If Only – Uh Oh

If Only – Uh Oh

Maya fetched the twins from their play school. Sky saw her and run fast towards.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

When he reached her, she hugged him as far as she can. Sunshine now beside them and Maya extended her arms towards her.

“How’s school?”

“Mommy ish fun!”

“Wow Sky, you seem to be enjoying school.”

“Yesh mommy!” And he grinned. But Maya was not prepared on Sunshine’s remarks.

“He’s happy mommy because Irish share her baon with him.” Sunshine innocently shared this information and Sky’s grin got wider if it’s even possible.

“What?” The twins were surprised on her reaction, good thing she recovered quickly.

“I mean wow baby. Uh, let’s go now.” And she ushered the twins towards the car. Kuya Joma sensed something is up with Mrs. Chief, so he chose to just drive home.

Maya was in between the twins who were giddily sharing their day in school, unfortunately mommy was in her own world. Since she seems too preoccupied, Sky had to squeeze her hand to capture her attention.

“Yes Sky?”

“Mommy, you’re not lishtening.” Kuya Joma bit his lip to stop himself from laughing.

“Sorry baby, mommy is just thinking. What is it you want to tell mommy?”

“Can I have flowers mommy?”

“Flowers?” Sky nods his head to confirm, Sunshine was giggling beside their mom.

“Why do you need flowers? Did teacher asked you to bring tomorrow?” Maya looked at Sunshine as well to confirm but Sunshine shook her head.

“Mommy I give to Irish.” Sky informed his mom like it was a normal thing. Maya was unable to react immediately and Sky being Sky is getting impatient.


“We’ll tell daddy first.” Since Maya’s voice was a bit stern, Sky agreed.

“Ohkay.” The twins now both quiet beside her, she sent her husband an sms asking what time he’ll come home.
Ricky who was in the middle of a meeting was surprised to read this message from his wife, so he replied: Y?
And he got an immediate response: May kailangan tayong pag-usapan.
Ricky was a bit surprised with this mysterious message from his wife that he decided to cut the meeting short.

Ricky arrived home and was welcomed by the twins.


“Hello buddies. It seems you had a good day at school.”

“Yesh dahdi.”

“Wow! This is new Sky.” Then he saw his wife. “Hi, sweetheart.” Maya went to him and kissed him.

“Daddy, Irish share food with Sky.” Sunshine innocently told her dad. Ricky raised his eyebrows at his wife seeing her with an annoyed look. He frowned not knowing what could it be and only when Sky spoke did Ricky got what is bothering his wife.

“Dahdi, can I bring flowers?”

In his mind: Uh oh, our mama’s boy seem has a crush and mommy doesn’t like it.
Ricky bit his lip to keep himself from laughing.

“Sky, why do you want to bring flowers?”

“I give to Irish.”

Ricky watched his wife and was able to see her roll her eyes. ‘Hmmm, quite a first.’
But of course Ricky knows he cannot rile his pregnant wife who doesn’t feel like sharing her baby boy to anyone. He was engrossed in his musing that he didn’t realized he snickered loud.

“Anong nakakatawa Ricardo?” ‘Oh no.

“Wala naman sweetheart. May naalala lang ako.” He has to play his innocent card. “Anong meron at kailangang magdala ng kambal ng bulaklak? Pinapadala ba ni teacher?”

“Ewan ko dyan sa bunso mo. May pagbibigyan.”

“Mommy, nasa tyan mo pa si bunso.”

Maya gave him a glare, Ricky bit his lip. ‘Wooh, sabi ko nga, umoo na lang.’

“Sky, why will you give Irish flowers?”

“Becaush she give me food. I thank her with flowers like you giving mommy.”
Ricky is smiling now understanding that mommy’s baby just want to give something to his classmate to show his appreciation.

“That’s good buddy. We’ll ask ate Doris to buy flowers you will give to your classmate.”

Sky grinned. Understanding seem to dawn on Maya as Ricky looked at her. But being stubborn that she is, she rolled her eyes at her husband making him laugh at her expense.

-dinner time-
“How’s your day guys?”

“It’s okay dad. Maraming activities pero all worth it naman po.” Nikki happily shared.

“How about you Luke?”

“Enjoy ako dad sa work eh kaya, my day is really good.”


“Dad, medyo mahirap na rin po mga activities ko pero so far nakakaya ko naman po.”

“How about the twins po, how’s their school?” Nikki pointed the question to their mom who got a bit startled.

“Uhmm, okay naman.” Maya answered while Ricky was keeping a smile to himself. Abby though called him out.

“Dad, why are you smiling?”

“Nothing Abby, may naalala lang ako.”
Then Doris came.

“Mrs. Chief, naayos ko na po ung flowers na dadalhin ni Sky.”
The three elder siblings were surprised.

“Flowers? What for?” Nikki directing the question to her mom.

“Naku Ricky umayos ka.” And that opened his dam of laughter. Ricky laughed out loud surprising them all.
Luke, Nikki and Abby were exchanging looks.

“Sweetheart, you have to share it with the kids.” And Ricky gave her his infamous lopsided smile. Maya rolled her eyes yet again but did share.

“Ibibigay ni Sky sa classmate nila ni Sunshine. Pa-thank you nya kasi nagshare ng food sa kanya.”


“Parang we’re missing something here.”

“Ricky nakakainis ka ha.”

“Mommy, please share.” Abby cutely pleads to their mom.

“You want me to share it sweetheart?”

“Sige na, alam ko naman na gustong-gusto mo.”

Maya folded her arms as her husband narrates what transpired that day. The three kids were laughing and Maya couldn’t help but shake her head as she smiled at her silliness.

“Awww mom, that’s cute. I can imagine how mom will be when the time na nasa edad na sina Sky for that.” Nikki grinned at her mom.

And they shared a wonderful family-laugh, even Maya laughing out loud at that.

Another fulfilling day for the family. [a/n: sana sa inyo rin po ☺]


24 thoughts on “If Only – Uh Oh

  1. dami ko tawa dto…khit kelan talaga si Mrs. Lim ASSUMERA….imagine me ngshare lang ng food….selos na agad? mgbbgay ng flowers…aba aba iba na ang dating? eh pang thank you lang pala!!! hahahhaha….so kala nia si Mr. Grumpy inlabs na agad? hahahahha…namannnnn!! katuwa!! thank you….yes u made our day! more more pls??? God bless!!1

  2. Hahaha! Kaloka si Mrs. Chief! Nagiging assumera ulit! Gusto lang magbigay ng flowers ni Sky, iba na ang meaning sa kanya! Ang innocent lang ng paghingi ng request ni Sky, pero ang dating sa kanya, iba… hehe. Thanks for this po! 🙂 Looking forward to read the next one! 🙂

  3. thank u thereaderwritergal sa update. Nakakatuwa ang pamilyang ito at enjoy ako sa mga happenings nilahabang lumalaki ang dalawang tsikiting nila R&M. Looking for more wonderful ff from you dear writer. Cheers!

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