If Only – Mommy has the Answer

If Only – Mommy has the Answer
Luke, Nikki and Abby were all busy with their phones. The twins beside them, silently watching them. When their mom arrived.
“Mommy, I want phone.” Sky told their mom after greeting her.
“Why Sky?”
“Coz kuya Yuke, ate Nikki and ate Abby have. I want play.” Maya looked at her husband who just gave her a look saying ‘don’t ask me’. Of course mommy Maya has an answer to that.
“Sky, tomorrow I will give you something.”
“Otei.” The little boy was appeased.
-the following day-
“Hi mommy!” Sky giddily greeted his mom.
“hahaha. Excited to see mommy ha. Okay, here’s my pasalubong.”
Maya brought two brick games for the twins. Sky and Sunshine took it and was wondering what it was. Maya patiently taught the twins how to play it. It was a good thing, it captured the twins’ interests.
When the three older siblings arrived home, they found the twins busily playing on their brick game and laughing at the same time. Their mom in between, amusingly watching them.
“Hi mom.” Nikki greeted their mom. Luke and Abby followed.
“What are these two so busy about mom?”
“Brick games ba yan mommy?”
“Yes Luke.”
“hahaha. Cool!”
“Kuya Yuke, look.” Sky showed how he plays the game and Luke was amused as well.
“I don’t remember playing one.”
“Me too ate.”
“Kasi, hindi naman tayo binilhan ni daddy.”
“Looks fun.” Nikki looks on at her siblings who were enjoying immensely in their new found toy. Their mom watching them, smiling inside.
“You want try ate?” Sunshine asked.
“No, it’s okay Shine. You enjoy it.” Nikki answered and smiled, Sunshine returned her attention to her game.
“Mukhang naiinggit ang kuya at mga ate.”
“hahaha, nakakatuwa lang po kasi my.” Luke answered.
“Yeah.” Nikki seconded.
“Gusto ko rin ma-try.” Abby added.
“Well, you might want to check in your rooms.” Maya was not done yet with what she was
saying when the three scrambled to go to their rooms, the twins were startled.
“What happened mommy?” Sky asked.
“Nothing Sky, they will just get something from their rooms.”
“You like your toys Sky, Sunshine?”
“Yesh mommy!” “Yes mommy.” The twins simultaneously answered. The older kids then emerged from their rooms.
“Wow! Mommy! Thank you po!” Luke was all smile and kissed their mom.
“Oh mom, this is oh so cool! I love it! Thankie!” Nikki exclaimed and kissed as well their mom.
“Mommy, thank you po!” Abby kissed too their mom.
“You’re welcome kids. Sige na, maglaro na kayo.”
Luke, Nikki and Abby sat beside the twins. Sabel then arrived with meryenda for them all.
“Thank you Sabel.” The kids thank her as well.
“Mrs. Chief, ang galing mo talaga. Imagine, pati ung kuya at mga ate na-engganyo din.”
“hahaha. Nakakatuwa nga Sabel eh. Na-a-appreciate nila ung mga ganyang simpleng bagay.”
“Iba ka kasi Mrs. Chief!”
“Wow! Everyone’s busy.”
“Hi Sir Richard. Sige po, maghanda na rin ako ng pang-hapunan.” Sabel went to the kitchen area.
“Hi sweetheart.” Maya greeted her husband and gave him a kiss.
“Hai dahdi!” Sky was the first one to greet their dad with matching pouted lips.
Ricky chuckled before kissing him.
“Look dahdi oh, cute.” He showed his brick game where all the blocks were in disarray.
“Good job Sky.” Ricky laughed and messed up his hair in appreciation. The little boy didn’t mind though.
“Daddy!” It was Sunshine’s turn.
“Hello princess. You’re liking your toy?” The little girl nodded her head as she was concentrating on her game.
“Mommy, di ko alam kung good thing to sa grown-ups mo.” Ricky joked.
“Guys, may pause button po yan. Pwede nyo po pindutin at batiin muna ang daddy nyo.”
The three laughed out loud.
“Oh-em-gee! Thanks mom! I didn’t know that.hahaha. Sorry daddykins!” Nikki greeted him, Luke then Abby.
“Sorry dad.”
“Sorry po daddy.”
“It’s ok kids. Natutuwa lang ako sa inyo kasi di kayo maistorbo.”
“Daddy this is so cool, why you didn’t buy us this when we were kids?”
“Tinatanong mo talaga yan Niks?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Well, sorry about that guys. I could buy you two more now if you like.” And they all laughed.
“Hay dad, ang corny mo talaga.” Maya quipped.
“Tumawa na kayong lahat, corny pa rin ako?” But Ricky knew his wife was just teasing him.
“I don’t like thish now.” Sky said out of the blue. Ricky looked at Maya and muttered.
“Oh no.” Maya just smiled. She brought out a handheld water game ring.
“Wow!” And Sky got another toy at hand.
“Mommy, marami kang baon?”
“Of course sweetheart. Dapat laging ready. Mamaya, lalaruin nya uli yang brick game.”
Ricky shook his head and smiled.
“I love you sweetheart.”
“I know. Alam kong love na love mo ako. We have six wonderful evidences.”
Ricky laughed out loud, while the three older kids laughed along who were listening as well.
“Awww, so sweet nyo talaga mom and dad. Ako..” Nikki wasn’t able to continue what she was saying as Luke interrupted.
“Sige na Niks, tuloy mo lang yang paglalaro.”
“hahaha. Ang strict ni kuya. Thank you kuya Luke.”
Doris then came out with baby Sean.
“Mrs. Chief, nagpapapansin na po ang bunso.”
“Hello baby Sean.” Maya cooed as the baby smiled back. Ricky settled himself beside her and kissed their baby.
“Hi Sean. You want play?” Sky offered.
“Thank you kuya Sky but baby cannot play yet. Just teach him kuya when he can, okay?”
“Otei!” And the cute little boy went back to playing. And as what Maya predicted, he’s playing his brick game again, Sunshine now playing the handheld toy.
“Mga ate, kuya, tapos na po ang mga assignments? Baka nalilibang na masyado.”
The three stop from playing and recalling if they have anything amissed.
“Tapos ko na po my, I’ll just browse my notes later before I sleep.” Luke answered.
“Me too mom, tinapos ko na rin po while waiting for kuya.” Nikkie answered.
“Uhmm, I think I need to check on something. May quiz po ata kami, sorry po.” Abby told their parents.
“It’s okay ate Abby. You need to relax din naman from time to time.”
“I’ll go with you Abby para may kasama ka.”
“Thanks ate.”
“Ako na rin.” Luke piped in.
“Okay, sige tatawagin na lang namin kayo pag kakain na.” The three went to Nikki’s and Abby’s room.
“How about you two, you want milk?”
“Yesh mommy.”
“Yes mommy. Thank you!” Sunshine answered.
“Thank you!” Sky added.
Maya chuckled.
“I’ll do it mommy, just stay with them.”
“Thank you daddy.” Ricky smiled at her as he walks towards the kitchen.
Maya then look at their three younger kids and a beautiful smile marred her face.
“Thank you Lord.”
She silently uttered as she looked up.
Indeed of course, a wonderful life with these wonderful blessing from above. Who wouldn’t be contented, right? 🙂

21 thoughts on “If Only – Mommy has the Answer

  1. galing talaga ni Mommy Maya….fair sa lahat ng kids nila….very nice….sobra sobrang lucky ni Mr Lim! thanx so much again and again for this wonderful “singit”….God bless you!

  2. what a good example to pacify the kids using simple and not so expensive gifts at naibalik ang mga bagay na hindi gaanong complicated na laruan dati pero mag e-enjoy ka. i remember playing that water game ring and also dati nga Nanay at Tatay ko nag-aagawan sa game boy na yan at nakikipag agawan sa mga apo nila, and they were on their 50’s that time hahaha those were the days

    1. Anne…….miss you….san ka na? Bat d na kita nakikita sa mga comments page? Nowadays me mga bago….na nakakalokong basahin kaya lang…its sad to think that only few read and comments…..sana ok ka lang….Gid be with you and bless u with good health….may u always be safe!

  3. Of course Mommy knows best! Sana, kinuha ka na lang na isa sa mga writers ng teleserye at hindi ka nauubusan ng inspiration to write heartwarming stories about the Lim Family. I still do miss them a whole lot and as of now, I don’t watch any teleserye. I don’t find any worth watching.

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