If Only – Stars

If Only – Stars
“Dahdddddiiiiii!!!” Sky shouted while running towards his dad.
Ricky readied himself as Sky throw himself to him. And he carried him up.
“What’s up buddy?”
“I dat stars dahdi!”
“Wow! Really?” But of course daddy knows it already because of super-excited-mommy.
“Yesh dahdi.”
“Let me see.” Sky showed his hands with four stars on each. Pressing his knuckles to his cheeks making him look cute.
“Okay wait Sky, daddy will take a picture.” And Sky gamely grinned. Then Sunshine came to him as well.
“Hello princess.” Ricky kissed her on the forehead.
“You got stars too?”
“Yes but it’s gone now because I take a bath.” The little Maya explained in detail.
“Yes daddy, kaya ung baby boy natin ayaw maligo. Aantayin ka raw para makita mo ung stars kasi baka mabura pag naligo sya.”
Ricky looked at Sky who was grinning at him that he wasn’t able to stop himself from pinching his cute chubby cheeks. Maya’s eyes rounded and Ricky was startled as well on his reaction. Both parents waiting on Sky’s reaction. But the cute little boy gave them a surprise. He rubbed his cheeks and spoke.
“Daddy that hurt.” Sky said indignantly. A reaction his parents wasn’t expecting.
“Sorry buddy. Daddy will just kiss it.” Sky seem to be in jovial mood and just went to his dad for the promise kiss.
“Naku mommy, mukhang big boy na to ah. Baka may crush na.”
“Tigilan mo Ricardo, hindi nakakatuwa.”
Ricky really love to tease his wife but not to the extent especially now that she is near-term.
“I love you sweetheart.” Ricky sweetly replied and smiled cheekily. Maya just shook her head and turned her attention to Sky.
“Sky, go to ate Doris now. Daddy already saw your stars.”
“Otay.” Sky immediately went to Doris who was patiently waiting for him.
Ricky stood up and went to his wife, giving her the sweetest kiss while holding Sunshine.
Sunshine then pulled his hand to catch his attention.
“Yes princess?” Sunshine puckered her lips as answer. Ricky chuckled along with Maya. Ricky leveled with Sunshine and gave her a kiss as well.
“Love you daddy.”
“Love you too princess.”
Maya was all smile while watching then was startled when Sunshine called her.
“Yes sweetie?”
“Of course baby.” Ricky carried her up so Maya won’t have a hard time and she gave the little girl the same sweet kiss.
“I love you mommy.”
“I love you too sweetie.”
“Mahmiiiiii!!!” They were all surprise with Sky’s shout.
“Yes Sky? You’re done with your bath?” Maya calmly ask their little boy who was now walking towards them with a purpose. He got a frown on his face and lips pouted.
“Oh oh.” Ricky muttered silently.
When Sky neared them, both parents looking at him, he looked up at them. And he’s got a look of a pissed-Ricky. A total little Ricky. Maya was laughing inside.
“Mohmmy, kish.” Sky said in a command manner that his parents were trying to avoid looking at each other as they are on the verge of laughing. Ricky put down Sunshine, who was good enough to move towards her mom. Maya then kissed the puckered lips of Mr. Grumpy.
“You dahdi.” Ricky was startled but obliged immediately. Maya was shaking with her silent laughter.
Just then Luke, Nikki and Abby came in.
“I heard the twins got stars. Is that correct?”
“Yeshhhh!!!” Sky answered with conviction as Sunshine timidly replied. “Yes.”
The older siblings laughed at Sky.
“Very good naman Sky and Sunshine. At dahil very good kayo sa school, may pasalubong si kuya.”
Luke brought out the cupcakes box he was hiding at his back.
Sky shrieked, knowing what’s on the box and Sunshine was clapping her hands and smiling.
“Naku kuya, baka masanay.”
“Mommy, minsan lang po. Nakakatuwa rin po kasi si Sky mukhang okay na sa school.”
“You can’t argue on that mommy.”
“Oo na po, talo na ko.” And they all laughed with Sky already busy munching on a cupcake.
What can you do, it was really the best cupcake in town. 😀
Happy Monday! J

20 thoughts on “If Only – Stars

  1. Thank you for another cute story on the daily lives of the Lims. Siyempre star ang ating bidang si Mr. Grumpy. 🙂 Thank you for putting a smile on the adiks’ faces at the start of the work week! Have a great one and awaiting for the next heartwarming story!!

  2. congrats Sky, wow naka 4 stars baka sa sunod hindi maka uwi ng one week si Dahdi at maka kuha sya ng stars, one week din hindi maliligo hahaha. as always, Mr. Grumpy is the cutest even in his grumpiness and seloso mood hehehe keep it up ms. writer, marami kami rito na baliw sa ka cutan ng kambal, especially the adorbs Iskay 💞

  3. Sky always wants all the attention on him…at pagwala sia…bumabawi si Sunshine kaso…super seloso just like Mr Lim hahaha…ayun nakita na kiniss ng mommy at daddy si Sunshine…pde bang wla sia? katuwa!! at tlagang d naligo para makita ni daddy ang stars ha? hehehe…love it…as always! thank u and God bless!

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