If Only – Play School

If Only – Play School
Ricky had a chance to check his youngest children in the play school. He has observed how very different the twins are.
Sunshine was attentive and actively participates in the activities while Sky was just sitting, a pencil in one hand and a food on the other. He could only shake his head and smile.
He was startled when he heard a unison shriek.
“Dahdiiiiii!!!” Sky and Sunshine have both looked by the door and saw their dad thus them both calling him.
He chuckled and gave an apologetic look to the teachers. One of the teacher stood up and open the door.
“Pasensya na po ma’am.”
“Wala po un, okay nga po na pinapanood sila. At para rin po nakikita nyo kung paano sila makipag-interact dito.”
“Kumusta naman po ung mga anak ko?”
“Si Sunshine po magiliw. Mas active po siya kaysa kay Sky. Si Sky po naman pag may pinagawa ka, gagawin niya pero pagtapos babalik uli sa pagsosolo. At mas gusto po niya kumain.”
The teacher laughed a little and he chuckled.
“Pero okay lang naman po na nakain siya?”
“Wala pong problema dun. Dito po kasi sinasanay lang natin sila na mapahiwalay sa parents nila para alam nila pano makipag-interact sa ibang tao maliban sa pamilya nila.”
“Sweetheart? Anong ginagawa mo dito?”
Maya was surprised to see her husband as she knows he was in the office.
“Hi sweetheart, pinasyalan ko lang ung kambal.”
And he grinned at her. She could only smile and Ricky kissed her.
“Hi teacher. Kumusta po ung kambal?”
“Okay naman po sila ma’am. Mas active lang po talaga si Sunshine. Pero mabait naman po si Sky, tahimik lang po talaga. Mas gusto niya on his own.”
“Mana po kasi sa daddy nya.”
“Sweetheart, okay lang yan.” He shook his head feeling amused.
“Naku, ayan na. Hello Sky, hello Sunshine.”
“Sige po, iwan ko po muna kayo. Pwede niyo na rin po sila iuwi, patapos na rin naman po sila.”
“Salamat teacher.”
Maya looked down at the twins.
“How’s school?”
“I love it momi.”
“That’s nice Sunshine. How about you Sky?”
“I don’t yike.”
“But why?”
“I wann home. Ahte Nikki teach me.”
The couple looked at each other.Ricky leveled at Sky.
“Sky, you don’t like your classmates here?”
“I yike.”
“How about your teachers?”
“I yike.”
“So why you don’t want here in school?”
“I just wann home.”
Ricky looked at Maya and she motioned that they go out. Ricky hold Sky’s hand while Maya hold Sunshine’s. The couple then decided to bring the twin in the mall and eat in their favorite fast food chain, Jollibee.
The couple ordered their favorites. Sky got two pieces of chicken plus ice cream while Sunshine got spaghetti and ice cream as well.
“Sky, mommy would like to know why you don’t like your school?”
“Momi, why we go to shool?”
Ricky bit his lip as he tries to stifle his laugh. Their kid is really smart to counter a question to his mother’s question. Maya did not look at Ricky.
“You go to school so you will know a lot of things. You get to color, write and meet new people. You get to know new kids who will be your friends. You’ll have teachers who will help you understand things like what ate Nikki, ate Abby and kuya Luke does. Going to school will make your brain work better. Do you want to be like daddy?”
Sky nods his head.
“If you want to be like daddy you have to do better in school. You have to study well. Can you do that?”
Sky nods again his head and grinned.
“am yike daddy.”
“Yes baby.”
He grinned once more and continued with his eating. The couple gave out a sigh and looked at each other sharing a beautiful smile.
Another well-handled situation by the couple.

15 thoughts on “If Only – Play School

  1. Cutie pies… Thanks for the update and praying that somehow the producers/ the network are thinking of bringing this family back on screen…🙏🙏

  2. ano ba, bakit kahit sa ff lang ang cutie patotie and so adorable nilang dalawa 👄👄👄 naku Iskay maraming mga tita at lola mo ang namimiss ka 😢 and what a wonderful couple sa paghandle ng mga kids nila

  3. sweet si sunshine pero…bakit mas masarap basahin at imaginin si iskay?? hmmm…mga tita at lola na me favoritism…aminin!!!nakakatuwa kasi sia no?? he is like Daddy Ricky kasi…at ang cute ng mag asawa sa paghandle sa twins…Ricky let Mami xplain hehe…love it…thank u! God bless!

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