If Only – Year 2016

If Only – Year 2016

The family were outside watching fireworks as they welcome 2016.

Ricky was carrying Sky, Sunshine with Luke. The Maya in Sky always comes out every new year. He’s afraid of firecrackers which is the very opposite of his twin who amazingly gazes on the display.

“Wow! Iiiihhhh!” Sunshine was all giddy watching the display. Sky however was just watching. He’s wearing ear muffs though.

“Skyyy, you like the fireworks?”

Maya asked, Sky shook his head. Maya kissed him on the cheeks.

“You want to eat?” He grinned automatically and nod his head.

“hahaha..kanino ka kaya nagmana anak? Ah! Kay tatits mo.”

“Grabe ka Maya ha.”

“hahaha.joke lang kute.”

“O tigil nyo na yan, pumasok na tayo at ng makakain na.”

Nay Teresita suggested and to which everyone agreed.

They shared one sumptuous meal. Each one delighting the dining with wonderful stories. All have that great smile that simply tells that love surrounds them.

[a/n: Have a great year ahead everyone!]


14 thoughts on “If Only – Year 2016

  1. Amazing how your stories can put a smile on my face even how short or long they are. Thank you and have a great Nee Year to all adiks and everyone too! 😜 Stay safe!

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