If Only – Kuya Sky, Baby Bunso

If Only – Kuya Sky, Baby Bunso

All their kids surrounded Maya on their bed except for one. Sky was up on his father’s arms.

“Wow! Mommy, ang active ni bunso.”

“Oo nga Luke eh.” Maya is already in her second trimester and quite having difficulty at times since the baby is moving too much.

“Mom, is it mahirap?”

“Hindi naman Nikki. Kailangan mo lang talaga mahanap kung saan komportable, kasi ung baby kaya magalaw naghahanap din ng komportableng pwesto.”

“Ah, ganun pala un mommy.”

“Yes Abby.” [a/n: kung may mali man po, patawad..di pa po kasi ako nanay.. :D]

“Mahmi, baby koolet?” They all laughed at Sunshine.

“Yes ate Sunshine. Baby is being naughty in mommy’s tummy because he wants a comfortable place.”

“hihihi” She giggled. She was fascinated, her twin not thus him demanded to be carried by their dad. He is very much not in the mood to watch their mom’s tummy moved nor hold mommy’s tummy. Annoyed, yes very much. So Ricky had no choice but to carry him or else he’ll give one earful of tantrums. Maya looked up at her husband.

“Okay ka lang daddy?”

Sky hid further his face on his father’s neck away from the scene on the bed.

“Yes mommy. Mahirap talaga kalaban ang selos.”

They chuckled. Maya then tried to cajole Sky in joining his siblings.

“Skyyy?” He slightly move his head. “You want to sit here with mommy?”

He shakes his head but Maya of course won’t easily give up.

“C’mon Sky, you help mommy here. I need your help so baby will be comfortable.”

The elder siblings move a bit away, Sky looks on contemplating what to do. Then he wiggles from his dad’s arm and his dad carefully bring him down on the floor. Sky looked at his mom then crawls up the bed. His parents and siblings were surreptitiously waiting on his next move. Sky once again looked at his mom, Maya smiled at him, encouraging him on whatever he plans to do. And it did happen. Sky carefully placed his hand on Maya’s tummy then timidly caresses it. Tears streamed down on Maya’s eyes, Nikki’s were brimming with tears. Abby and Luke were all smiles. Ricky heaved a thankful sigh. He then went on the other side of the bed and placed himself at the back of Maya, supporting her.

“mahmi, ish baby otay?” Sky asked while slowly caressing his mom’s tummy.

Maya swallowed before answering, “Yes <sniff> kuya Sky, baby is very okay. Thank you!”

Ricky caressed her back. Maya looked at her husband, their eyes silently communicating. Their happiness tripled now. And then Maya jolted. Sky gave a sloppy kiss on her tummy and whispered..

“yabyu baby”

Now the dam of tears of Maya flowed. Ricky shed a tear as he embraced his wife and kissed her on the temple.

Nikki couldn’t help herself and hugged Sky. Kissed him on the cheeks. Sunshine copied her ate and kissed her twin. Good thing Sky doesn’t feel icky. He was game. He felt he did a very good job and he was grinning. He looked up at their parents.

“Come here Sky, mommy wants to kiss you.”

Sky stood up and carefully went to his mom who gave him a sweet kiss, his dad followed suit.

“Sky, you want ate Abby to request ate Sabel to cook what you want?”

He nods his head,”yesh!”

“Okay. Mom, dad, puntahan ko lang po si ate Sabel, papaluto ako ng barbeque.”

“Thank you Abby.”

“Samahan ko lang siya dad.”

“Thanks Luke.”

“Join.” Sunshine piped in so Luke carried her and they went out of their parents’ room.

“I love you Sky.”

“yabyu ate Nikki.”

“aww, you’re so sweet kuya Sky. Ate Nikki will bring you pasalubong tomorrow, what do you want?”


“hahaha. Ate can just bake. You want to help me tomorrow?”


“hahaha, naku Nikki bago mo pa mabake, naubos na ni Sky kakatikim.”

And they all laughed, Sky copying them and Maya squeezed him again.

“I love you kuya Sky.”

“yabyu mahmi, yabyu dahdi.”

“I love you buddy. Come here, give daddy a hug.”

Ricky guided him at the back of his mom to go towards him ang hugged him tight.


“Hala, nanggigil na rin si daddy.” Nikki and Maya laughed.

Ricky kissed him on the top his head before releasing him.

Luke, Abby and Sunshine went back in the room with some snacks. The family had another great bonding while they wait for lunch.

A glimpse of another beautiful day from a very beautiful family.


36 thoughts on “If Only – Kuya Sky, Baby Bunso

  1. Ahhhhhh! The beautiful famiy that we dearly loved an missed so much! Until next time Ms writer..keep the love for JoChard alive! Thanks much 🙂

  2. awww naiyak din ako sa ka sweetan ni Iskay … (again and again and again) wishing and hoping to see this scenario sa TV, so much love at good vibes ang dala at muli napaganda ang gabi ko ng chapter na ito.

  3. As the author of this blog you’re a blessing …. Thanks for the continued supply of endless love of this reel family….. I do miss them so much 😂😂😂

  4. Dearest Ms. Author, thank you for making us laugh, cry and kilig all the time. What we missed so much on the small screen, you were able to give us just by reading…parang update ito ng kaganapan sa Lim Mansion…and since we missed them so much…we love to read this over and over again!! You are able to give us unlimited happiness…sa lahat ng writers ng Be Careful…even if we havent or might not see them again in the BIG SCREEN (sarap murahin ni tetay talaga)…the love is still there…iba kasi binigay ng BCWMH sa ating lahat…dba?? again thank you and God bless!!!

    1. sis myrn, pag naging bilyonaryo tayo or kahit milyonaryo na lang e-po-produce natin tong “If Only” scenes , well wala namang masamang managinip ng gising hehehe

  5. Hay Ms. Writer, you always make the adiks’ day with heartwarming If Only stories. Thank you! Please continue telling If Only stories. What a way to start my week! So happy! 🙂

  6. Hello Ms Author,Bago Lang me sa site m at nkta K Lang sa tweeter ggnda ng mga story m my sad my mga nkktwa at I love JOCHARD so much,Happy New Year at thank you sa pgpplgya m sa amin,take care always 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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