If Only – Babies

If Only – Babies
The house was full of laughter with the grandparents present. The children were having a great time or so they thought. There was one particular boy that is missing all attention for him and him alone.
Ricky just arrived from the office. When he got in, he was surprised to see Sky in the sala playing alone. Ate Doris was with him of course.
“Doris, nasan sila?”
“Nandun po silang lahat sir sa kwarto nyo.”
“Bakit andito si Sky?”
“Sir, ayaw nya po doon.”
Ricky then gave his attention to his son.
“Hey Sky, give daddy a kiss.” Sky obliged and even placed his arms around his dad’s neck as though urging his dad to carry him. Ricky did.
“Sky, why you don’t want to be with them in the same room?” Sky just shook his head not answering his dad.
“Sky?” Ricky cajoled his son to give an answer.
“Eh baby there.”
“Okay, so you don’t like the baby in the room?”
Sky just looked at his dad. Ricky seem to understand that their not so baby boy still got some jealousy problem. Ricky decided to bring Sky in their room where everyone are. Sky did not argue since his dad was carrying him.
“Hi sweetheart. Hello Sky.” Maya enthusiastically called out his two boys not knowing there was an issue.
“Ay Richard, kumain ka na ba? Pasensya ka na at nandito kami sa kwarto nyo.”
“Wala po yun nay.”
“O siya, lalabas na muna kami at para makapagbihis ka Richard. Para rin makapag-ayos ng pang-hapunan.” Tatay Arturo suggested.
“I agree Arturo.” Don Roberto answered.
“Ricky, Maya, we’ll leave muna ha. Kids, sama na kayo.”
“Okay po lola.” Luke answered. He then picked up Sunshine. Nikki then tried taking Sky from their dad but the latter won’t let his dad go.
“It’s okay Nikki, dito na muna siya.”
“Okay dad. Let’s go Abby.” Then they closed the door. Maya then sensed that something was up.
“I’ll just change sweetheart. Sky go to mommy.”
Sky obediently followed and went on the bed. After changing clothes, Ricky found Maya hugging Sky.
“Anong meron sweetheart?”
“I think someone’s jealous.”
“Akala ko okay na.”
“He probably felt left out.”
“Naku daddy, di ko naman napansin na wala siya dito.”
“Don’t worry on that sweetheart. Syempre nag-aadjust din ung bata. Remember Abby? It’s typical for kids to feel that way. We just need to assure them that we love them all just the same.”
The couple looked at each other, understanding forming on their minds. Ricky took baby Sean from his bassinet and carefully placed him on the bed.
“Hello baby Sean, meet your handsome kuya Sky. Sky meet your baby brother, baby Sean Lucas.”
Sky then smiled.
“Heyo baby Sean.” Ricky and Maya heaved a sigh. They have understood how important it is for their little boy to feel needed. This is one step to doing it.
Then Sky giggled.
“Why Sky?”
“Baby Sean smile.” That reaction and smile from their sons, melted the couple’s heart.
“I love you Sky.”
“I yabyu mommy. I yabyu baby.” And the little boy gave his baby brother the sweetest kiss making mommy cried. Even daddy shed a tear. Ricky kissed Sky on the head.
“I love you Sky.”
“I yabyu dahdi.”
[a/n: hay..so love it..hahaha]

23 thoughts on “If Only – Babies

  1. Awwwww! Very touching naman ang eksena ng magkapatid…im in tears reading….how i so missed them…much! MERRY CHRISTMAS ms writer!

  2. awww, ang cute and ang sweet ng last scene. 💝❤💞 Iskay will always be Iskay, Mr. Grumpy but ang sarap kurutin. this chapter made me reminisce ng episode na nagselos din si Abby ng dumating ang kambal. and applause sa mga mag-asawa kung paano nila na-ehandle ang situation. 👏👏👏

  3. Thank u thereaderwritergal for this chapter. Yes this happens between siblings lalo kung nasa gitna sila, na may feelings na they were being left out kasi may bagong bundle of joy na sumunod. I think I have to go on reading na the next one. Yabyu thereaderwritergal! Cheers.

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