If Only – Sembreak

If Only – Sembreak

“Sweetheart, do we tell them now or huwag na lang?”

“Daaaaaaaaaddd!!! Kahapon ka pa po pabitin. What is it po ba? Are we having twins?” Nikki was grinning, Maya who was smiling earlier swallowed an imaginary lump. Ricky blink his eyes from shock.

“hahaha.. grabe ka Niks..pinakaba mo sina mom at dad. Hindi na lalo sasabihin ung gusto nilang sabihin. Dagdag allowance pa naman sana.” Luke teased his sister.

“You’re so g-r-r-r talaga kuya.”

“Ate, kuya, antayin na lang kasi natin. Pinapasabik lang talaga tayo nila mom and dad.”

Maya smiled at their children.

“Sweetheart, sabihin mo na sa kanila.”

“Okay sweetheart. Your mom was given a clearance to travel.”

“Oh-kay..” Nikki was prompting their dad to continue who seem to be doing a cliffhanger again.

Ricky looked at his wife then at their eager children. He took something from his wallet and gave them three a paper or so they thought.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh-my-gee! Oh-my-gee!!!! Is this for real? Mom? Dad?”

Maya laughed out loud at Nikki’s exuberant reaction.

“Grabe ka Niks! Ang sakit sa tenga ng tili mo.”

“Oo nga ate.” Abby seconded the motion.

“Whatever! Basta I’m too happy to mind your teasing.”

Ricky chuckled and shake his head.

“Pero mom, totoo talaga? We’re traveling to Japan?”

“Yes Luke. We waited for the go signal from my OB before we plan the travel.”

Then Abby shrieked surprising everyone. Nikki smiled, knowing the news just sink in with

“Thanks mommy! Thanks daddy!”

“You’re welcome Abby.”

Then little footsteps were heard. The twins are now up from their nap.


“Sky. Mommy’s here in the sala.”

Sunshine was faster than Sky as she scrambled up beside their mom.

“Hello princess, how was your sleep?”

“Good.” Then she giggled.

Seeing as his twin was already with their mom, he went towards their dad and motioned to be carried. Ricky carried Sky.

“How was your sleep Sky?”

Sky did not answer and covered his face on Ricky’s neck.

“Still sleepy buddy?” Sky still did not respond instead put his arms around his dad.

“Naku mukhang may nagjejeling.” Maya said to no one in particular but Ricky knows what his wife was referring to.

“I think so mommy.”

Luke getting what their parents are on about, took some initiative.

“Hi princess. You want kuya to carry you?”

“Okay.” Luke took Sunshine then as if on cue, Sky wiggled down from his dad and move towards his mom. Scrambled fast up and embraced his mom.

“Ay grabe, super miss si mommy.” Maya uttered as she showered Sky with kisses making the little boy squirm with glee.

Nikki sat beside her mom.

“My turn naman Sky.” Nikki was about to hug her mom when..


“Naku, napakaseloso talaga.” Luke muttered, Abby giggled. Sunshine imitating her.

“Sweetheart, OA na yan. Over-Attachment.”

Maya, Nikki, Luke and Abby and Abby laughed at Ricky’s remark.

“Wow dad! May ganun ka ng statement ah. Hahaha” Nikki teasing her dad.

“Cool dad..hahaha” Luke’s turn.

Ricky just shake his head but smiling.

“Mommy? Am hunggy.”

As if on cue.

“Mrs. Chief nakahanda na po ang meryenda.”

“Salamat Doris. Kaya mahal na mahal ka ng alaga mo eh. Lagi siyang busog.”

And the family shared another hearty laugh, including Doris of course, as they head towards the dining area so Mr.Grumpy won’t be ‘hunggy’ anymore. J


15 thoughts on “If Only – Sembreak

  1. naku kung hindi buntis si Maya baka makabuo pa rin sila dahil balik Japan honeymoon (or baka maihabol pa ang kambal? hahahaha). Iskay, pakurot gawan kita ng sampung dosenang cupcake, “hunggy” din ako pero ikaw gusto kong kainin. super cutie ng pagka possessive lahat yata namana kay Daddiii 😜

  2. Grumpy na….seloso pa…..at possessive…mana kay Mr Lim hahahhaha…buti pa si Sunshine mana kay Maya…pero pag lumaki laki siguro madaldal din gaya ni Maya hahahhahaha….thanks once again for a wonderful time with the LIMS…more more ha? God bless!!!

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