If Only – Just

If Only – Just


“Huh? Mommy, am Sky not dahdi.”<giggles>

Ricky laughed out loud while Maya blinked as she was surprised and bit her lower lip. Then Maya looked at her husband.

“Nagmana talaga sa’yo.”

Ricky laughed once more.

Maya was supervising the twins who were playing when she sensed her husband in the area that she was facing Sky when she called him out thus this scene.

“Sky, I was referring to daddy. I knew he was in the room so I called him because I was going to ask him something.”

“Wow mommy! You ab powers?”

Ricky now was holding his tummy for laughing too much.

“Sweetheart, baka mapautot ka na nyan.”

“Mommy, can I ab powers too?”

Sunshine now went to her dad and touch him.

“Mommy, dahdi is shaking. Is he sick?”

It’s Maya’s turn to laugh now.

“Sweetheart, they certainly got it from you.” Ricky said after recovering from his laughter.

“Hi Mom, hi dad! Hello Sky, hello Sunshine!”

“ai ahte abi.” Sky greeted his sister and protruded is lips for a kiss. Abby laughed but obliged.

“ai!” Sunshine’s timid response.

“Hi Abby.” Abby moved to their mom after kissing Sunshine and kissed their parents as well.

“Hello there my beautiful family!” Nikki’s greeting upon entering their home. And moved to kissing their parents too and the twins plus Abby.

“Wow! Mukhang behave ang kambal. I think they deserve my pasalubong.”

Sky’s eyes rounded upon hearing the pasalubong, Sunshine giggled.

“Who wants this? Give me a kiss.”

The twins scrambled to her and gave her a kiss on the cheeks.

“Awww..so sweet.” Nikki said as Maya smiled at her. Loving how a darling their eldest daughter is to her siblings. All of them of course.

“Wow!” Sky exclaimed upon seeing the peppa pig cupcakes.

“Thank you ate.” Sunshine’s reaction.

“You’re welcome Sunshine and Sky. You have to share ha. Wag mag-aaway.”

“Yesh!” Sunshine answered, Sky just nod his head as he was already eating one. Abby and their parents laughed.
Nikki laughed as well.

“Hay Sky, ang takaw mo talaga.”

A simple family scene but a meaningful one.

A/N: Have a great day everyone (just got back from my vacation, was supposed to post this before then..sorry J )


18 thoughts on “If Only – Just

  1. these family are so nakakamiss…i cant take the scenes in Pangako sa Yo….so heart palpitating…so much drama and suspense…cant take that in…ito nalang mga FFs ang way ko talaga pramis para maibsan ang miss ko sa BCWMH…cant ABSCBN make one again?? they cant blame people like me who go for shows na nakakakilig, wholesome at laging me aral…ALDUB makes my day…makes me laugh and human again! Khit gusto ko panoorin si JSM sa PSY…sumasakit dibdib ko….cant! ayoko ng mga ganung scenes, my heart cant take it…matanda na ako pra sa heavy drama, i need spice sa boring and dull life ko…hayy!!

    again thank you thereaderwritergal…d mo lang alam kong pano mo ako napapasaya sa mga If Onlys mo…God bless!!!

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