If Only – It’s the time of the Year

If Only – It’s the time of the Year
The kids were in Luke’s room.
“Kuya, what do you think should we buy for mom and dad?”
“Wala pa rin akong maisip eh. Ikaw Abby?”
“Wala pa rin akong maisip kuya.”
“Kuya, we gift baby?” Sky innocently asked, then the three older siblings looked at each other smiling. An understanding dawn on them.
“Oh Sky! Besides being so adorable, you’re very smart too!” Nikki peppered Sky kisses on the cheeks making the cute little boy laugh with glee. He feel so proud of himself too.
“So, kalian tayo mamimili kuya, ate?”
“Ummm, maaga uwian ko sa Thursday, pwede ba kayo?”
“Ah, I think I could postpone the meeting muna ng TPUS, so I’m in.”
Luke and Nikki looked at Abby.
“Okay ako kuya, ate for Thursday. Maaga uwian namin kasi may activity sa school.”
 “Ayos, so set na tayo. Pero sino magpapaalam kina mom and dad na aalis tayo?”
“I join?” Sky asked.
“Me! Me!” Sunshine seconded her twin.
“Sky, Sunshine, you cannot join ates and kuya. But promise, next time we will tag you both along. We’ll just bring you pasalubong. Is that okay?”
“Ohtay!” Sky readily answered while Sunshine nods her head.
Then there was a knock on the door.
“Luke, Nikki, Abby, Sky, Sunshine, tawag na kayo ng mommy nyo. Kakain na.”
“Come on Sky, Sunshine. Time to eat.”
“Yehey! Eat time!”
And the older kids shared a hearty laugh at Sky.
Luke lead Sky out of the room as Nikki did the same to Sunshine, Abby closed the door.
The twins run towards their mom.
“Mommy! Kuya Yuke, ate Nikki and ate Abby will go to mall.” The mentioned people’s eyes rounded in surprise as Sky continued to speak.. “ They buy pasalubong for me and Shineshine.” An inaudible sigh escaped from their lips.
“Wow! That’s very kind of them.” Maya directed a smile at her older kids who smiled back at her.
Luke whispered to Nikki.
“Muntik na yun.” Nikki bit her lips and just nodded her head.
They all sat down as their dad came in.
“Hi sweetheart.”
“Hello sweetheart. How are you and baby bunso?” Ricky asked after giving her a kiss on the lips while massaging her tummy.
“Okay naman kami sweetheart. Behave si baby bunso.” Then as though the baby understood, the baby kicked.
“Hahaha. Daddy, sabik sayo si baby.”
“Mukha nga mommy. Ikaw ba hindi?” Ricky had a naughty grin on his face.
“Ewan ko sa’yo sweetheart.” But a smile was plastered on her face.
The kids took turn as well in greeting their dad. The family were having a fun filled talk while eating when all of a sudden Maya hold on to her husband who got surprised.
“Sweetheart, are you okay?”
Maya was biting her lips and when she recovered.
“Sweetheart, mukhang gusto ng mag-Christmas sa labas ni baby bunso.”
Ricky’s eyes rounded, Luke and Nikki upon hearing it scrambled to call kuya Joma.
“Ricky, kalma lang. Okay pa naman ako.”
“Okay, sweetheart. Pero we have to be in the hospital now.”
“Sir, i-ready ko na po ung sasakyan.”
It’s a good thing kuya Joma was still in the kitchen talking with Doris and Sabel.
“Thank you kuya Joma.”
“Mrs. Chief isasakay ko na  po ung mga gamit ni baby bunso.”
“Thank you Doris.”
“Mrs. Chief, dito na muna po ako para masamahan ko si Doris sa pagbantay sa mga bata.”
“Thank you Sabel. Are you sure, Jerry won’t mind?”
“Ay, wala pong kaso sir Richard. Panggabi rin po kasi duty nya kaya mas gusto nun may kasama ako.”
“Well, the better you stay here. Pero thank you nonetheless.”
Sabel took charge in assisting the twins who were still unaware of the situation since ate Abby was smart enough to regale them with stories while they eat.
The couple left, leaving Doris and Sabel in charge for the night.
in the car
— on the phone with Nay Teresita —
“Hello po Nay.”
“Maya, kumusta pakiramdam mo? Papunta daw kayo ospital sabi ni Luke. Kakatawag lang sa akin.”
“Opo nay pero di pa rin po namin alam kung manganganak na nga po ako pero gusto rin ni Ricky makasigurado kaya pupunta na po kami sa ospital.”
“O sige anak, balitaan mo kami. Baka lumuwas kami ng maaga ng tatay mo.”
Maya then was unable to answer as there was another contraction. Ricky took the phone while giving his other hand to Maya to squeeze on.
“Nay, si Ricky po ito.”
“O Ricky, anong nangyari?”
“Ah nay, contraction po.”
“O sige, sige na anak. Balitaan mo na lang kami pag nasa ospital na kayo.”
“Sige po nay.”
at home
Luke on the phone with his lolo and lola.
“Opo lola, on the way na po sila sa ospital. Gusto po ni daddy masigurado na okay sina mommy at baby bunso.”
“Oh, that’s good. Keep us posted apo. We might get an earlier flight to be there.”
“Sige po lola. Babalitaan po namin kayo agad pag tumawag si dad. Ingat po kayo. Bye.”
“Kuya, what did lola say?”
“Baka mapaaga sila ng uwi.”
“Oh. Sila lola Nanay ganun din. Kakatapos lang din namin magusap. Kuya I’m excited pero
there’s fear as well.”
“Normal lang yan Niks. Magpray na lang tayo.”
“Good idea kuya. Let’s go.”
in the hospital
“Sir, parating na po si doktora. Ire-ready na rin po namin ung delivery room.”
“So my wife is really going to birth now?”
“Ah, yes po. Base po sa pagitan ng contractions niya, malapit na pong lumabas ang baby nyo. Sige po sir.”
Ricky looked at his wife who was lying on the bed where they were directed upon arrival.
“Are you okay sweetheart?”
Maya nods her head. “Anong sabi nung nurse?”
“Parating na raw si doktora.”
Maya was on alert.
“Manganganak na ko sweetheart? Lalabas na si baby bunso?”
Ricky grinned at her and nodded his head. Both have a silly grin on their faces. Then the door
“Hi Maya. How are you feeling?”
“Hello doktora. Okay naman po. Medyo excited po kaya siguro excited din si baby bunso.”
Ricky chuckled.
“Sige iwan ko muna kayo ditto habang inaayos ung DR. Ricky you’ll go inside the DR?”
“Yes doc.”
“Okay, magpapahanda na ako ng susuotin mo.”
The doctor smiled at the both of them before leaving. When the doctor left, Ricky called Nay Teresita and Donya Esmeralda that they are to expect their baby to be out anytime soon. Both grandmothers were excited and informed them that they will be on their way to Manila soon.
The nurses came in who will bring Maya to the delivery room, Ricky was given as well the scrub he will wear.
at home
The kids were all in their parents room sleeping together. Doris and Sabel were watching them. They couldn’t sleep as they wait for the couple to call.
“Grabe Doris, ang sweet talaga ng magkakapatid.”
“Syempre naman Sabel, sweet din kasi mga magulang kaya mana-mana lang yan.”
“Sabagay. Hay, sino kaya magiging kamukha ni baby bunso?”
“Oo nga eh, nae-excite din ako. Hala, dun na tayo sa labas baka biglang tumawag si sir Richard magising tong mga to.”
As they close the door, the home phone did ring. They scrambled to get to the phone. Doris was faster and answered at once.
“Doris? Gising pa ba sina Luke?”
“Ah sir, nakatulog na po. Nandun po sila sa kwarto nyo, magkakatabi po ung mgakakapatid.”
“Sige pag nagising na lang kamo, tawagan ako.”
“Ah sir, kumusta po si Mrs. Chief?”
“We got a healthy bouncing baby boy.” Smile evident on Ricky as he shared the wonderful news. He was a bit startled when Doris and Sabel shrieked. He chuckled with their reaction. He got the same reaction from his mother and nay Teresita.
“Doris? Baka gising na sina Luke.”
“Ay, sorry sir.”
Ricky chuckled.
“It’s okay Doris, kaya lang sa lakas ng tili nyong dalawa baka may nagising na.”  Sabel went to their room to check. She went out with Sky on her arms.
“Sir, si Sky po gising.”
“Eh mommy?”
“Si daddy Sky.”
“Doris, give the phone to Sky.” Doris place the phone on Sky.
“Hello Sky?”
“Dahdi? Where’s mommy?”
“Mommy is here in the hospital.”
“Why dahdi?”
“Mommy gave birth buddy. You’ll get to see your baby brother now?”
“Really dahdi? I got baby bother?” Ricky chuckled.
“Yes buddy, your brother.” Sky clapped his hands.
“Sky give the phone to ate Doris.” Sky did as told.
“Doris paki-ayos ang mga bata pagkagising para pumunta dito.”
“Sige po sir. Kami na po bahala.”
“Thank you.”
Doris and Sabel brought Sky to his room so he could sleep. Good thing he was out in a minute. They readied then the things they will bring and cooked foods as well.
in the hospital
Maya flutter her eyes open.
“How are you sweetheart?”
Maya smiled before answering.
“Okay naman ako sweetheart. Nakita mo na si baby bunso?”
“Yes. He’s so small but so handsome just like me.”
“Sweetheart wag mo kong patawanin.”
Ricky kissed her on the forehead then on the lips.
“Thank you sweetheart for being so brave in bringing out another blessing in our lives. I love you so much!”
Maya wiped her husband’s tear as tears rolls as well from her eyes.
“I love you too sweetheart! Thank you for being there for me, for the kids. You don’t know how thankful I am.”
“Me too sweetheart. I am so thankful too.”
They shared another kiss as the nurse came in with their new bundle of joy.
“Hello mommy, daddy.”
The nurse carefully pass the baby to Ricky who directed the baby to Maya. The nurse stealthily left the room.
“Sweetheart, ang gwapo nya.” Maya exclaimed.
“Kamukha natin sweetheart.”
“Oo nga sweetheart.”
Ricky kissed her once again on the lips.
“Thank you.”
Maya understood what Ricky was referring to and she just smiled.
“What should we name him? Since the kids left the decision to us again.”
“Sean Lucas. Para ung S ni Sky tapos kay Luke. Ano sa tingin mo sweetheart?”
“I love it. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Then the door opened revealing the rest of their kids.
“Awwww, he is so gwapo. Hi mom!” Nikki kissed her mom after she awed on her baby brother.
“Gwapo nga, kamukha ko kasi.”
“Ewe kuya. Mas gwapo pa nga si Sky sa’yo.”
“Up dahdi! Up!” Sky was beside his dad. Abby went on the other side of the bed with Sunshine to kiss Maya.
“Hi mommy!”
“Hello ate Abby. Hi Sunshine.” Sunshine grinned at her.
“Dad, you got a name for him?”
“Yes Nikki. Your mom thought of it.”
“Pero kung may suggestion kayo, okay lang.”
“No mom, whatever you want. So what’s his name po?”
Ricky looked at Maya giving her the rights to tell it.
“Sean Lucas.”
“Oh wow! Parang ung S kay Sky then kay kuya ung Lucas.”
“Wow! You think like your mom.”
“Really? I got it right?”
Maya was teary-eyed now.
“Are you okay sweetheart?”
“Oo naman, natutuwa lang talaga ako.”
“Aww mom.” Nikki hugged her mom, Abby and Luke followed suit.
“We love you mom.” They said in unison.
“I love you too mga anak.”
“Why mommy cry dahdi?” Sky asked.
Since he is still holding the baby, he just looked down at Sky.
“Because mommy is very happy.”
“With baby?”
“Yes, kuya Sky. And with you, ate Sunshine, kuya Luke, ate Nikki and ate Abby.”
The twins grinned upon hearing the ate and kuya before their names. Luke, Nikki and Abby chuckled.
“Family pic tayo.” Abby suggested.
“Oh yeah.” Luke readily positioned the camera and took their first picture with baby Sean.
“Wow mommy! Parang nag-smile si baby Sean.”
“hahaha..masaya lang din siya ate Abby.”
“Mukhang magmamana pa sa ate Nikki nya. Mahilig sa selfie.”
“Oh-em-gee kuya! You are so g-r-r-r- talaga.”
And the family shared a hearty laugh, a laughter filled with so much love.
A new bundle of joy added to this wonderful family. A sure new source of hope, joy and fulfillment. What more to ask for?
[a/n: pasensya na po sa matagal na hibernation..nangangapa po ako sa bagong sked ng pasok..hehe..sana po magustuhan nyo..may naiisip na kong plot ng kasunod..tyaga-tyaga lang po..hehe]

32 thoughts on “If Only – It’s the time of the Year

  1. yey, may lumabas na update ng “If Only” kaya pala biglang naging big boy na ang aming Mr. Grumpy kasi magiging Kuya Iskay na sya, naging lalo kang adorable. imagine Mr. Lim with 6 kidos, ang yaman nya talaga sa sustansiya hahaha can’t get enough of their wonderful family ang sarap palagi e-imagine ang maganda at masaya nilang pamilya. thank you sa muli ms. writer and advance Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. Hay…..kung tuloy tuloy pa ang teleserye, ilan na kaya ang nadagdag sa mga mini Rickys and mini Mayas natin? Thanks so much for this heart warming story. Sobra pa rin silang nakakamiss.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You always put a smile on the adiks’ faces with your stories… and tears of joy too!! 😊 (Sigh…. If Only) Looking forwrard to the next one!!

  4. Thank you, thank you… The love continues … In my mind the teleserya is still on as you’re such a creative writer… Please don’t stop …. Will just wait as always when you’re able to do your updates..🙏🤓

  5. Wow ! Ang ganda 🙂 another bundle this early Xmas at syempre ganap na ate at kuya sina Sky at Sunshine hihihihi 😉 sa nxt series kaya, pano kaya aalagaan nina ate Sunshine at Kuya Sky si Baby Sean ? Hihihihi ^__^

  6. definitely a sweet morning to all the adiks…love each kid esp mr grumpy and sweet sunshine…whenever i read this its as if i was actually watching them…sana lang me book two na…IF ONLY the producers would give us what we craved for…i am sure the adiktus would have a Merry Christmas…sana HINT man lang dba na mapagbibigyan na tayo…altho i am seeing something in FB (latest pic ni RY at Maya) two days ago till yesterday…ayoko na kasi umasa…itong mga FFs nalng pinaghuhugutan ko ng miss ko sa LIM family…hayyy beauty nalang meron pang gaya mo Ms Writer who loves to make us smile…love u talaga!!! God bless!!

  7. Thank you! thank you! thank youu….. ang bait bait mo….always looking for your Ifs story…ang saya saya magbasa😄😍 as in you don’t want to end the story… God bless and Happy Holidays 🌲🌲🌲 to you and to your family 🌻🌻🌻

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