If Only – Daddy’s Turn

If Only – Daddy’s Turn
Maya was startled awake when she felt her husband was not beside her. She got up and went out to check where her husband is. She found him in the twins’ room where baby Sean is. They have placed the crib here so that it would be much easier for Doris to check on the baby and twins as well. The couple already told Doris that they will hire an additional help but she declined, informing them that she could handle them. Especially now that the twins can eat by themselves.
“Sweetheart?” Ricky was startled but gave his wife as smile as he rock baby Sean to sleep.
“Why are you up?” Maya asked. Ricky motioned for 1 minute and carefully put down baby Sean. Then Ricky steered Maya out of the room towards their own room.
“So, pwede mo na sabihin why were you in the babies’ room?” Ricky raised his eyebrow questioning her reference to the ‘babies’ room’. Maya ignored him and waited for his response. He chuckled and shook his head.
“I heard baby Sean cried so I went in their room.”
“Really narinig mo sweetheart?”
“Fine. I checked on the kids.”
Then Maya burst out laughing. Ricky waited patiently as Maya’s laughter died down.
“Happy now?”
“Oo. At least di mo na ko maloloko na too attached sa babies ko.”
Ricky then kissed her square on the lips.
“Para saan yun?”
“Wala lang. Gusto ko lang. Bawal?”
“Hindi.” <pacute na Maya..hehe> Ricky laughed at his wife and hugged her.
“Tara, tulog na tayo sweetheart.”
“Uhumm, hindi naman tulog yang nasa isip mo.”
Ricky just laughed at her and brought her down to the bed.
[a/n: naisingit lang J.. keep on voting tayo.. :D]

14 thoughts on “If Only – Daddy’s Turn

  1. Maraming salamat! Kahit na “singit” stories, we’ll take it! They are very much appreciated! 🙂 and I’ll say it say again, even how short your stories are, they can still put a smile hopefully not only on my face but the rest of the adiks as well!! 😉 thank you!

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