’s knocking. She stood up to open the door and let the knocker get in. She went to their bed, hers and Abby’s, and continued on her writing. After a few seconds, Sky went in, bottle on his mouth, went straight to the bed and lied down. Nikki had gotten used to this routine of her brother. The first few times she thought she was getting pranked. She would open the door and won’t see anyone by the door. Then she would hear silent snickers. If she close the door, there would be another knock and Sky would be at the door, bottle on his mouth and would go straight to the bed and lie down. Only after the many incidents that she decided to leave the door open once she hears the knock and see no one. She doesn’t know why Sky would love to stay in their room when finishing his milk bottle but she is loving this though. And because she loves so much to have good bonding with her siblings, she would give Sky something to do once he’s done with his milk. If she is not too busy, she would teach him learning stuff. She of course works on making it enjoyable as Sky has a very short temper. The very opposite of his twin Sunshine. Sunshine loves going to play school, Sky doesn’t.

“Sky, you want ate to teach you how to write?”
Sky shook his head no.
“How about we color books?”
It was an unclear no because he still got his bottle on his mouth. Nikki sighed. Then he said..
Nikki smiled upon hearing it.
“Okay Sky, what do you want me to read?”
“Chi bearr.” He exclaimed with his hands raised up.
“Ah, Goldilocks and the three Bears.”
Sky nods his head and was smiling. Nikki arranged her brother to sit on her lap.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, she came upon a . She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in.

Sky shrieked as his ate was reading with action and all making it so exciting for the little boy. Then there was a knock.

“Come in.”

“Wow! Ang sweet  talaga ni ate.” It was their mom who came in with Sunshine in her tow.

“Eeeeee.” Sunshine shrieked and jump onto the bed.

“Hay grabe talaga tong kambal na to, ayaw sa room nila.”

“hahaha..oo nga mom. Lalo na tong si Sky, dito talaga nya inuubos milk nya.”
And the mother and daughter shared a hearty laugh, the twins copying.

“Thank you ate for sparing time for your siblings.”

“Awww mom, no need to thank me for something I dearly love to do.”
Sky then stood up and was asking for his mom to carry him. Maya went near him by the bed and kissed him.

“Sorry Sky, mommy can’t carry you. You’re heavy now, hug na lang.”
Maya opened her arms and Sky giddily hugged her back.

“Ay grabe, miss na miss ang mommy.” Maya hugged him tight making him squirm and giggle at the same time. Sunshine went near.

“Come here Sunshine, hug ka rin ni mommy.”
Sunshine readily hugged her mom and giggles.

“Me too!” Nikki piped and went to her mom’s back and hug her.

“Awww, so daya! Sama rin ako.”
Abby barged in the room and joined the group hug.

“Ang lagay, kayo-kayo lang?”

“Kuya Yuke!” Sky shouted. Sunshine now shrieking and daddy came in as well.

“I’d like to join as well.”

“hahaha..ang baby damulag kong napakaseloso.”
Luke, Nikki and Abby laughed with the twins mimicking them.

“What’s with this group hug?” Ricky asked.
“Gusto lang namin. Ikaw bakit nakisali ka?”
Ricky shrugged his shoulders making Maya laugh.

“Okay, tama na. Nasisikipan na po ako.”
The ates and kuya with their dad quickly disengaged themselves. Nikki took Sunshine while Luke carried Sky. Ricky went to his wife.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

“Okay lang ako sweetheart, nainitan lang.” Ricky looked at her closely and when he was satisfied, he nods his head.

“mahmi, I’m hunggy.”

“Lagi ka namang gutom Sky.” Luke quipped making the rest laugh.

“Tara na po at may gutom na baka magwala pa.”

Another laughter shared by the family as they walked out of the room and head to the dining area.

What more to ask for? [a/n: more visibility nina padir at madir together :P]


21 thoughts on “If Only – Everyday

  1. A very ideal family setting- sabihin na nating clingy, ma PDA; pero dapat talaga ganoon. You just have to express yourself verbally and through actions especially the parents. Automatic, the kids will just follow at yan ang nakagisnan nila. “If only” tuloy tuloy pa rin sana ang show……I still miss them especially after I saw the backstage fotos of Mr. and Mrs. Lim sa ASAP. May konting kirot sa dibdib. Hay…….

  2. Thank you for another heartwarming episode and continuing the story. Very much appreciated! Looking forward to the next one! You are such a blessing to the adiks! 😊

  3. what a wonderful life would be kung lahat ng family ganito, mabuti na lang at may ff pa akong nababasa na nagbibigay inspirasyon at hindi naman impossible na may mga family na ganito sa totoong buhay. thank you once again ms. writer at hindi ako magsasawang magpasalamat sa talino mong mag isip ng scene na sadya namang nagbibigay saya sa aming mga readers. 💞💕💗

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