If Only – Mommy’s Sweet Dilemma

If Only – Mommy’s Sweet Dilemma

“I want momi!”

“Momi is mine.”

This has been the banter of the twins sitting beside Maya. Sky was pestering his twin who just wants to sit quietly beside their mother. But Sky being Sky loves teasing his sister. He would cover his mom with his little arms as though placing a barrier between Sunshine and their mom. And since Sunshine gets annoyed, it makes naughty Sky too happy. Maya would wait for a few minutes. If Sky doesn’t stop with her just looking at him, she will call his attention on a stern voice. But right now, she’s enjoying a bit. Then her husband came.

“Hi sweetheart.”


Sunshine run fast to her dad to beat his twin. A sweet revenge of course. Ricky carried her up. Sunshine placed her tongue-out looking at her twin. Sky was now annoyed and their mom was silently shaking with laughter. Ricky raised his eyebrow inquiring on what’s happening.

“Daddy is mine.” Now it’s Sunshine’s turn and it is not sitting well on Mr. Grumpy. His brows frowned and realization now dawning on Ricky. He just shook his head and tried to hold his laugh.

“Hey Sky, why are you frowning?” Maya asked her son.

“Shineshine oh!” And he points at his twin.

“What’s the matter with Sunshine?”

“She got daddy.”

“But you got me. You don’t like mommy?”

“I want you, but I want dahdi too!”

Ricky now tries to sit down with Sunshine on his arms. Sunshine then hugged her dad tight, covering her face on his neck and mischievously smiling. Now Mr. Grumpy is seriously annoyed.


Ricky and Maya were both surprised on his outburst while Sunshine cheekily grins.
Maya then mouthed, ‘Mana sa’yo.’

“Sky? Don’t shout.”

And now he’s crying.

“I want dahdi <seriously crying now>” [a/n: normal sa pikon..hehe]

Maya hugged Sky and carefully explained to him..

“Sky, you have to learn how to share. It’s not good that you will always get what you want. Mommy and daddy love you all. But if you do something not good to your siblings, mommy and daddy will not be happy. You want that Sky?”

Sky shook his head but tears still flowing.

“So you will share now?”

Sky nods his head while holding his mom’s arms embraced to him. Maya released her one hand and wipes Sky’s tears.

“You go to daddy now so Sunshine will go to me.”

Taking quite some time, Sky moved to his dad while Maya calls on Sunshine who readily went to her.
Ricky kissed Sky and hugged him.

“You okay Sky?”

Sky nods his head and place his head on his dad’s neck. Ricky caressed his back. Sunshine is now happily giving her mom a kiss here and there and shrieking with delight.

“hahaha.. grabe, miss na miss lang si mommy?”

And the little girl nods her head. Maya hugged her tight and kissed her long on the cheek making the little shriek once more.

Maya chance a look at Sky. The little boy was watching them quietly with a finger on his mouth. Maya did her thing. She called on Sky to join them to which the little boy eagerly obliged. Now Maya holds the twins happily kissing her. Ricky smiled, watching this scene before him and looked at his wife’s tummy. And when he looked up, he saw his wife’s eyes on him.

He mouthed ‘I love you’. His wife mouthed back ‘I love you too’. Contentment seen on both their faces, knowing that they have succeeded in creating this wonderful family and with another addition of blessing to come. Indeed a happy life.


26 thoughts on “If Only – Mommy’s Sweet Dilemma

  1. awwww, ang sweet-sweet talaga. bakit ba kahit na Mr. Grumpy ang patalbog talbog na Iskay, he’s so adorable pa rin hehehe kakaloka, ang sarap sang kurutin. ms. writer, ang galing mo talagang mag isip ng kakatuwang eksena, ang sarap e-imagine 👏👍👌

  2. Did i mention i have an identical twins? Both boys and they are now 21 yrs old. Joshua and Jeremiah (nsa Facebook account ko – gwapo sila hehe at maraming nagkaka crush na babae at bakla hahahhaha lalo whenever they perform – they danced pag me occassion or when they are requested to – got a copy of the video sa FB ko)…at tama ka sa pagkaka described…they are like that…nag aagawan sa akin (lang), pero guro mas nakakatuwa kong me babae hahaha! Your If Onlys makes me complete and contented lalo ngayong miss na miss ko na si Maya and Sir Chier…i am slowly losing hope they would have another project kasi feeling ko someone’s trying to block their project hayyy!!

    i love to read and imagine the scenes in Lim household and esp when Sunshine hugged her Dad covering her face on his neck and mischievously smiling or kissing her Mommy everywhere while iskay looked on with his thumb on his mouth? (sign daw yan ng insecurity – Josh was the one who does that) kakatuwa isipin…lalo ko tuloy sila namimiss hayyyy! again thank you…sana lang like all the rest we can have BCWMH book 2…impossible no? so cge dto nalang sa FFs hahaha….GOD bless!

  3. 👍Yes I like all your stories funny, kilig, good vibes always and family oriented…keep it up! Since Jochard has no project yet together ff na muna tayo… Please don’t get sawa to write…May God bless you always🙏

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